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Youtube Search Filters Not Working

Youtube is used by almost every internet users every day. Some people use it for entertainment some use it for information. Youtube search filter is a nice feature which helps users to find videos according to their need. Like you want the latest review of some movie, then you can use the upload date filter. But, what if Youtube search filer stopped working on your device for some reason. This will ruin your experience on Youtube. In this post we’ll explain why it happens and what can you do to fix the Youtube search filter not the working problem.

Reason for Youtube Search Filter Not Working

  • It’s Youtube Itself: Yes, in 2019 Youtube turned off the search filter because they were removing some inappropriate videos related to new Zealand shooting from Youtube. So next time if Youtube filters stop working it might be because Youtube is taking some action on their platform.
  • It’s your device: Sometimes YouTube app starts to misbehave because of the large amount of Youtube cache and data. If you’re on the desktop then browsers cache can be the culprit for Youtube search not working.

How to Fix Youtube Search Filter Not Working

Filter Youtube Videos Through Google Search

If you’re not able to use Youtube search filters, then you can try Google search and you can filter results from there. Follow the steps below to search a Youtube video through Google search.

  1. Open google.com and click on the search bar.
  2. Suppose we want to search the latest video on the search term “how to make pizza”. Then you need to type how to make pizza followed by site:Youtube.com So it will look like this How to make pizza site:Youtube.com or take a look at the image below. Now press search option from the google search bar.
youtube search filter not working
  1. Now Google will show all the results related to your query(how to make pizza) from Youtube. To apply filter click on tools
  2. Now you’ll get the option to filter videos on their “duration time” and “upload time”. You can apply these filters and enjoy your video if the Youtube search filter is not working.
Filter Youtube Videos Through Google Search

There is another way to search and filter Youtube videos through a google search. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google and search the video you want to watch.
  2. Now click on videos option. After this Google will show videos from different sources.
youtube filter not working
  1. Click on tools
  2. From the source option select “Youtube.com”. Now Google will only show results from Youtube
select youtube as source
  1. Now you can apply “duration” “upload time” “video quality” filters to the Youtube results from here.

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Clear Youtube App Cache and Data in Phone

Clearing Youtube data is another solution to come out from this pandemic. When you use Youtube in mobile, large amount of cache and data is stored on Youtube app. That’s why sometimes Youtube starts to not function properly. Follow the steps below to clear Youtube data and cache.

  • Open setting menu in your mobile and tap on apps.
  • Drag to select Youtube and tap to open. You can also tap and hold on Youtube from the app drawer and tap on app info.
  • Tap on storage and select clear data and cache

Try using Youtube app to see if the Youtube search filters not working problem is fixed or not.

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Clear Cache and Cookies in Chrome/PC

Sometimes Youtube search filter don’t work due to large amount of cookies and cache stored on your chrome browser. You can easily fix this issue by clearing cache and cookies from your chrome browser.

Open your chrome browser on desktop and click three dots fro right side of screen and from the options click on settings. Now scroll down and click on “clear browsing data”. Now select cache, data, cookies, download history and browsing history and click on blue clear data button. Wait for the process to complete, after that open Youtube and try using search filters.

Note: Try not to apply too much filters as sometimes this can result in “no results found” search results from Youtube. If this happens reduce filters one by one to get your desired results on Youtube.

Conclusion: Youtube search filters not working is a temporary problem. You can use Google search to and filter Youtube videos from there. You can also try clearing cache, data and cookies on your device to fix this issue.

Do you any better solution to fix Youtube search filter not working issue? Let us know from the comment box and check our post on how to fix Youtube search not working.

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