TCL TV Keeps Turning On and Off

If you have a TCL TV that keeps restarting and turning on and off, don’t panic! You are not alone. There are many cases where customers have called the TCL support line because their television keeps turning on and off without warning. If you’re one of the people experiencing this issue, the information below will be very helpful. In today’s article, you should be able to figure out what is causing your TCL TV to keep restarting and how you can fix this.

Why Does My TCL TV Keep Turning Off and On?

Wondering what’s causing your TCL Tv to keep restarting and turning on and off? Below are some probable reasons why your TCL TV keeps restarting.

  • Overheating: This can be one of the possible reasons your TCL Tv keeps on restarting. Check if your tv is overheating or not. If it’s, leave your Tv for a few hours and check later.
  • Problematic Apps: Sometimes, a problematic app can be the culprit behind the occurrence of the issue. If this is the case, reinstalling the app may resolve the issue.
  • Loose cables: If the power cable or HDMI cables aren’t connected securely, then it may cause your TV to keep on restarting.
  • A software bug:  It might be a temporary bug or glitch in your Tv that’s causing the issue. Troubleshooting your TCL TV may resolve the issue.


Before moving on to the troubleshooting methods, here are some things you need to check;

Quick Fix For TCl TV Turning Off and On Problem

  1. Try to check the cable connection of your TCL Tv.
  2. Check whether the power cables or any hdmi cables are securely connected.
  3. Ensure that the cables aren’t frayed and torn.

Check your TCL Remote: Another thing you need to check is whether your TCL TV remote is working or not.

Check other apps: Does launching a specific app restarts your TCL TV? Try to launch another app and check whether the TV restarts or not.

And, if you find out that a specific app is restarting your TCL TV, try reinstalling that app.

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How Do I Stop My TCL TV From Turning Off Automatically

Below, we’ve gathered and penned down the solutions that’ll help you in resolving the “TCL TV keeps restarting” issue.

Restart TCL TV

If you haven’t tried this step yet, try it now. Perform a soft reboot on your TCL TV. Doing this will refresh your TV and may resolve your issue too.

  1. Unplug your TCL TV’s power cable from the wall outlet.
  2. Now, wait for 4-5 minutes.
  3. After that, plug the power cable back into the wall outlet.

If this fails to work, follow another way to reboot your TCL TV;

  1. Turn off and unplug your TCL Tv from the wall outlet.
  2. Now, press and hold the power button (on your TV) for 60 seconds.
  3. After that, plug the power cable back into the wall outlet and turn on the Tv.

Lastly, check if this works for you.

Power Cycle Your TCL Remote

There was some instance where a TCL TV remote caused the “TCL Tv keeps turning on and off” issue. To fix this, try to reboot your TV.

  1. Open the battery lid of your TCL TV remote and take out the batteries.
  2. Now, start pressing the buttons and wait for 2 minutes.
  3. After that, put the batteries back into the battery compartment.

Now your Tv remote is rebooted, check if this fixes the issue or not.

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Power Button Stuck

If the issue persists, maybe your Tv remote power button got stuck, and this is why your Tv keeps on restarting. If you want to get rid of this, try to press the power button a few times so that it will get released.

Later, check if the issue is fixed or not.

Change The Batteries

Are you still encountering the issue? Well, here’s another thing you can try to fix this issue. Maybe your TV remote is running on low battery and sending faulty signals to your TCL TV.

In this case, changing the batteries might be helpful for you. To do so,

  • Open the back lid of your TCL Tv remote and replace the old batteries with the new ones.

Turn OFF Sleep Timer

If your TCL TV’s sleep timer is turned on, it’ll turn off your Tv after a certain time. There were some users who claimed that turning off the sleep timer fixes the issue on their TCL TV.

To turn off the sleep timer;

  1. Press the Home button given on your remote.
  2. Now, navigate to the Settings > System > Timers.
  3. After that, head to the Sleep Timer and turn it off.


HDMI CEC is a feature that allows users to control HDMI-connected devices. Earlier, some users reported that turning the HDMI CEC on their TCL TV causes the “TCL TV keeps turning on and off” issue. So, check if your HDMI CEC is enabled or not. If it’s enabled, disable it. To do so,

  1. Navigate to the Settings > System > Control other Devices (CEC).
  2. And uncheck all the boxes.

Lastly, reboot your TCL TV and check if this fixes the issue or not.

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Why Does My TCL Roku TV Keep Turning On and Off By Itself?

If your TCL Roku Tv is running on outdated firmware, then it may cause your Tv to keep on restarting. Below are the ways to check and update the latest firmware.

Update the Firmware

  1. Press the Home button given on your remote.
  2. Now, go to Settings > System > System Update.
  3. After that, select Check Now and update the TVs to the latest firmware (if any).
Reset Your TCL TV

As we know, resetting the tcl tv to its factory settings will remove all the saved data and information from your TV. Also, it’s claimed by many users that resetting the tv to its default factory settings fixes the software-related issues.

To perform the Factory Reset;

  1. Head to the Settings > System > Advanced System.
  2. Now, navigate to the Factory Reset and press OK.
  3. After that, follow the on-screen instruction to reset your TV.
  4. Lastly, set up your TV and check if the issue is resolved.

Where is reset button on TCL?

To factory reset your TCL Roku TV, there’s a reset button on the back panel of your TV. To do so;

  1. Locate the Reset button on the rear panel of your TCL Roku Tv.
  2. Now, press the reset button for 14-15 seconds (using a ballpoint pen or paper clip).
  3. Release the button after you receive an indication.
  4. Lastly, set up your TV again.
Why Does My Roku Keep Turning off Netflix

Are you encountering the issue while launching the Netflix application on your TCL Tv? To check this, try to launch another app on your TCL TV. If your TV restarts, follow the steps mentioned in this post, and if not.

Try reinstalling the Netflix app. Check if reinstalling the Netflix app fixes the issue or not.

Contact TCL Support

If nothing worked for you, try contacting the tcl team for help. Raise your concern on their customer support desk and ask them for solutions. If we are able to help you then also check how to fix tcl roku tv black screen issue.

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