Spotify keeps on pausing

Why Does Spotify Stop Playing

As we all know for what Spotify is famous. Spotify is among on of the best music streaming service with over millions of songs from the best artist on this globe. You can listen to the latest music on Spotify. I am also a fan of Spotify but recently I found an issue, that my Spotify Stops Playing after one or two seconds and I have to play the song again to listen. In this blog, I will guide you on how to fix this issue. Follow the steps that are mentioned below. Maybe these steps will help you to fix this issue and you can listen to your favorite songs again without any problem.  

Steps to Fix Spotify Keeps on Pausing Issue

Before you go through some major steps, some small and simple steps can help you to solve this issue.

  • Turn off your Battery/Power Saving mode 

Go to your device settings, there you will find an option “Battery/Power Saving Mode”.In most of the devices you will find power saving mode on the Status bar, turn it off.

disable power saving mode
  • Clear the Cache

Go to settings-> Apps search Spotify and then, go to storage and tap on Clear the Cache. Or long press on the spotify icon and click on app info, click on Storage usage

You can also try this methods to fix Spotify stops playing songs

  1.  Go to your mobile setting, go to app and click on Spotify and in the permission section all every option.
Spotify stops playing
why does spotify stop playing

Uninstall Spotify

Uninstall Spotify

  • Go to Spotify and uninstall the Spotify app and install the Spotify app again from the Play Store or other app stores you have in your device. Maybe this step will help you to resolve this issue.

Signing Out From Spotify to Fix Spotify Stops Playing

If you’re still facing this issue, then maybe this step will help you to solve this issue.

  1. Open your browser and visit the Spotify account overview page (or just click on the given link) on your pc/laptop/mac and log in with your credentials.
  2. Go to “Profile” or “Account Overview”.Scroll down you will find “Sign Out from everywhere”option. Click on “Sign Out from everywhere”
spotify signout of everywhere

As this option purposes, it will sign out from all the devices. In which your Spotify account logged in.

  • After signing out from Spotify account go and sign in again to your account. 

Conclusion: Spotify stops playing songs is a common issue on various devices. You can fix it by disabling the power saver or clearing the cache from your phone. Sometimes sing out of everywhere option on the account overview can fix this issue

I hope we are able to solve your query of Spotify keeps pausing. You can also read our post on how to change username on Spotify.

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