spotify play history

Spotify Play History

Spotify provides a lot of features in its desktop and mobile application. Some of them are Spotify play history and Spotify play queue. Getting access to Spotify playing queue is easy but accessing Spotify play history is a little tricky if you don’t know the exact route. If you don’t know Spotify provides the list of 50 recently played songs through Spotify listening history. It can help you to identify the songs you listened to some time ago but you don’t know its exact name. You can easily identify this mysterious song from your Spotify play history. In this post, we’re going to explain how can you see your recently played songs on Spotify desktop, mobile app, and on Spotify web player.

Note: Spotify currently offers only 50 recently played songs through Spotify listening history.

How to Check Spotify Listening History on the Desktop App

Spotify desktop app provides the feature of Spotify play queue and play history. If you’re using the Spotify desktop app then follow the steps below to access your Spotify listening history.

  1. Open your Spotify desktop and login to your account.
  2. Now from the Spotify player options click on the queue icon.
spotify play queue
click on queue
  1. Now you are on the play queue page. Here you’ll get a list of songs which are queued for playing in the future.
  2. Click on the history tab next to the queue to check the recently played songs through your Spotify desktop app. You can click on any song to add it to the play queue, share, and save it to your liked songs list.
spotify play history
spotify play history

How View Recently Played Songs on Spotify Mobile App

Just like changing your Spotify username, there is no option to directly view play history on Spotify mobile app. But we have got a trick to access recently played songs on your Spotify mobile app. Just follow the steps below to access the listening history on your mobile app.

  1. Open your Spotify mobile app.
  2. Now tap on your library from the bottom of the screen.
your library option
  1. Here select on any of your playlist and tap on edit playlist option.
edit play list
  1. Now tap on add songs
add songs options
  1. Swipe left and you’ll get a list of all the recently played songs on your Spotify mobile app. Here you can click on the Plus+ icon to add that song to your playlist.
spotify play history on mobile app

Note: If you don’t have a playlist then you have to create one playlist and tap on add songs and follow the steps above top access Spotify listening history on the mobile app.

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How to Access Listening History on Spotify Web Player

Currently, there is no way to access Spotify play history on the web player. But you’ll get the list of six recently played songs through your Spotify account. There is no listen to history option in the play queue option. Also, you cannot edit playlists that’s why you cannot use the above trick to access listening history on the web player.

Can You Remove a Song From Spotify Play History ?

You cannot remove a song from your listening history. Currently, Spotify doesn’t provide this feature to remove a song from the listening history. We’ll update you as soon as we get any information on this.

Conclusion: You can easily access your listening history on Spotify from the play queue option. In the play queue option, you’ll get the listening history option. You can only access your 50 recently played songs from the Spotify play history.

If you’ve any confusion with your Spotify music player kindly let us know. Also you can check our detailed guide which explain how to delete spotify account permanently in 2020

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