Sling TV Not Working Fixed

Many sling tv users are facing crashing, black screen, etc issues while streaming their favorite content on sling tv. Users have reported that sling tv stops working on their roku, firestick, Samsung smart tv, and other streaming devices. Sometimes sling tv closes when a user tries to open the app or suddenly sling tv stop working in the middle of the stream. In this post, we’re going to help in fixing the sling tv app when it is not working on your device.

Why is My Sling TV Not Working?

We’ve mentioned some of the known reasons behind the sling tv crashing issue. 

  1. Corrupted app: If the app is corrupted then your sling tv can stop working.
  2. Temporary glitch: A temporary glitch on your devices can cause sling tv to stop working properly.
  3. Slow internet: If your sling tv is not working then a slow internet connection can be the culprit.
  4. The issue at sling: If there is an issue at sling server then you can face sling not working problem. You can check the status or sling at downdetector or isitdownrightnow, you can also check sling tv social pages like twitter for information related to sling tv.

Fix Sling TV Not Working

Before doing any troubleshooting make sure your internet connection is working properly. To check this go to speedtest or open any other streaming platform like youtube to check your internet. Try streaming content on youtube if it is working then go to other fixes if not then improve your internet connection. To improve internet connection, make sure there are no obstacles between your device and the wifi. Also, move your router closer to the streaming device, you can also use an ethernet connection for a better connection. If this doesn’t help then try contacting your internet provider for help with your connectivity issue. You can also you any other network like your mobile hotspot to check if there is an issue with your wifi or not.

Reinstall Sling TV on Your Streaming Device

If your sling tv is not working then removing the sling tv and reinstalling it on your device can help you. To reinstall sling tv on your device follow the steps.

  1. Remove sling tv from your device.
  2. Now restart your streaming device.
  3. Add sling tv on your device and check if you’re able to open the sling tv app or not.

Reinstalling the sling tv app can fix the sling tv not working issue on firestick, roku stick or roku tv, Samsung tv, and other devices also.

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Power Cycle Your Streaming Device and Router (If Applicable)

Power cycling your roku, firestick, Samsung tv, etc can help you in fixing sling tv not working issue on your device. To power cycle, your device follows the steps below.

  1. Pull the plug of your tv from the power socket.
  2. Now unplug your router from the power source.
  3. Wait for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Plugin your tv and let it start completely.
  5. Now turn on your router.
  6. Connect your tv to your wifi and check if you’re able to stream on sling tv or not.
power cycle

After doing the power cycle you’ll be able to use the sling tv app on your device without any issue.

Tip: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the sling tv app on your device. If not then update your sling tv app and check if you’re able to stream on sling tv without any issue or not.

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Close and Open Sling TV App

Relaunching sling after completely closing the app can help in sling tv not working issue on your device. You can follow the steps below to fully close the sling tv app and relaunch it.

  • Amazon fire: Go to settings> applications> manage installed application> select sling> now force stop sling. Now go home and launch sling tv on your firestick.
  • Smartphone: Fully close the sling tv app and restart your device. After restarting your smartphone open the sling tv app on your device. 
  • Roku: Press home on your roku remote for closing the sling tv app. Now relaunch the sling tv app.
  • Samsung tv: Press and hold the back button on your Samsung remote until you’re on the home screen. Now launch the sling tv app again.

After force closing sling tv and relaunching you’ll not face any issue on your device.

Update Your Device Firmware

Sometimes an outdated device firmware can cause a lot of issue. It can cause compatibility issue, which can lead to crashing and lagging of sling app on your device. In case your device is not updated from a long time, then updating your device can help. So, first go to your device settings and from there update your device firmware to its latest version. After updating your device, launch sling app and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Restart Your Smart TVs to Fix Sling TV Not Working

Restarting your smart tv will remove any temporary glitch from your device. This can help you in fixing sling tv not working on your device.

  1. Roku: Users need to follow the following button combination to restart their roku device. Press home 5 times, press up 1 time, press rewind 2 times, press fast forward 2 times. After pressing the button in the sequence your roku tv will restart. When the tv is started properly check if you’re able to use sling tv or not. Restarting roku tv can also fix green screen issue check here
  2. Firestick: Press and hold select and play/pause on your fire tv remote for 5-10 seconds. This will restart your firestick or fire tv, now check if you’re able to use sling tv or not. 
  3. Samsung smart tv: Press and hold the power button on Samsung smart tv until the tv turns off and turns it on again. Now check if you’re able to stream on sling tv or not.
  4. Other devices: Simply restart your device by using the power button or unplug them for 1-2 minutes then turn it on. After doing this sling tv will work properly.

Tip: If your sling app is not working on any streaming stick. Then make sure it is plugged in to power socket for better performance after that check if the sling is working or not. This is because smart tvs usb port doesn’t provide enough power for sticks to work properly.

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Change Your WI-FI Channel

Your sling TV might not be working because of the WI-FI band that you are currently usin. Or your TV has an issue with your WI-FI band; you can change the wifi band from the wi-fi settings by following the steps below.

  1. Loginto your wifi settings from the ip address and login details provided on the back of your router.
  2. Choose the wireless settings option.
  3. Check if your router can support dual-band, then there would be a setting option.
  4. Change the band settings to different and restart the router.

Connect the sling TV with wi-fi to confirm any issue with the sling TV.

Contact Internet Service Provider (ISP)

After applying all the possible things to fix the internet and still sling TV not working or when you are playing a show on sling TV its getting stuck on loading then probably your internet is slow. Then, now it’s time to contact your ISP and tell them about the internet issue you are facing; maybe there is a problem with your router or some damage to your cable. When the issue is resolved, then you’ll be able to stream sling app on your device without any issue.

What to Do When Sling App is Not Working on Firestick

Some users have reported that they were able to get their sling back to a working state by clearing the cache and data of their sling app. If your sling tv is not working then clearing the cache and data can help you in fixing the issue.

  1. Go to the menu and open setting on your firestick.
  2. Now go to apps.
  3. Then choose to manage the installed application.
  4. Now select sling tv.
  5. Now force stop the app then clear cache and clear data.
  6. Launch the sling tv app again to see if it is working or not.

If you’re using any other device then go to the settings of your device then go to the application section then select sling tv and clear its data and cache. You can also do this by completely uninstalling the app and then installing it again. This will help you in fixing the sling tv not working issue.

Reset Your Smart Device TV or Stick

Resetting your smart streaming stick or your smart tv can help you in fixing the sling tv crashing, closing, not working issue on your device. Also do remember doing this will remove any downloaded content and your settings from the tv. You’ve to download your content again.

For firestick

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now go right and select my fire tv.
  3. Now select the last option reset to factory defaults.
  4. Select the reset option to confirm.
reset firestick to factory defaults

For Roku

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Now select settings.
  3. Go down and select the system.
  4. Now select advanced system settings.
  5. Now choose the factory reset option.
  6. Enter the 4 digits shown on your screen to reset your roku.
factory reset roku

Samsung smart tv

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Now go down and select general.
  3. Now select the reset option.
  4. Enter your pin to reset your Samsung tv.
reset samsung tv

After resetting your device install the sling tv app and you’ll not face any issue with your sling device.

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Contact Sling TV Team

If your sling tv is still not working on your device. Then contact sling tv and explain them the problem you’re facing with your sling app. If this an issue with your account then sling team can help you in fixing it. If this post helped you then also check how to fix hulu not working on roku.

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