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Security Keeps Stopping Xiaomi Fix

One of my friends was facing security app keeps stopping error on his Xiaomi phone. This issue is mostly centered around Xiaomi devices. Due to a bug, the security app on the Xiaomi phones is crashing continuously. This error is popping up frequently, due to that users are not able to use their phone properly. Many people are worried that their device is now infected with a virus. But this is not the case, security keeps stopping is a bug on miui11 and miui12. We were able to fix this issue by 2 methods we’ve mentioned below. You can also make changes to your phone settings to fix security keeps stopping issues on your device.

How do you Fix Security Keeps Stopping?

Clear security app cache and data

Clearing security app cache and data will remove all the corrupted data that is causing security keeps stopping issues. You can follow the steps below to fix security keeps stopping issue on your Xiaomi phone.

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Now scroll down and tap on apps.
  3. Now tap on the manage apps option.
  4. Locate the security app and tap on it.
  5. Now tap on clear data then select clear all data.
clear security app cache and data

If for some reason you are unable to open settings or manage app on your phone, then first reboot your phone and follow the steps above. After clearing data of the security app you won’t face security keeps stopping issue on your phone. This is a temporary fix for some devices, if you again face security keeps stopping issue after some time then you can follow the fix below.

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Uninstall security app updates

You can permanently fix this issue by uninstalling the security app updates. Uninstalling security app updates will restore the security app to the factory version. After uninstalling the security app update, the security app crashing issue will be fixed on your mi device.

  1. Again open your device settings.
  2. Now go to apps.
  3. Now tap on the manage app.
  4. Locate and open the security app from the list.
  5. Now tap on Uninstall updates.
uninstall security app updates

After uninstalling security app updates, the security app keeps stopping issue will be resolved on your device permanently. If in the future you face this issue again, you can uninstall the security app updates to fix this issue.

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Wait for Xiaomi Update

You need to check for the updates available for the security app in the system app updater. You can find the system app updater in settings. From there you can update the security app, Xiaomi will most likely fix the issue in their updates. So make try updating the security app after some time and see if that fixes the issue. 

Make sure to update your device operating system also. If you’re using an older version then try updating your device to the latest version. Because Xiaomi will fix this issue with a system update also. So make sure to update your device software.

If you’ve any suggestion then do let us know from the comment section and also check how to fix discord keeps crashing.

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