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How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen Problem

Recently updated on December 20th, 2022 at 10:18 am

Encountered black screen issue on your Samsung tv? Do you know, it’s a black screen? Maybe some loose connections are causing an error and your TV is just powered off. Or, maybe it’s true that you encountered a black screen issue.

Well, you don’t have to worry at all. You’ve come to the right place. Here, in this post, you’ll get to know about the causes of this black screen issue, what are fixes, and how you can get rid of this issue. So, before buying or repairing your samsung tv, check out this post and get to know the causes and the fixes of this black screen issue.

What Causes Samsung Black Screen of Death?

Well, there can be many causes for the black screen of death on your Samsung Tv. We’ve listed some causes for the back screen of death, check out if any of the causes matches with you.

  • Faulty cables: This is one of the most common causes for the black screen because a loose or damaged cable might be the reason or causing this issue. Try to disconnect and reconnect all of your cables, doing this can solve your issue. And, press the menu button to check.
  • Sources problem: Issue in the sources can be the cause of this type of problem, to check this press the menu button on your Samsung remote and, if a menu appears on the top of your tv screen then, there’s some issue in your source.
  • Wrong Input settings: Black screen of death could be due if your tv input settings are wrong. Try to correct your tv input settings.
  • Power saver mode/Sleep timer: When your Tv screen randomly goes to black then, this could be due to the activated sleep timer or energy-saving mode. Try to turn off these features to resolve your issue.
  • Outdated firmware: If your tv firmware is outdated then this might be the cause for black screen issues on your tv. To fix this issue, check for the latest update if any, and update it to the latest version.
  • Hardware failure: In some cases, when a tv screen went black then hardware failure is the cause for this issue. Hardware failure could be due to a faulty Tv panel, circuit board or TV’s power led.

How Do I Fix My Samsung TV When The Screen Goes Black?

Perform a Soft Reset

If you’re experiencing the black screen issue on your Samsung Tv then it can be a temporary bug or glitch. And, performing a soft reset can help you in resolving this issue. Some users reported this step as one of the most effective steps.

To perform a soft reset, follow the steps given below;

  • Unplug the TV’s power cord from the power outlet and wait for 60 seconds.
  • After that, Plug the power cord back into the power outlet and check if the issue persists.

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How Do I Reboot My Samsung TV?

Some users think that just turning off and off the tv, performs a reboot but this isn’t a step to reboot your tv. To perform a reboot on your tv correctly and effectively you have to,

  1. Unplug the TV’s power cord from the power outlet and, 
  2. After that, press and hold the power button (on your TV’s remote) for at least 30 seconds.
  3. And, then plug the TV’s power cord back into the power outlet.

Disconnect the One Connect Box

If you’re using a One Connect Box then disconnect all the cables that are attached with your connect box and tv including the power cord as well.

  • After disconnecting the cables, if you see a message or picture on your tv screen then your One Connect Box needs a replacement.
  • But, if your Tv is plugged into the power outlet and the One Connect Box is disconnected from your tv and there’s no message appearing on your screen then visit your nearest Samsung service center or follow the other steps. 

Check That Cables Are Connected Properly

As we discussed above, cables are one of the causes of Samsung’s black screen issue. So, you need to verify all the cables that are attached to your Samsung Tv. Check to see if there is loose or damaged wire. If you found any damaged wire then, replace it with the new one. And, if all cables are in a good condition and still you’re experiencing the issue then remove all the cables that are attached to your tv and then attach them back to their place properly.

Still, facing the issue? If your TV is connected with any external device then unplug all of their wires and also verify that the cables are cleaned, because dirty and dusty cables can also cause the black screen issue.

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Opt the Right Source

There are some possibilities you’re facing this black screen issue just because you’ve chosen or selected the other source. Try to press the Source button given on your remote. Select the right source and check whether this resolves the issue or not.

If you’re still experiencing the issue but you can access the tv settings then, go to the settings and navigate to the Sources > Tv. And, if you’re still experiencing the same then, move ahead to the next step. 

Turn Off The Power Saver Mode

Enabling the power saver or eco mode or energy-saving mode helps in reducing energy consumption. It also reduces eye fatigue. But some users reported that they’ve managed to fix their black screen issue by disabling the power saving. If you’ve also enabled the power saver then it might be the reason for your TV’s black screen issue. Try to disable it by following the steps that are mentioned below;

  • Press the Menu button and navigate to the Settings.
  • Then, locate Energy Saving Mode and turn it off. 

Turn Off The Sleep Timer Settings 

Turning off the sleep timer might help you, so to turn off the sleep time on your Samsung Tv follow the steps that are mentioned below;

  1. Press the Menu button and navigate to the System.
  2. After that, locate the Time option.
  3. Now, go to the Sleep Timer option.
  4. Select the Off from the list.
turn off sleep timer samsung tv

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Change the Batteries Of Your Remote

Some people claimed that they managed to fix this black screen issue by just replacing the batteries of their remote. I know this sounds crazy, how it’s possible that replacing the batteries could fix the issue but, what if replacing the batteries of your remote fixes this black screen issue. 

Try it for once, maybe it will help you out. All you have to do is just replace the old batteries of your remote with the new ones.

Try a Different Wall Outlet

Maybe the Power outlet in which your TV power cord is plugged in is having a fault or is not able to load the voltage. And, that’s because your tv is showing you the black screen. Try to plug your TV’s power cord into another power outlet. And, if you’re still getting the same issue then move to the next method.

Test the HDMI Cable

There are certain Samsung TVs that have an HDMI cable test option and some models have this option when you install the latest update. But if your tv model doesn’t have this test option or isn’t connected by an HDMI cable then skip this step and follow the other one.

To perform the test;

  1. Make sure that your TV’s source input is set on the HDMI settings for the cable you want to test.
  2. Now, go to the Settings and locate the Support option.
  3. After that, Move to Self Diagnosis option then.
  4. Select HDMI Cable Test and then, Start Test.

If it says that the cable is faulty or bad then you need to replace the cable.

Use Another External Device

If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI cable test or if you’re still facing the issue even after completing the HDMI cable test then, try to connect a different device with your Tv. And, if your Tv is working fine and displaying the picture then there’s no issue with your tv. Maybe it’s your cable or external device which is causing the black screen. Try to locate the cause and fix it by following all the steps that are listed in this post. 

Update Your TV’s Firmware

Why is my Tv showing a Black screen? It might be a software issue or glitch with your TV, and this type of software issue is always fixed by the Device’s latest software update. Check to see if there’s any latest update from Samsung. To check for the latest update;

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote and,
  2. Navigate to the settings.
  3. Now, locate the Support option and,
  4. Go to the Software Update option and press the Enter/Ok button on Update Now.
update samsung smart tv

If there’s any latest software update from Samsung’s end then it will automatically start downloading and if there are no updates then, move ahead and follow the next step to get rid of this issue. 

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Perform Factory Reset

If updating to the latest firmware version fails to resolve your black screen issue then, try to perform a factory reset on your Samsung’s Tv (only if you‘re able to access the settings). But before resetting the tv to its factory settings you must know that all of your information and files or saved contents will be deleted. But there’s a question that is striking in your head: 

How Do I Reset My Samsung TV When the Screen is Black?

Well, sometimes when you encounter a black screen issue on your tv, you’re able to access the settings, and if you can see the menu by pressing the Menu button then you can factory reset your tv, follow the steps to factory reset your Tv;

  1. Turn on your Samsung smart tv.
  2. Now press and hold the exit button on your Samsung tv remote for 12 seconds.
  3. Now you’ll get the factory reset screen.
  4. Select ok to reset your Samsung smart tv.


  1. First, turn off your Samsung smart tv.
  2. Now press info+menu+mute++power buttons on your Samsung tv remote simultaneously.
  3. Press mute>1>8>2>power button on your Samsung remote.
  4. Now your Samsung tv will restart in service mode. 
  5. Now go to options and select the factory reset option.

Or if you’re able to get the menu on the screen, then follow these steps

  1. Take your Samsung’s controller/remote and press the Menu button on it.
  2. After that, go to the settings and,
  3. Then, Navigate to the Support option.
  4. Now, select Reset and enter your Pin (If you haven’t set a pin ever then, enter the default pin 0000).
  5. After entering the pin, the reset process will start and once it’s done, your tv will reboot.
reset samsung smart tv

How Do You Fix a Samsung TV That Has No Picture But Has Sound?

Well, if you’re experiencing a black screen issue with having sound then follow the next step it will guide you “Why are you experiencing the black screen with sound?”

Check The TV’s Backlight

If your TV’s backlight is broken or faulty then it can lead you to this kind of error, so, check your TV’s backlight by Turning on the tv and then, take a flashlight and holding it 1-2inches away from your screen. And, if you can see an image on your tv screen (where the flashlight is pointing) then it means that your TV’s backlight is broken. Locate a repair shop or Samsung service center to repair your Television.

Ask Customer Support

If you’ve followed all the steps that are mentioned above then, contacting Samsung’s customer support is the last thing to do. They will guide you with the best troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue and if you’ve followed all their steps then Ask them to send technicians to fix the black screen error. May this will help you out and you will start streaming your shows and movies like before.

Why is my Samsung Tv screen is black?

There can be too many possibilities why your tv screen goes black, but the main cause of the black screen on the tv is faulty cables. Try to verify all the cables that are attached to your tv.

What to do if your Tv is on but the screen is black?

You can follow some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue and if it doesn’t help then, try to contact Samsung’s customer support and ask them to provide the solutions to resolve the black screen issue.

Is there a reset button on a Samsung Tv?

● While Tv is on, Press and hold down the Exit button for 12 seconds and also verify that the standby light is blinking without any interruptions.
● Now, a factory reset warning will appear. Press OK and reset your Tv.

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    • Maybe the issue is with your tv’s backlight. If you’re getting the sound then use phone’s flashlight. Point your flashlight on the tv’s screen, if you’re seeing any image or picture after using flashlight, then you need to get your backlight replaced or repaired.


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