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Fix Samsung Fridge No Power Issue

Recently updated on May 18th, 2022 at 01:15 am

Are you getting no power in your fridge? Then don’t worry this is a common issue that is faced by every Samsung fridge owner once in their fridge lifetime. I faced this issue with my Samsung fridge. I received a new fridge from amazon and when I plugged it and turned it on, the fridge was receiving no power and it was not turning on. So I did some research and talked with Samsung experts about the solution. In this post I’ve mentioned all the fixes, that can help you when you face no power issue with your Samsung fridge.

Why There is No Power in The Samsung Refrigerator?

Below we’ve mentioned some possible causes for no power issue on your Samsung fridge.

  1. Your fridge power cable is damaged.
  2. The House circuit is damaged.
  3. Your electricity board is damaged or not working.

What to Do When a Samsung Refrigerator Has No Power?

Check your power cable

First of all, if there is no power in your fridge, then check if the power cable is plugged in. If the power cable is unplugged then you’ll not get power in your fridge and your Samsung fridge won’t turn on. If the cable is unplugged, then plug in the cable and check if the fridge is working or not.

Use Other Electrical Outlets

What happened to me was, when I got my fridge from amazon and the first time I used it, I got no power in my Samsung fridge. I read the manuals and there was no solution for the issue. So I unplugged the cable from the power socket and plugged it into the other wall outlet. Now the fridge got power without any issue. So if your fridge is also not getting power, then try using other wall outlets. Check if the fridge is getting power or not after changing the wall outlet.

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Check For Damaged Cable and Circuit Breaker

If your fridge is not getting power, then check the power cable. If the power cable is damaged or stripped, then you’ll not have the power. In this case, you can then change the power cable by yourself or contact an agent from Samsung or an electrician for help.

If your power cable is okay and you’re still not getting the power in your Samsung fridge, then check the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is causing an issue after plugging in the fridge, then try resetting your circuit breaker. To do this you can contact an electrician for help. If the Samsung fridge is still not getting the power after the circuit breaker reset, then you need to contact the Samsung team for help.

Connect The Power Cable Directly into the Wall

Modern Samsung fridges don’t need a stabilizer for protection against overload of electricity. The new Samsung fridges come with a digital stabilizer. If you’re a stabilizer for powering your Samsung fridge, then unplug it from the stabilizer. Now plug your Samsung fridge directly into the wall. Now check if your Samsung fridge is getting the power or not.

If you’re using an extender, then remove the power cable from the wall outlet. Now plug your fridge directly into the wall. Now check if your fridge is turning on or not.

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Contact Samsung

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting above and your fridge still has no power, then contact the Samsung team. The Samsung team can help you in troubleshooting the Samsung fridge no power issue. If this post helped you then also check how to fix roku keeps disconnecting from wifi.

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