Fix Roku Picture Zoomed in/Picture Too Big For Screen

Recently many Roku users came across an issue where the picture, menu screen, and overall picture on the screen are zoomed in. They are too big that users are not able to use their Roku devices properly. Some users have reported the problem started occurring after an update. We’ve noticed that your picture can get too big due to the wrong picture configuration of Roku or your tv. The picture on your Roku can get too big due to a bug or a glitch. To fix this problem we did the research for a couple of hours and found some solutions for this problem. In this post, we’re going to explain how you can fix the Roku picture zoomed in and cutting out.

How to Fix Roku Picture Zoomed in and Cutting out of Screen

The first solution we found for this issue is pretty simple and it works for most Roku users. 

Restart Your Roku

  1. Go to your Roku’s home screen.
  2. Now select the settings option.
  3. Go to the system option.
  4. Now select power, if the option is not there then move on to the next step.
  5. Choose system restart.
restart roku

Now check if the Roku picture too big issue is fixed or not.

Adjust Your Roku Picture Settings

If the picture is not fitting properly using your Roku, then making changes to your picture settings might help you. To make changes to your Roku picture settings follow the steps below.

  1. Start the playback where the picture is too big or zoomed in.
  2. Now press the start button on your Roku remote.
  3. Scroll down and select picture settings.
  4. Now select picture size.
  5. Now change it to auto. If that doesn’t work then try other modes like a wide, stretch, etc.
  6. Save whichever picture works for you then exit the picture settings.

Making changes to the picture settings can help you in fixing the Roku picture zooming-in issue.

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Change Display Type Detection Settings

If the above fix didn’t work for you, then making changes to display detection settings fix the Roku picture not fitting the display. To make changes in the display setting follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Roku settings.
  2. Select the display type option.
  3. Now select auto-detect option. If the issues exists then manually select from the options available (720ptv, 1080ptv, 4k 30hz tv, 4k 60hz tv etc.).

After making changes check if the Roku picture zoomed in issue is resolved or not.

Some Quick Fixes That Can Help You in Fixing Roku Picture Zoomed in Issue

Below we’ve mentioned some small but not to be ignored causes and fixes that can help you when the Roku picture is not fitting the display.

  1. If you’re using an HDMI cable to connect Roku to your tv, then try buying a new one. Because sometimes a defective HDMI cable can create picture issues while using Roku.
  2. You can also try plugging in the Roku to the different HDMI ports on your tv. Sometimes a damaged HDMI ports can create picture issues while using Roku. So try changing the HDMI port to fix the Roku picture size too big issue.
  3. Try connecting your Roku to any other tv. If the Roku is working fine on the other tv, then the problem is with your previous tv. If the Roku picture is still zoomed in on the other tv, then the issue you’re facing is occurring due to a problem with Roku.
  4. Some tv comes with an option to set the desired aspect ratio. So look for the aspect button on your tv remote or open the tv picture settings and look for the option to change the aspect ratio on your tv. Once you find the option change the aspect ratio and see which one resolves the issue on your tv.
  5. If the Roku is working fine on other tv but not your preferred tv. Then reset your tv factory settings, once the reset is complete connect the Roku to the tv and check if the Roku picture zoomed-in issue is resolved or not.

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Update Your Roku Firmware

If the picture is too big and cut out after an update, then installing a newer update of Roku can help you. Because might release an update to fix the issue caused by the previous update. To update your Roku device follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Roku settings.
  2. Now select the system option.
  3. Now choose system update.
  4. If available then download and install the latest Roku firmware on your device.
  5. Now restart your Roku.
update roku device

Try playing the show or movie where you were facing the issue, and see if the Roku picture zoomed-in problem is resolved or not.

Factory Reset Your Roku

If the above steps didn’t help you, then you can try factory resetting your Roku device. Note you’ll lose any custom settings you’ve made to the Roku. To perform a Roku factory reset follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Roku settings option.
  2. Now select the system.
  3. Open Roku advanced system settings.
  4. Now factory reset your Roku from here.
factory reset roku

Once the reset is complete, set up your Roku device. Now the Roku picture does not fitting the screen, the picture is too big or the zoomed-in issue will be fixed on your Roku device.

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Contact Roku

If the problem persists, then you can try contacting the Roku team. The agents at Roku can help you in fixing the Roku picture zoomed-in issue. If we can help you then also check our post on what to do when firestick icons are too big or firestick is stuck at zoomed in.

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