Fix Roku Error Code 016

Roku is a go-to device for many people for streaming their favorite content. Roku is smart on which you can stream videos on YouTube and stream channels over the internet. If you’re is not strong enough or Roku is facing an internet connection issue then it’ll show Roku error code 016 not connected to the internet. As we know that error code 016 represents a bad connection or other connectivity issues then we can follow the steps below to fix it.

Why is My Roku Not Getting an Internet connection?

Below we’ve mentioned some of the known reasons for error code 016 on roku.

  1. Weak internet signal: If your wifi signal is weak or if your wifi is not working then you can face roku error code 016.
  2. Wifi Configuration/settings compatibility issue: If the wifi is configured properly then you can face a compatibility issue with your roku.
  3. A temporary glitch: Sometimes you get error code 016 on your roku due to a temporary glitch.
  4. DNS Issue: Sometimes a website’s stored cache or data (DNS) can also cause issues while connecting roku to wifi.

How Do I Fix Error Code 006 on Roku?

Restart Roku Tv/Roku Stick to Fix Error Code 016

If you can’t connect your Roku stick or roku tv to wifi, then you need to first restart the Roku by these easy steps.

  1. Go to the home menu in Roku with the help of a Roku remote.
  2. Now go to the settings menu and then the system menu.
  3. Now scroll up to find the system restart option and hit the restart.

If this doesn’t help then try pressing the following button combination to clear cache and reboot your roku device. On roku remote press home button 5 times followed by up one time then rewind two time the fast forward two times. Now your roku cache will be cleared and your roku will reboot in few seconds.

After restarting your Roku tv, check if you’re still facing the error code 016 on your Roku

Enable Network Pings

We have to change the settings if your WIFI is not connecting with the Roku device with help of your Roku remote.

  1. Go to the Home menu and press the Home button 5 times.
  2. Now press the button fast forward>>play>>rewind>>play>>fast forward
  3. Now you will see a new program on your TV.
  4. Scroll up to choose the options system operation menu
roku error code 016
  1. Again scroll up to select the option enable network ping. When you select this option it will enable network ping.
enable network ping

But make sure you try this method after restarting your Roku tv. Now check if you’re still facing the error code 016 on your Roku tv.

Tips: Try connecting your Roku with wiifi properly with these steps. Press home on roku remote and and select network. Go to setup new connection and choose wireless. Choose your network and enter your wifi password, wait for connection to establish. Now check if the error code 016 on your Roku tv is resolved.

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Power Cycle Your Router Your Roku

Sometimes you can face error code 016 on Roku due to corrupted DNS cache. This will prevent you from establishing a connection with Roku with your wifi. You can follow the below steps to fix the DNS issue.

  1. Shut down your Roku tv and unplug your tv and wifi router from the power cord.
  2. Press the power button and hold approximately 30 sec for the discharge of the power supply with capacitors.
  3. Now plug back in all the devices and turn on.
  4. Now connect your tv with your wifi and check if you are still facing the Roku error code 016.

Check Internet Speed

If your internet speed is slow this could be the reason for your error 016. To stream movies and show on Roku you need a good internet speed. You need to first check the internet speed. To check internet speed follow the steps-

  1. Go to the settings and then network option and then network connection.
  2. Here you can check the quality of your home network signals and here you can also check the speed of your network.

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Setup Your Internet Connection Again

If you’re still stuck on error code 016 on your roku stick or tv, then try setting up your internet connection from the start again. Doing this can help you in resolving error code 016 on your roku.

  1. On your roku remote press the home button.
  2. Now scroll down and select network option.
  3. Select setup new connection option.
  4. Now choose wireless option.
  5. Select your internet connection and enter your password.

After reconnecting to your wifi check if the roku error code 016 is fixed or not.

Tip: If you’re using a roku premiere or express then make sure you are only connected to 2.4ghz on b/g/n networks. If you’re connected to 5ghz then you can face roku error code 016.

Tweak Network Settings For Fixing Roku Error 016

Some users suggested that changing the wireless channel in your router settings can help in improving your internet connection and fixing error code 016. To change your router wireless channel follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your router login page which is usually
  2. Enter your admin and password for login. You can find these details at the back of your router.
  3. Now select network option.
  4. Select WLAN option.
  5. Now select 1,6 or 11. After selecting a channel make sure to click on apply or save changes. 

Now check if the roku error code 016 is fixed or not.

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Contact Roku support For Fixing Error Code 016

If none of the above steps helped you then you can contact roku team for fixing error code 016. They can help you in resolving error code 016 on your roku tv.

Conclusion: Roku error code 016 is a connection issue between Roku and your WIFI. You can power down your Roku and your WIFI and turn them back on. Now connect your Roku tv to WIFI to see if this resolves error code 016 on your Roku. You can also follow the other steps above to fix error 016 on your Roku tv.

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