Fix Roku error code 014.40

Roku is one of the best smart t available in the market. Like other smart TVs, Roku uses the internet to stream online content. There are two ways to connect Roku to the internet via wired or wireless networks. But many users face issues while connecting Roku to the internet. They get a message on the screen which says “Unable to connect to wireless network error code: 014.40”. There are various reasons for the error code 014.10 on Roku. This post explains the reason for the connectivity issue on Roku and how you can fix this error on your Roku tv.

Reasons for Roku error code 014.40

Various issues can cause the connectivity error 014.40 on your Roku. We have mentioned the reasons for this error on Roku tv below

  1. Incorrect wifi credentials: You can face unable to connect to the wireless network if you’re select a wrong network or filling the wrong credentials while connecting Roku to wifi. This is one of the common reasons for error code 014.40 on Roku.
  2. Corrupted data: You can also face this issue if there are some corrupted data on your wifi or your Roku tv. In this scenario, you can simply power cycle your device to fix the connectivity error on Roku.

Enter Correct Wi-Fi Credentials

Incorrect Wi-Fi credentials or login detail is one of the common and most ignored reason behind the error code 014.40 and 014.41 on Roku. You can easily face this error when you select the wrong network for connection or when you enter the wrong wifi password. Due to this, you’ll see a message “Roku unable to connect to wireless network”. Fortunately you can easily fix error 014.40 or 014.41 in this scenario. Simply select the correct wireless network name and enter the correct wifi password for the connection. You can use the on-screen Roku keyword to enter the capital letters of your wifi password. If you’re entering the correct details and still getting the issue you can follow the other steps mentioned below.

Note: You can use the Roku port for connecting Roku tv to your router via ethernet. This will improve the internet connection and help you in knocking out the connectivity issue on Roku.

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Reset your network connection

Resetting the network setting on your Roku can sometimes fix the error code 014.40. This will help in refreshing the connection on your Roku tv. To reset the network connection on Roku tv follows the steps below:

  1. Go to the home screen of Roku and scroll down to select the setting.
  2. In the Roku setting go-to system
  3. Now select advanced system settings.
  4. Select network connection reset and click ok. Now follow the instruction for connection reset.
reset roku network connection
  1. Your Roku tv will restart after the connection reset.
  2. When the system starts you’ll be asked to connect Roku to the network.
  3. Choose setup connection and select your connection type from – wired or wireless.
  4. Now select your wifi and enter the correct password and select connect to connect your Roku tv to wif.
  5. When Roku is connected check if the error code 014.40 is resolved on your Roku tv.

Power Cycle Roku and Router/Wifi

Sometimes you can fix the error code 014.40 on your Roku due to some corrupted cached data stored by Roku or your network device. You can easily fix this issue by restarting your device. To perform a power cycle of your devices follows the steps below:

  1. Go to Roku home and then select settings.
  2. Now select the system option from the menu.
  3. From the menu select the system restart option.
  4. Now select restart options. You can also simply unplug your Roku from the power source to turn it off.
  5. Now unplug the router from the power supply to turn it off.
  6. Wait for 30 seconds and plugin and start your Roku tv and your router.
  7. Connect your Roku tv to wifi and check if the error code 014.40 or 0141.40 is fixed on your Roku.

If you’re still getting unable to connect to the wireless network on your Roku tv then follow the steps below.

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Enable network ping

You can fix the Roku error code 014.40 by enabling the network ping on your Roku tv. To enable network ping on your Roku tv follow the steps below:

  1. As you’re unable to connect to your current wifi, simply connect your Roku tv to another network or your mobile hotspot for this method to work.
  2. After connecting to another network go to the home screen of your Roku tv.
  3. Now press the buttons on your Roku remote in the same order as mentioned below.

Press the home button 5 times, press the fast forward button, press the play button, press the rewind button, press the play button, press the fast forward button.

  1. Pressing these buttons in the same order will bring you to Roku secret screen.
  2. Now scroll up and select the system operations menu.
roku system operations
  1. Now you’ll see disable network ping. Scroll up and select it with the Roku remote to enable it. After selecting network ping will be enabled on your Roku tv.
enable roku network pings

After enabling network ping you’ll not face Roku error code 014.40 on your Roku tv.

Conclusion: You can easily fix Roku error code 014.40 by entering the correct Wi-Fi credentials. You can also perform power cycle of devices or enable Roku tv network pings to fix unable to connect to wireless network on your Roku tv.

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