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Ring Camera Flashing Blue – Why and What You can do

Ring camera is a smart security camera that you can use to keep an eye on your home or business. Although they are easy to set up and use, they have some limitations. It is an excellent product with a better quality video camera, and this camera justifies its prices.

However, you may face some issues with your ring camera. Some Ring camera users are encountering a blue light flashing on their Ring Camera.

We have also been using the Ring Camera for the past few months and are in love with this product. We also noticed several flashing lights on our Ring camera. Sometimes it takes a while to turn them off, and sometimes it takes just a minute to resolve the issue.

Today, we’ll discuss why you are encountering the “Ring camera blue light flashing” and what to do to turn it off.

What does it mean when a ring camera flashes blue?

You’ll notice several lights flashing on your ring camera, but the Blue light flashing on the camera often indicates how well it is working.

If it’s flashing blue and red light, then there might be some issue with your internet connection. To eliminate such problems, try restarting the Ring app or devices.

Why is my ring camera flashing blue?

The Ring Indoor cam has an LED light between the Ring(name on the front) and the camera.

Below we’re listing the flashing light pattern with its activity (Ring Indoor Camera).

  • If there’s no light blinking on the front of the Ring camera, it means the camera is in IDLE Mode.
  • If there’s a Slow blue light blinking pattern, it means your camera is in Setup Mode.
  • If there’s a Solid blue light, it means your camera is Starting Up or Recording.
  • If there’s a Blue light blinking on and off, then on for 2 seconds, it means the camera’s firmware update is in progress.
  • If there’s a Blue pulsing light(very slow), it means the camera’s Two-way talk/speaker is enabled.
  • If a Blue light blinks on for 5 seconds, it means the camera’s Setup is completed and successful.
  • If Red/blue lights flashes on/off, it means the camera’s Setup failed to connect to wifi.
  • If there’s Blue Solid light until boot is complete, it means Camera is Booting up.
  • If the Blue light blinks on and off for 5 seconds then reboot

Why does my ring camera blue light go on and off?

As we listed the indications and activity above, there are several patterns that indicate why your ring camera is flashing.

If you see the flashing blue light while setting up your camera, there’s nothing to worry about. Your camera indicates that it is being set up, and it will turn off once the setup is completed.

And later, it will change to Solid Blue, which means your camera is Ready and Recording. Also, when you boot up your camera, it flashes the same Solid Blue light.

Turn off blue light on ring camera

Do you keep on experiencing the flashing blue light? Below, we’ve listed some troubleshooting methods to turn off the blue light on your ring camera.

While Setting Up your Ring Camera

If you’re getting the flashing blue light while setting up your Ring Indoor or Stick-Up camera, it’s indicating that your camera is being set up.

However, you might experience the flashing blue light for a long time if there’s a bad or weak internet connection. In this case, your ring camera setup will fail, and you’ll have to restart it.

Verify your Wifi

If you are stuck on a flashing blue light while setting up or experiencing the flashing red and blue light on the front of your camera.

Try to verify your router, and check if you’re getting the required internet speed and signal. If you’re not getting it, try contacting the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or rebooting your router.

Once your internet starts working fine, restart your setup and check if the issue is resolved.

Restart the Ring App

If you’re still experiencing the flashing light, try to close the Ring camera application (installed on your smartphone).

Then, head to the Settings of your phone and clear the cache of the Ring camera app. Once it’s done, restart the app and try to set up your Ring Camera.

Check the power outlet

Check if the power outlet your device is connected to is working fine or not. To check this, try to plug another device into the same outlet and check if it’s working or not. If not, try locating another nearby power outlet and turn on the camera.

Check if Ring is active

If the blue light persists, it might be because you’ve activated the 24/7 recording. If this is the case, try to turn off the 24/7 recording mode and if it’s still there.

Reboot the camera once again and wait until it boots up correctly. Open the Ring camera app on your smartphone and check if your device is active or not.

Ring stick up camera flashing blue light

If you own a Ring stick up camera and it’s flashing blue light, check the above-listed Ring Indoor camera patterns and activity. Both cameras have the same flashing light pattern and activity.

There’s only one activity which is different from the Ring Indoor camera;

  • If your Ring Stick Up camera is flashing a Fast red/blue blinking light, it means an Alarm/siren is sounding.
Ring spotlight flashing blue light

Own a Ring Spotlight camera and encountering the flashing blue light at the bottom of your camera. Is the camera’s LED flashing blue light rapidly for up to 2 minutes? It means your camera’s Setup has failed and is not connected to the Ring Network.

Contact Ring Support

If you’re still encountering the flashing light on your Ring Indoor, Stick Up or Spotlight camera, try contacting Ring team and raise your issue on their customer desk/portal.

And ask them to provide you with troubleshooting methods or solutions to resolve the issue.

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  1. My first stick up ring camera was set up fine and works. When I started my second stick up camera it keeps flashing red, green and blue over and over. I pressed the orange button and it says it is in set up mode but keeps flashing all three colors again …how can I fix this ? Thanks


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