How to Enable Reddit Dark Mode

I’ve been using Reddit for a long. It is a good platform for collecting information on various. You can use Reddit on both mobile and desktop. With the improvement in technology, we’ve now the Amoled screens for our devices. In AMOLED screen devices you can use the dark mode feature to save power and it will also reduce the stress on eyes. You can also enable dark mode on Reddit mobile or desktop version.

Today, in this post we’re gonna explain how you can enable the Reddit dark mode on your desktop browser or your Reddit mobile app. It is kind of cool to have a dark mode on Reddit and it’ll also save power and reduce the stress on your eyes and brain. So we as redditers know that Reddit likes to do things differently. Reddit is calling its dark mode the “Night mode” so don’t get confused.

Enable Reddit Night Mode on Desktop

Here are the steps to enable the Reddit night mode or dark mode on desktop:

  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Now click on your username or your profile icon from the top left corner of the screen.
click on your reddit username
  1. Now from the drop-down options, click on the toggle next to Night mode to enable the Night mode on Reddit. You can disable it by clicking on the toggle again.
enable reddit dark mode

Note: When you enable the night mode on your account it will not disable after you log out of Reddit. If you decide to log in to your Reddit account on any other computer, the night mode is automatically enabled.

Enable Reddit Dark Mode on Mobile

Follow the steps below to enable night mode on your Reddit mobile app.

  1. Open the Reddit app and login with your credentials.
  2. Now click on the profile icon on the top left side of the screen.
Click on reddit profile icon
  1. At the bottom click on half-moon icon next to settings to enable Reddit dark mode on the mobile app.
Enable reddit dark mode mobile
  • Method 2
  1. Click on the profile click and now click on settings from the bottom of the screen.
click on settings
  1. Scroll down to dark mode section and tap on the toggle next to dark mode to enable the dark mode on your mobile device.
Enable reddit dark mode on app
  1. Here you’ll also find the auto dark mode option. The dark mode is auto-enabled if you’ve enabled the dark mode for every app from the setting of your device. To check if Reddit is using the dark mode according to your os settings, go to setting, now if your Reddit app is following setting you’ll find “Follow OS setting” next to auto dark mode (This feature is only available for devices running on android 10+).
auto dark mode reddit
  1. To disable auto dark mode click on Follow OS setting and select off
disable auto dark mode reddit

Conclusion: You can enable the Reddit night mode on the desktop by clicking on your username and then enabling the dark mode from the options. Dark mode on Reddit mobile app is sometimes auto-enable if you’ve enabled the dark mode for every device from the settings. You can also enable dark mode on Reddit mobile app from the settings.

If you’ve any query related to this post comment below. You can also read our post on how enable chrome full screen mode

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