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Pandora error code 3005

Many people have reported that they are facing error code 3005 while using Pandora on their devices. There are various reasons for this issue like network problems, a problem with the app, and cached data or the app itself. In this post, we’re going to explain how you can Pandora error code 3005 on your devices.

Things to remember before troubleshooting error code 3005

  1. Make sure the pandora app is installed on your device internal storage
  2. Disable any battery, RAM optimizer app if you’re using one.
  3. Disable the power saver mode of your os system.

Clear Pandora app cache and data

Most of the time error code 3007 is fixed by clearing the Pandora app cached data and data. After you delete these data you need to re-login into your pandora app again. Here are the steps to clear the cache and data on the pandora app.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Now scroll down and tap on the app management option.
  3. Search and tap on the Pandora app.
  4. Now tap on storage usage to access the storage information of the Pandora app.
  5. From here clear cache and data of the Pandora app.

Now restart your device and try logging and using your Pandora app to see if the error code 3005 is resolved. If you’re iPhone users, you need to delete the app and reinstall from the app store to clear Pandora data and cache.

Update your Pandora app

You can face Pandora error 3005 if you’re using an outdated version of the Pandora app on your device. So updating your Pandora app can easily fix this issue. To update your Pandora app open play store and tap on the three horizontal from the top left side of the screen. Now tap on my apps and locate the Pandora app from the list. If there is an update available tap on an update to update your app to the latest version. If you’re using an iPhone open the app store and tap on your profile icon from the top right side of the screen. Now scroll down and you’ll see the list of app that needs an update, locate the Pandora app from the list, and tap on the update button.

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Uninstall and install Pandora app to fix error code 3005

You can easily fix the Pandora app error code 3005 by a complete reinstall of the application on your device. Locate the app from the app drawer, tap and hold the app, and tap on app info. Now from here tap on uninstall to remove the Pandora app from your device. Now go to play store and install the latest version of the Pandora app on your device.

If you’re using iPhone then tap and hold on the Pandora icon now tap on the “x” icon above the app. Now to confirm the uninstallation of the Pandora app tap on the delete option. Now go to the app store download and install the latest version of Pandora for your iPhone.

Some other things to remember to fix Pandora error code 3005

Check if you’re using a stable internet connection to use the Pandora app on your device. Go to fast.com and check the internet speed and connection on your device. Also if you’re facing Pandora error code 3005, try rebooting or restarting your device to see if this resolves the error 3005 on your phone. If you’re trying to use Pandora outside of USA then try installing a VPN and connect to the servers of USA. After connecting clear cache and data of Pandora app and re-login into your Pandora app to see if the error code 3005 is resolved

Conclusion: You can fix Pandora error code 3005 by reinstalling the Pandora app your android, iPhone, mac or windows device. You can also fix this issue by clearing cache and data or the Pandora app

If you’re any query regarding this issue let us know from the comment box and also check how you can fix Pandora error code 3007 on different devices.

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