Netflix error code ui3012

Whoops, something went wrong…Unexpected errorThere was an unexpected errorTry reloading the page and try again. If you’re seeing this type of message on your screen while streaming Netflix then you’re facing Netflix error code ui3012. Although Netflix is the most popular streaming service around the world, it still faces some error. This type of error can cause trouble and won’t let your stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix. Netflix error code ui3012 is a known problem and we’ll explain in this post how to fix “whoops, something went wrong”.

Reasons behind Netflix error code ui3012

The reason behind this error is a weak networkbrowser extensions, or ISP restriction. Before trying the steps below you can try reloading the page to fix Netflix error code ui3012. If this is a temporary problem then reloading the webpage will fix ui3012 error on Netflix. If this doesn’t help you can follow the steps below.

Steps to fix error code ui3012 on Netflix

Check network connection

Weak network connections are the first and most common reason behind error ui3012. Because if your device will not get sufficient speed of the internet then it will prevent you from watching your favorite shows on Netflix. If you’re using Netflix on mobile data then you can face this issue easily. To fix this you can try connecting to Wi-Fi or going to a place with stronger mobile internet reception. You can also contact your mobile internet provider for help.

Restart streaming device and Wi-Fi router

Sometimes a temporary glitch can be the reason for error ui3010 on Netflix. Sometimes a miss communication between your streaming device and your network can create a temporary bug that can be fixed by restarting your streaming device and your Wi-Fi router.

  1. First switch off the pc and modem/router
  2. Now unplug the modem/router from the power source and wait at least 30seconds.
  3. After that plug back your modem/router to the power source and turn on the power switch
  4. Wait till modem/router lights come back to the proper state.
  5. Now turn on your pc and try to stream Netflix.

Now check if you’re still getting the Netflix error code ui3010 while streaming.

restart device to fix netflix error code ui3012

Log out and re-login Netflix 

Many users have suggested that a simple re-login into their account fixed the Netflix error code ui3012 on their device. You can also follow the steps below to login to Netflix.

In a web browser:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the Netflix website.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu and select your Account.
  3. Scroll down to go to the settings and click on “sign out of all devices”.
  4. Now log in to Netflix again with the login credential.

In IOS and Android apps

  1. Open the Netflix app and tap on the profile icon on the upper left-hand corner.
  2. From the drop down menu tap on account.
  3. Select “sign out of all devices”.
  4. Tap to “sign out”.
  5. Now log in to the Netflix account with the id and password.

Now check Netflix error code ui3012 is resolved and Netflix is working or not if not then head to the next solution.

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Disable your browser’s extensions to fix error code ui3012 on Netflix

Browser extension provide a lot of new feature for the browser. Many people use extensions to enhance the streaming quality on Netflix. These extensions are the known suspect for the Netflix error code ui3012. You can try deleting, removing or disabling extensions for fix error code ui3012 on Netflix.

In chrome:

  1. Open google chrome and click on three vertical dots on the top left corner.
  2. Click on more tools from the list and then extensions.
click on extensions
  1. Now you will enter into the extensions page select the extensions and click on the blue toggle to disable it.
  2. If you want to remove extensions permanently click on remove.

In Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and click on gear icon to open Firefox settings.
  2. Click extension from bottom left-side of your display.
  3. And again click on the extensions option from the left side.
  4. Now you’ll get all the installed extensions on your browser. No from here remove or disable every extension to fix error code ui3012.
remove browser extension to fix netflix error ui3012

In Microsoft edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and click on three horizontal dots on the top right corner.
  2. Click on Extensions from the menu
  3. Click on the blue toggle switch to disable it.

Improve WI-FI signal strength 

If your Wi-Fi signal is weak then you can face Netflix error code ui3012 on your device. Here are some tips to improve WIFI signals.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is placed higher than the streaming device. Place it on a cupboard or at any high place, make sure there is no obstacle between your Wi-Fi and your streaming device.
  • Always put your device near to the router.
  • Electrical magnetic interfaces are the enemy of WI-FI signals. Check if there are TV or microwaves or any other magnetic kinds of stuff are located. Move your router away from these things to reduce the magnetic effect on your Wi-Fi router.
  • If you have a dual-band AC1200 extender then it will also help you to get the best signals, check which router you are using.

Improving Wi-Fi strength can also resolve error code ui3010 on Netflix

Connect the streaming device to the modem directly

If your internet connection does not remain stable You can use an Ethernet cable and connect with the modem directly. Because when you connect Ethernet cable directly to the modem it provides a more stable internet connection.

  1. First turn on all the streaming devices.
  2. Connect Ethernet cable with computer and modem.
  3. Unplug the modem with the power source and wait 30 seconds till it is lost all the electric current and then plug it back.
  4. Now turn on all the streaming devices and try to stream Netflix and check error still occurring.
Disable the VPN

If you do use a VPN for streaming Netflix then first you should disable it. Yes, VPN indeed keeps securing your online activity but on the other hand it is also slow down the connection speed. Slow internet connection can cause Netflix error code ui3012, disabling vpn will fix this issue.

Reset your network

Reset the network if you ever change the default connection settings like custom DNS and this causes the connectivity issue.

  1. Click on the bottom left corner on the start window and type Network reset.
  2. Select Network reset from the result.
  3. Click on network reset on the below.
  4. Now restart your pc and check Netflix working or not.
Use other network

Many internet providers block access to several websites and service from their end. If this is the case then you’ll face Netflix error code ui3012 on your device. To fix this you need to contact the admin if you’re on a public network like school, college or hospital. If this is blocked from ISP then you need to contact your service provider for fixing this issue from your end. If you’re on low bandwidth network this can also lead to error code ui3012 on Netflix. Try using other network to stream Netflix on your device.

If none of the above mentioned steps worked for you then you need to contact Netflix team to fix this issue for you.

Conclusion: Netflix error code ui3012 is a connectivity issue. You can fix this by improving your internet speed by using ethernet and reducing distance between your device and router.

Do you have a better solution let us know from the comment box and do check our post on how to fix Amazon prime error code 9068

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