Netflix Error tvq-st-145

Netflix Error tvq-st-145 Fix

Are you getting the error code tvq-st-145 unable to connect to Netflix while streaming content on Netflix? Netflix error code tvq-st-145 is a network-related error. This means that you can face this error if your internet is configured properly, your internet is slow, your device is not getting a signal, or due to a temporary glitch. Netflix error tvq-st-145 means due to a connectivity issue your device is unable to reach Netflix. As we can know the reason for this issue, you can try the troubleshooting fixes below that help you in fixing the error tvq-st-145 on your device.

How do I fix Netflix error code tvq-st-145?

Improve your internet connection

Check if your internet connection is working to its fullest or not. To check this, go to here you can check your internet speed. Try opening other apps like YouTube to check if the internet is working properly or not. If you’re getting slow internet speed then follow the steps below to improve your internet connection

  1. Move your router: Move your router closer to your streaming device and place it at some higher place. Also, make sure there are no obstacles between your device and your router.
  2. Ethernet connection: Ethernet connection can help in improving the connectivity speed. Try using an ethernet cable to improve your internet connection.

Try other internet connection

There can be some issue with your internet connection which blocks the device from accessing Netflix which can result in error code tvq-st-145. To validate this use other internet connections like a mobile hotspot or any other internet connection other than the one that you’re currently using. If you’re able to fix this issue on the internet connection then the problem is with your internet. To resolve this you need to contact your internet service provider to configure your WIFI properly.

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Reinstall Netflix on Your Device

Reinstalling Netflix on your device can help you in fixing the error code tvq-st-145 on your device. Follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall the Netflix app from your device.
  2. Turn off your device and turn it on after 1 minute.
  3. Now install the Netflix app on your device.
  4. Login to your account.

Now check if you’re still getting the error code tvq-st-145 or not. If you’re still getting the issue then follow the other fix.

Tip: Make sure you’re using the latest version of netflix app on your device.

Restart your smart tv

If you’re getting Netflix has encountered an error code tvq-st-145 on your smart tv then restarting your smart tv can help you in fixing this error.

Roku: follow the button sequence below to restart your Roku device

  1. Press the home button 5 times.
  2. Up button 1 time.
  3. Press the rewind button 2 times.
  4. Then forward button 2 times.
  5. Now your Roku device will restart.

Amazon firestick or tv

  1. Go home then select setting.
  2. Scroll to the right side and select the device.
  3. Scroll down and select restart. Doing this will restart your amazon firestick.

Samsung smart tv

  1. Press and hold the power button on your Samsung remote until tv turns off and turns on again.
  2. When the Samsung tv restart check if the error code tvq-st-145 is fixed.

Other devices

If you’re using other devices like a smartphone then simply restart your smart tv and check if this fixes the issue. For other TVs simply unplug your tv for 1 minute and plug it back in and check if you’re able to use Netflix or not.

restart your device

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Power cycle your devices

Power cycling your devices can help you in eliminating any temporary glitch from your device. This can help in fixing tvq-st-145 on your device. To perform the power cycle follow the steps below:

  1. Pull the plug of your streaming device from the power socket.
  2. Now unplug your router from the power source.
  3. After 5 minutes plug in your router and let it boot up completely.
  4. Now turn on your streaming device.
  5. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi.
power cycle

Now after the power cycle check if the error code tvq-st-145 is fixed on your device or not.

Contact Netflix

If you’re still getting the Netflix error tvq-st-145 after doing all the above troubleshooting fix, then you can try contacting the Netflix team for help. Contact Netflix with your account details and tell them about the situation they’ll help you in fixing the issue. If this helped you then also check how to fix tcl roku tv black screen.

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