how to watch deleted youtube videos

How to Watch Deleted Youtube Videos

Not many people know this but they can watch deleted youtube videos. You can even watch private youtube videos using the internet archive wayback machine. As not many normal internet users know about internet archive that’s why they don’t know that are ways to watch videos on youtube which are private or deleted.

You watched a youtube last month by now either it is deleted or set as a private. But you want to watch it again, you can do this by using the wayback machine. In this post, we’ll explain how to watch removed youtube videos and what can you do if the wayback machine didn’t work for that video.

Watch Youtube Deleted or Private Videos.

First of all, you need to find the link of the deleted or private youtube video which you can want to watch. You can get the link of the video from your youtube watch history, if you liked that video then you can get the link of the video from your liked video. You can search the video from the videos or playlist of the channel from which it was published. Or if you remember the name of the deleted video just google it and copy the link of the video.

watch youtube deleted videos

Watch Youtube Private or Deleted Video on

  1. After copying the link of the video you have to delete everything from & to the end of the URL as explained below

Copied link of deleted or private video-

Now remove everything from & to the end of the URL. delete from here to the end of the link or URL ”&list=PL4Gm5cxlLzbszqnTewT1lZ-lC9S7dM_qv&index=2”

  1. Now you’ll get the URL of the deleted youtube video to search on the internet Which is from the above example is –  
  2. Go to
  3. Now enter the URL of deleted video you got in the second step in the waybackmachine search box and press enter.
  4. Now you’ll get how many times this video was saved on Click on the year in which the first time the video was crawled.
deleted youtube video on archive org
  1. Search for dates marked blue (this indicates the date on which the youtube deleted video was crawled and indexed). Hover over the date and click on the time it was indexed or crawled by
watch youtube private videos
  1. Now on this page, you can watch the youtube deleted video.
how to watch deleted videos on youtube

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An Alternate Way to Watch Youtube Deleted Video if Doesn’t Work

You might face issues if you’re on Windows 7. And sometimes deleted youtube videos are not indexed before they were deleted. In this scenario, doesn’t work. But there is an alternate to watch deleted youtube videos. However, this trick only works for recently deleted videos. So you’ve to copy the link of the recently deleted video and follow the steps below.

  1. You have got the id of the video from the video URL by below method,

Example URL –

Now delete from here “ v=vhGWeFS0eaQ and from here to the end ”&list=PLcMLmU-CYwGeIwucvJ05Cq-VU58npcnAK&index=2”

Now this “v=vhGWeFS0eaQ” is the video id of the delete youtube video.

  1. Now search this video id on google you’ll get the information (name of the deleted youtube video)about the video.
  2. You can search the video by its name on other video platforms or directly on google.

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Note: You can try these steps on chrome mobile app by enabling desktop mode to copy the link of deleted youtube video. And follow the steps above to watch youtube deleted or private video.

Conclusion: You can easily watch the deleted or private youtube videos using the website. If that doesn’t work copy the id of the video and search it on google. Now copy the name and try searching it for on other video hosting site.

You’ve a better way to watch deleted youtube videos? Let us know from the comment box and also check how to fix There was an issue signing you into YouTube error.

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