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How to View Facebook Profile as Public

Recently updated on August 23rd, 2020 at 06:43 pm

Here is the short introduction on Facebook, As you all know, Facebook is a site that permits users to sign up for free profiles. After signing up for profile they can interact with people, companions, work partners, or individuals who are also using Facebook. It permits users to share pictures, music, recordings, and articles, just as their considerations and sentiments with numerous individuals they like on their public profile. So in case if you are wondering “how to view Facebook profile as public”, this post will explain the “view as” feature of Facebook

What is the “Facebook View As Public” Feature?

As the name proposes, this feature lets users check how their profile looks to others. You can see how your Facebook profile looks to users who are not your companions or friend on Facebook. It is a great feature which enables you to check what others can see so that you can hide some post from the public and make changes in your privacy settings.

Facebook’s “View As” feature is an incredible method to double-check if your protection settings are working how you planned them to, particularly if you were attempting to keep explicit individuals (like your folks) from seeing different parts of your life which you don’t like others to see. You can also check how your Facebook profile looks from the viewpoint of a specific person. You can also check what other business accounts can collect information from your public profile with the help of the “Facebook view as” feature.

View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else on Desktop 

  1. First of all, the open Facebook website on your PC.
  2. Log In to your account.
login to facebook
  1. Click on profile icon from the left side of screen below Facebook icon or from the right side of screen next to post (plus) button.
click on facebook profile icon
click on Facebook profile icon
  1. Now click on Eye icon( Facebook view as) next to edit profile
How to View Facebook Profile as Public
click on eye icon
  1. The page will refresh and you’ll now view your Facebook profile as someone else. You’ll get a notification message which says “This is what your profile looks like to: Public
view facebook profile as public
  1. You can click on Exit view as to finish view as mode

“View as a specific person”

On the off chance that you need to perceive how your profile looks to a particular Facebook companion, click the “View as Specific Person” content at the exceptionally top of the screen and enter their name. You will at that point see your profile through their eyes

How to use “View as” feature on Android

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. Login to Facebook with your credentials
  3. Tap on your profile icon or your profile picture
click on your profile icon
  1. Tap on the three dots ( on the right of add to the story).
Click on three dots
Click on three dots
  1. On the profile settings page click on the View as option above activity log
click on view as button
click on view as button
  1. You are now viewing your Facebook profile as someone else. To exit this mode click on Exit View
view facebook profile as someone else
view as mode on Facebook android app

How to View Facebook Profile as Public on iPhone

This is same as Android

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. Go to your Profile.
  3. Now click on the three dots ( on the right of add to the story).
  4. And, click on the “View as” option.

Conclusion: You can easily view your Facebook profile as public by clicking on the view as (eye icon) button from the profile page on desktop or from the profile setting page on the ios or android Facebook app

If you any confusion with Facebook feature kindly comment below. You can also read our post on how to change Spotify username

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