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How To Use Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace has recently been released to the open and is intended to compete with other online classifieds sites such as eBay, Gumtree, and Craigslist. The Facebook marketplace is growing and has already become one of the top places to sell and buy stuff. More and more people are buying second-hand things. 

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Still, if you are interested in learning how to implement it, you may do so by reading our detailed instructions. This tutorial will walk you through listing a product for sale on Facebook Marketplace, including troubleshooting advice along the way.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook’s Marketplace rapidly gained traction after its 2016 debut as a viable forum for local sellers to interact with interested buyers. Facebook’s Marketplace is a securer and more adaptable alternative to Craigslist for local sales.

Facebook distinguishes itself further from Craigslist by allowing vendors in specific categories to offer countrywide shipping, giving them access to a much broader customer than reputable retailers.

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How do you use Facebook Marketplace step by step?

Enter the marketplace

Facebook now has a shopping bag icon available. Facebook will alert you if you’re seeing it for the first time. To proceed, tap the button. As a requirement for proceeding, Facebook will give you additional information.

Add a photo

Facebook will request a picture of the thing you’re retailing. Facebook listings incur no additional expenses for posting additional images. Include as many professional-quality images of the object as possible for a detailed description.

Insert a title

In Facebook’s next step, you’ll be prompted to call your profile by that name. Create a compelling label by being short and describing the product precisely. You can only use up to 100 characters for your Facebook headline.

Add a description

Right now, Facebook needs you to deliver descriptions of your wares. Facebook suggests including as much data as conceivable, such as “quality, size, color, and so,” when advertising a product.

Specify a cost

Choosing a price on Facebook is mandatory. Here you may view the current currency in use. If you make some modifications, you can do so at any time.

Identify the place and the category

Now that Facebook knows everything it needs to know, you can select a targeted audience and decide where to run ads for your product. Select a category from Facebook’s list of options.


Follow the guidelines, and Facebook will share your content with others. Following that, you’ll be taken to your account’s goods administration section, where you may change your inventory and interact with customers.

How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Using Shopping Manager to list items for sale on Facebook or Instagram with the option for buyers to complete their purchases on our site will cost you.

Selling fee

At the end of each business day, they will take a cut of your earnings as payment for the service. It’s called a “sales commission” when used in this context. The cost of goods sold is 5%, or $0.40, on orders of $8.00 or less. All of your remaining payment is entirely yours to keep.

The commission structure could look like this in actual business. Since there are so many items, you’ll likely need to send the customer two separate parcels.

  • Orders over $10.00 will incur a $0.50 selling fee.
  • If you choose our $ 6.00 shipping option, you’ll save $0.40.Payment for the purchase

The selling fee:

  • All applicable taxes are included.
  • Included are processing fees for payments.
  • Valid for all purchases made on Facebook and Instagram across all categories.
  • This helps promote additional activities for a better buying and selling experience.

Chargeback fee

The transaction value will be temporarily frozen if a customer requests a chargeback. The income statement and balance sheet will detail all expenses.

How does buying on Facebook Marketplace work?

If you see an item you’re interested in purchasing, you may tap on it to view the seller’s details, including their name, photo, location, and contact information. This item may be stored for future access. If you have decided to purchase the item or have expressed interest in doing so, you can contact the seller directly through Marketplace by selecting the ‘Message Seller’ option.

Facebook does not offer the ability to make purchases or have items transported. The expectation is that you and the vendor can independently negotiate the terms of the transaction.


You will be engaged as soon as you make your first Facebook marketplace accounts. This user-friendly marketplace simplifies the lives of both buyers and vendors. Opening a Facebook marketplace account is sufficient to begin selling things from home.

To assist you in your own selling endeavors, we have compiled this full guide to Facebook Marketplace if you’ve had prior success on Facebook.

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