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How to Take a Screenshot on iPad

Recently updated on September 14th, 2020 at 11:00 am

In today’s era, most people and especially students want to use an iPad because the iPad helps them in taking notes of their subjects. Some users are new to iPad OS, then they will face issues like how they can take a screenshot on iPad. If you’re facing the same issue then read and follow the steps given below, it will help you, how to take screenshots on iPad without any issue.

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Take screenshots on iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air

If you are a user of an iPad, iPad mini or iPad Air, then you guys have a home button, and taking a screenshot on your iPad is not a big task at all, follow the steps;

  1. Open the desired document or anything of which you want to take a screenshot and,
  2. Press the power button (on the top of your iPad) and press the home button (below your iPad display), but keep one thing in mind that you need to press both buttons at the same time
  3. The taken screenshot will display on the bottom-left corner, if you want to open the screenshot then just tap on it and it will open. Now you can do some editing and if you don’t want to open that screenshot at that time they simply swipe to the left side and it will disappear from the screen and saved to your photos.

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Take screenshots on iPad Pro

Apple launched the iPad Pro 3rd gen in 2018 and this iPad Pro came with cool features like edge to edge display, Liquid Retina display, etc. But Apple removed the home button to give a good look to their new iPad Pro. If you’re new to iPad’s pro version and you don’t know how to take a screenshot because taking a screenshot on iPad Pro is quite different from other iPads, then follow the steps which are given below;

  1. Unlock your iPad and open the document or anything of which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Press the power button ( on the top of the iPad) and press the volume up/+ button, press both buttons at the same time.
  3. Your screenshot will appear at the bottom left corner you can edit by tapping on it and also you can disappear your screenshot by swiping towards the left side.

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Take screenshots using assistive touch

If you are unable to take a screenshot by using the power button + volume button or power button + home button, then there’s another way to take a screenshot. Only you need to enable assistive touch from settings, if you don’t know how to enable assistive touch then follow the steps given below;

  1. Unlock your iPad and open settings.
  2. Simply search Assistive touch in the search bar and tap on Assistive touch.
search assistive touch
  1. Now on the right pane, you’ll see assistive touch and also a toggle button next to it. Toggle it on.

And, your assistive touch is enabled, Now to take a screenshot please follow the steps given below;

  1. Before following the steps, you need to open the document and then,
  2. Tap on assistive touch and now from the options tap on device.
how to take screenshot on ipad
  1. Now tap on more “….
tap on more option
  1. And, tap on the screenshot.
  1. Your screenshot will be captured and appear on the bottom left side. Now edit it, if you want to.
Take screenshots using Apple Pencil

If you have an Apple Pencil and your iPad supports Apple Pencil then you can take the screenshots by using Apple Pencil with ease, only you need to do, take your pencil to the bottom corner of your screen, and swipe your Apple Pencil towards the center of the display.

Conclusion: You can easily take screenshot on any iPad version. iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air then press power and home button at same time to take a screenshot. On Pad pro press power and volume + button to take a screenshot. You can also use the assistive touch feature to take screenshots on your iPad.

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