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How to Take Screenshot on Dell Laptop

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Everyone knows what screenshot is, today we’re going to explain how to take the screen on a dell laptop. I’ve been using a dell laptop for a long time. Screenshots are really helpful, you can take a snapshot of your laptop display and save it on your device. With the help of a screenshot, you can share your content with your friends that you have seen but not friends. Some people think that it is the most helpful thing on dell laptops because it saves a lot of time in sharing some information or a temporary date. Just suppose you are in the office and you created a new login user name and password for employes. It will be easy for you to take a screenshot of data and share it in the group so that you don’t have to share it one by one.

There are some sets of commands, shortcuts, and tools that you can use to take a screenshot on your dell laptop. We’re going to explain to you perform those steps to take screenshots.

How to screenshot on dell laptop windows 11

Taking the screenshots on your Dell Laptop running on Windows 11 is pretty simple. To do so,

  • Press the Win+PRT SC button given on your Dell laptop keyboard.
  • Now, your laptop will dim for a second (it means that the screenshot was successfully taken).

If you want to locate the taken screenshot, head to the Pictures folder and click on the screenshot, and you’ll find all your taken screenshots there.

How to take screenshot in dell laptop windows 10

Here are the steps that’ll guide you in taking the screenshots on your Dell laptop running on Windows 10 or 8. All you need to do is, follow the given steps as instructed.

Solution 1. Use Prin Screen key (Prnt Scrn) on Windows 10 or 8

  1. In most dell laptops you can find a print screen (prnt scrn) key on the top right side of your laptop keyboard. This key is most often used for taking a screenshot. 
prnt scrn dell laptop
  1. Now locate the windows key from the bottom left side of the keyboard.
windows key
  1. Now for taking screenshot press win+prtscr simultaneously and you will see your desktop light dim at the same time. It means the screenshot is saved successfully.

Locate the Screenshot on Dell Laptop (Windows 10)

Below are the steps to locate the screenshots you have taken on your dell laptop; follow the steps as given below:

How to find screenshots on dell laptop

  1. For locating screenshots click on File Explorer
  2. Now click on This Pc 
  3. Now open the pictures folder 
Click on pictures
  1. Here you’ll find the Screenshots folder. You can see all the screenshots that are taken by you in the screenshot folder
Click on screenshots

How to screenshot on dell laptop without printscreen

Want to take a screenshot, but the printscreen button isn’t working? Well, in this case, you can use the Snipping Tool app. It’s a pre-installed app on your Dell laptop; all you need to do is access the Snipping Tool app and follow the steps below.

Use the Snipping Tool App To Take Screenshot On Dell Laptop

Steps to take a screenshot by snipping tool:

  1. Press windows key and search for snipping tool from the search bar
search for snipping tool
  1. Click on the snipping tool app and open it.
  2. Now Click on any mode of screenshot by clock on the downward arrow next to new option. 
snipping tool screenshot modes
  • Free-form: In this mode, you can select the area by clicking the left button on the mouse and dragging over the area to take a screenshot as shown in the image below. When you release the mouse button a popup window will appear and from the left side, you can click on save to save your screenshot. 
  • Rectangular mode: In this mode, you can select the area on your screen by drawing a square and you can save the area inside the square or rectangle as a screenshot.
rectangular mode screenshot on dell
  • Window snip mode: By this mode, you can take a screenshot of any opened window on your screen. Like in the below screenshot I opened a word file and I also opened a notepad, then I selected the notepad and used the window-snip mode. Window-snip mode only took the screenshot of opened window (notepad)
window snip screenshot dell laptop
  • Full-Screen snip: As the name suggests it will take a full-screen screenshot on your dell laptop

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Full Screenshot On Dell Laptop with Paint (Window 7)

Many Dell users reported that they face the difficulty to take a full screenshot, so here we give you the simple steps to take a full screenshot.

  1. Press the print screen button on your laptop keyboard to copy a screenshot on your clipboard.

*I’m using a dell latitude laptop in which the prnt scrn is on end button. So if you’re in the same scenario or any other you can press the function key(fn) from the bottom left of the screen and now press the print screen (prnt scrn) to copy screenshot on your clipboard.

  1. Now open paint on your laptop. Press ctrl+v together to paste the screenshot here, and you can see your screenshot will be visible into the paint. Now you can use the paint tool to edit crop the screenshot. After that click on the file option from top left side of screen in the paint program and click on save to save your screenshot
how to take screenshot on dell laptop

How to Take Screenshots Windows XP and Vista

If you want to take a screenshot on dell laptop running on Windows XP or Vista follow the steps below:

1.     You can capture the full-screen screenshot by pressing the prnt scrn button. Paste it in the paint and save your screenshot from the file option.

2.     To take a screenshot of an active window press Alt+prnt scrn together and paste it in the paint. Now save your screenshot from the file option of pain program.

Conclusion : If you’re using using windows 10 on dell laptop then you can press window key and prnt scrn together to take a screenshot. If you’re using dell laptop with windows 7 you can take a screenshot by pressing prnt screen key or fn+prnt scrn key and paste the screen in paint program and save it from file option. You can also use the snipping tool to take a screenshot on dell laptop

If you’ve any query related to the issue you can comment below. You can also read our post on how to cancel Xbox live gold subscription.

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