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How to Fix Vizio TV Dimming Issue

Are you unable to see anything on your vizio tv screen as it is too dim or dark. Then don’t worry most of the time we can easily resolve the dimming issue on vizio tv with some troubleshooting. In this post, I’m going to explain why are you facing dim screen issue and how you can fix this problem.

Why is my Vizio TV so dim?

Below I’ve shared some known reasons behind the vizio tv dimming problem.

  • The light sensor on your vizio tv is adjusting the brightness.
  • You can also face dimming issue due to brightness settings.
  • If the hdmi cables are damaged or not properly connected then you can come across the picture issues.
  • You can face dimming issue if the picture mode is not correct.
  • You can face dark picture issue when power saving mode is on.
  • If the backlight is damaged then you can face the dimming issue.

How to Fix Vizio TV Dim Screen Issue

If you are facing dim or dark screen problem on vizio, then don’t worry you can easily fix this problem by following the fixes we’ve mentioned below.

Turn off Ambient Light Sensor

Some vizio smart tv comes with ambient light sensor functionality. This sensors adjust the brightness on your vizio tv display according to the light around it. It is possible that you are having dim screen issue on vizio tv due to this feature being turned on.

You can easily resolve this issue by turning off the ambient light sensor.

  1. Go to settings by pressing the menu button.
  2. Select the picture option.
  3. Now change picture mode to custom.
  4. Select the more option.
  5. Now select the advanced picture option.
  6. Select ambient light sensor and turn it off.
  7. Also turn off the adaptive luma option.

After turning off the ambient mode and adaptive mode check if the dim and dark screen issue is resolved.

Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

Some users have claimed that they were able to resolve the dimming issue on their vizio tv by power cycle. Below I’ve shared two ways to restart your vizio tv.

Soft Power Cycle

  1. Go to settings by pressing menu button.
  2. Now go to system option.
  3. Select reset and admin option.
  4. Now select soft power cycle option.
vizio tv soft power cycle

Hard Reset (Power Cycle)

  1. Turn off your vizio tv
  2. Unplug your power cable.
  3. Press and the power button for 15 seconds.
  4. Now wait for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Turn on your vizio tv.
power cycle vizio tv

Now after soft power cycle or power cycle check if the dimming issues is resolved or not on your vizio tv.

Fix Vizio tv keeps dimming and flickering (Check HDMI)

You can face issues with the vizio tv picture like dimming and flickering if the hdmi cables are damaged or not working. So check hdmi cables for issues, check if the hdmi cables are damaged. If the cable is damaged then replace it.

Also make sure that the cable is inserted properly at both end. If you are not sure then remove the cable from the back of the tv and the streaming device. Now connect it again properly at both end. Now check if the dimming and flickering problem is resolved.

Remove the hdmi cable and connect it to the any other port on the tv. Now check if the dimming issues is resolved.

check hdmi connection and cable

Check Streaming Device for Issues

If there is an issues with the tv panel then you can face the problem whether you are watching cable box or any app on vizio tv. Try playing a app and check if the screen is still dim, if the picture is working fine then this means that your streaming device if damaged.

Remove the streaming device from the tv and check if the issues is fixed. Try switching the hdmi also, if you are still facing the problem then try using a new device for streaming content.

Change the backlight settings

If you are unable to fix the dimming problem on your vizio tv, then you can try tweaking the backlight and brightness settings. Change the backlight and brightness settings and check if you are able to see anything on the screen.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now go to picture option.
  3. Select the backlight option.
  4. Now change or adjust vizio tv backlight.

After changing the backlight you will not face the dark shadows or dimming problem.

Change the picture mode

Vizio team suggests changing the picture mode if you are facing dimming or dark screen issue. You can easily change the picture mode by following the steps below.

  1. On your remote press menu.
  2. Now select the picture option.
  3. Select “picture mode”.
  4. Now change the picture mode.

After changing the picture mode check if the dim or dark screen problem is resolved on your vizio tv.

Reset Vizio TV Picture Mode

Resetting the vizio tv picture mode can help in resolving the dim screen problem. You can follow the steps below to reset vizio tv picture mode.

  1. Again press the menu and select picture option.
  2. Select more option.
  3. Now select reset picture mode option.
  4. Select ok for confirmation.

Reset Your Vizio TV

If none of the above steps fixed the dimming issues on vizio then you can reset your tv to factory settings. You can follow the steps below to factory reset your vizio tv.

  1. Go to system option.
  2. Now select reset and admin option.
  3. Now select reset to factory settings.
factory reset vizio tv

After factory reset, setup your vizio tv and check if the dimming issues is resolved.

Contact Vizio TV

You can also face dimming problem in vizio tv because of hardware problem. Hardware issues like dead backlight, damaged tcon, or bad power devices can also cause this problem. In this case you can contact a technician for replacing the faulty hardware.

You can also contact the vizio team for help with dimming problem.

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