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Crunchyroll Not Working? Fix It Using These Effective Methods!

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming services and has millions of users worldwide. The site allows you to watch anime, dramas or movies on demand. I have been using Crunchyroll on my desktop and smartphone for the past few months.

However, sometimes things don’t go so well, and you may face some problems with your Crunchyroll app or account. Recently, we noticed that users are reporting that the Crunchyroll app is not working on their devices. 

If you’re also having an issue in streaming, such as Crunchyroll isn’t working, crashing or not loading on your device, then this post will going to be very helpful for you. Here you’ll get the fixes that have worked for many users.

How do I Fix Crunchyroll Not Working?

Crunchyroll Not Working issue can be fixed by Disabling the VPNs, adblocker or firewall, Clearing the cache and data of Crunchyroll, Force stopping the app, updating the Crunchyroll and the device’s firmware, reinstalling the Crunchyroll. 

Also, you can check the real-time outage report of Crunchyroll. If it’s an outage, it will be resolved by the Crunchyroll team.

Check and troubleshoot your Internet Connection

The very first thing you need to do is, check whether your internet is working or not. Crunchyroll needs a stable connection to stream a show without loading or buffering issues. 

So, try checking if your internet connection is working or not. To check this, run a speed test on speedtest.net. If you’re not getting the required speed, try contacting your ISP or troubleshooting your internet connection, as we discussed in the Crunchyroll buffering problem post.

A common issue is other people streaming video on the same home Wi-Fi. If this is the case, then disconnect all other devices and connect the Wi-Fi to your device or try connecting your device with the smartphone’s hotspot and check if this resolves the issue. 

Check the server status

Next thing you need to do is, visit downdetector.com or isitdownrightnow.com and check for the server outage report. 

If there’s any outage reported, then there’s nothing that you can do about it except wait it out and check back periodically to see if the servers are back up.

Force Stop and Restart Crunchyroll 

If the Crunchyroll is still not working, try force-stopping and relaunching it. Doing so will stop all the background processes of Crunchyroll and can fix the issue you’re facing. 

  • Open the Settings on your device.
  • Now, scroll down to the Apps and then locate Crunchyroll.
  • After that, Force Stop the Crunchyroll and then launch the Crunchyroll app again. 

Reboot the Device

Another thing you can try to get Crunchyroll back to work is rebooting your streaming device. To do so,

  • Press and hold the Power button until Power options show up on the screen.
  • After that, select Power Off/Shut Down and wait for 10-15 seconds.
  • And, then Power On your device and launch Crunchyroll to see if this solves the problem.

Disable Ad blocker or Firewall

If your Crunchyroll app is not working, it is possible that your ad blocker or firewall is causing the issue. Adblockers and firewalls can sometimes block legitimate content from loading.

To fix this, you will need to disable your adblocker or firewall and then try reaccessing Crunchyroll. 

If you still can’t access Crunchyroll after disabling your ad blocker or firewall, you may need to try another fix.

Disable or Uninstall VPN

VPNs are most likely to be the cause of such issues. If you’re using any VPN app on your device and it’s turned on, then try turning off or deleting the VPN app itself.

Check if disabling or deleting the VPN resolved the problem. If it’s still unable to work, or load, move on to the following method.

Clear cache and data

There were instances where an app’s corrupted cache and data led to such issues. To get this fixed, try clearing the cache and data of the Crunchyroll app and see if this resolves the problem. 

On Android devices;

  • Go to the streaming device’s Settings.
  • Now, scroll down to the Apps section.
  • After that, select Crunchyroll from the list.
  • And select Clear Cache and Data option.

On iOS devices;

There’s no option to clear the cache and data of apps on iOS devices. All you can do is, uninstall the app and reinstall it again. 

Reset Windows Crunchyroll App

If you’re encountering the issue while using Crunchyroll on your Windows desktop, resetting the app can fix the problem. Doing so will delete all the data related to the Crunchyroll app. 

To reset the Crunchyroll application on Windows;

  • Press the Win + I keys to open Settings.
  • Now, go to the Apps section.
  • After that, scroll to Crunchyroll and select Advanced options.
  • Then, locate the Reset button and click on it.

After resetting the Crunchyroll, launch it to see if you can use and stream shows. 

Update Crunchyroll App and Device 

Applications may not work properly if the version or the device you’re streaming on is outdated. If your app or the device you’re streaming on is not updated to their latest release, then try updating them. 

Let’s start with updating the Crunchyroll app first;

  • Head to the Application Store on your streaming device.
  • Then, search for Crunchyroll using the search bar.
  • Afterwards, select the Update button next to the Crunchyroll.
  • After updating the app to the latest, launch it to see if this fixes the issue.

If the Crunchyroll is still not working, try updating the device firmware/software;

  • Navigate to Settings > About or Software Update > Update, if available. 
  • After updating the device, reboot it and launch the Crunchyroll app. 

Reinstall Crunchyroll App

If you’re still unable to use Crunchyroll, try uninstalling and then reinstalling it. To do so, follow the below-given steps;

  • Head to the Settings of your device.
  • Now, scroll to Apps > Crunchyroll > Uninstall.
  • After uninstalling Crunchyroll, open the Application store on your device and then download the Crunchyroll app.

After downloading the Crunchyroll successfully, launch it and start streaming a show to check whether the issue persists or not.

Fix Crunchyroll Not Working On Chrome

If you’re having trouble watching Crunchyroll on Chrome, there are a few things you can try: 

  • Clear Browsing Data: Press Ctrl + Shift + del and clear the browsing data of Chrome. After clearing the browsing data, relaunch the Browser and visit Crunchyroll to see if this resolves the issue.
  • Update Chrome: Go to the Chrome Settings > About Chrome, and it will automatically start updating Chrome, if available. After updating the Chrome browser, relaunch it and visit Crunchyroll to check if it is still not working or is fixed.
  • Reset Chrome: Head to Chrome Settings > Reset and Clean Up > Restore settings to their original defaults > Reset Settings. After resetting the settings, open the Chrome browser, visit the Crunchyroll website, and start streaming an anime show to check if the issue is fixed.
  • Try Another Browser: At last, if none of the above steps works for you and you’re still unable to use or stream Crunchyroll, try downloading another browser (i.e., Edge or Firefox). After downloading another browser, check to see if Crunchyroll is behaving there the same.
Contact Crunchyroll Support

Last but not least, if nothing is working for you, feel free to contact Crunchyroll customer service. There, you can raise your concern and ask for assistance in resolving the Crunchyroll Not Working problem.

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