How to Disable Touchpad on Windows 10

The touchpad is one of the best features of laptops nowadays. It makes the laptops more portable. But, if you are a mouse person you’d prefer using mouse over the touchpad. Or sometimes touchpad comes between you and your typing when you swipe over it by mistake. No worry you can easily disable touchpad on your laptop running on windows 10.

If you are wondering how to disable touchpad on Windows 10, there are several ways to disable touchpad follow the steps that are mentioned below, these steps will guide you and fix your problem.

The Easiest Way to Disable The Touchpad.

In the latest version of windows, you can disable touchpad from the windows 10 operating system setting. Follow the steps below for disabling your touchpad:

Steps to disable touchpad on Windows 10

  1. Click on the Windows button or press the windows key on the keyboard.

  2. Now go to settings (above power option)

    click on windows 10 settings

  3. Windows settings will open, go to Devices. Find and click on Touchpad (you’ll find touchpad on the left side).

    click on devices

  4. Or you can click on windows button to open start menu and search for Touchpad settings and open it. If your start menu not working on windows 10 check this post

    windows 10 touchpad settings

  5. Go to Touchpad and toggle it off, so this is how you can turn off Touchpad on your laptop

    toggle touchpad off windows 10

 *Here you’ll get the option to disable touchpad when you’re using a mouse. For disabling touchpad while connected to mouse just uncheck the box beside “Leave touchpad on when mouse is connected”. If you want to make any changes on your touchpad then scroll to down there were several options like Touchpad sensitivity, gestures, and some other option you make changes from there.

Disable Touchpad by Device Manager

You can also disable touchpad on you laptop through device manager, below are the steps to disable touchpad on windows 10 with the help of Device Manager,

  1. Press Windows key + X or right-click on the Start Menu.
  2. A menu will open, go to Device Manager.
click on device manager on windows 10
  1. Locate Mice and other pointing devices and double click or just click on the arrow button >.
click on mouse and other pointing devices
  1. Now locate your touchpad from the list, right click on the touchpad ( in my laptop can Synaptics HID ClickPad) and click on Disable Device now click on yes to confirm.
disable touchpad from device manager

Turn Off Touchpad by Using the Keyboard

There are some laptops where you’ll find a shortcut key to disable your touchpad on the keyboard (In my laptop f9 shown in the image below). All you need to do is, just press Fn + go to function key which has the touchpad icon over it. By performing this shortcut you can disable trackpad on your laptop running on Windows 10

disable touchpad with function key on windows 20

Disable Touchpad With the Help of ETD Control Center

ETD control center or Elan Trackpad Device Control Center as the name describes it is a trackpad control center from where you can control your touchpad. There are some laptops in which this program is installed, and you can disable your touchpad by disabling the ETD control center. Follow the steps given below:

  1. To Open Task Manager Press Win + X and go to Task Manager or just simply press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Go to Startup (search in the tabs), and, locate the ETD control center (in the name section).
click on startups in task manager
  1. When you find the ETD control center, click on etd and click on disable option from the right side
disable etd center

Disabling ETD on startup means that the ETD program won’t run when you restart your laptop, and your touchpad is controlled by ETD. So your touchpad is also turned off on startup.

Disable touchpad by using third party application

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t work, then you can disable your laptop’s touchpad by using third-party applications. Download these apps on your laptop and disable your touchpad with ease. TouchFreeze, Touchpad blocker are some of them. But we recommend you to try these methods first which are mentioned above in the post to disable your touchpad.

Conclusion: You can easily turn off touchpad on your laptop by seaching touchpad setting from the start menu, here toggle it off. You can also disable touchpad from device manager or by disabling etd control center from the startups tab in the task manager.

If you’ve any more query regarding windows 10 touchpad kindly let us know from the comment box.

FAQ Related to Disabling Touchpad
Can I disable touchpad with keyboard?

Yes, find the function key with touchpad icon, press FN key + plus function key with the touchpad icon to disable touchpad with keyboard.

Which function key disables touchpad on my laptop?

Depending on your laptop it may vary, search for the function key with touchpad icon as show in the image belowfunction-key-with-touchpad

Can I disable touchpad when mouse is connected to my laptop?

Yes, go to to touchpad setting, now uncheck the box beside Leave touchpad on when mouse is connected now your touchpad will be disabled when mouse is connected.

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