How to Delete Your Yelp Account

Established in 2004, Yelp is a mainstream online index for finding neighborhood organizations going from bars, eateries, and bistros to beauticians, spas, and corner stores. It is among one of the most famous and reliable online business listing platform. If you’re also registered for a yelp account. But, now you don’t want to use your Yelp account anymore for some reason. You can follow this guide on how to delete your yelp account. 

Before deleting your yelp account, you need to remember that all of your reviews , pictures, any content or any tips will be removed from the yelp platform.

Steps to Delete Your Personal Yelp Account

  • Step 1. Log In 

In case you are not logged in then go to in your computer or laptop, and click on log in, after that enter your email and password over there, or the other preferred way of logging in.

Note: You can only perform this steps on a browser

login to yelp
  • Step 2. If you want to Delete any reviews or images.

When you want to delete your yelp account. Yelp will firstly delete or remove your content, which can take lots of time. It cloud be better for you to delete the same your self only it would be easier and less time taking as well.

Follow these steps to delete your review

  1. Click on profile icon from top right corner and from the drop down click on About me.
delete your yelp account
  1. Click on the reviews from the left side of screen.
click on reviews
  1. Now click on the remove review button next to the review from the right side of screen.
delete yelp account

Delete a photo: first, click on the business page for which you have posted the photo, then select the photo in question, click on Edit caption, and then click on Remove.

  • Step 3. Go to the yelp account closure web site

Now open the in your laptop open the same and this will be an online form.

  • Step 4. Reason for deleting

Now type a message or letter into the text box below the “Closing your yelp user account” heading.

closing your yelp account
  • Step 5. Send 

Now click on send there will be a red color button over there below the text box. This will be going to yelp a confirm mail will come to you from yelp which will be on your email, that you have used for signing up.

  • Step 6. Open your email account.

Open the email account that you had used for signing up for the yelp account. Now open the account deletion mail you’ve received from the yelp.

open yelp account delete mail

Step 8. Click on the confirmation link.

the link is near to the bottom of the email, and just above the “Thank you” signature. Doing that takes you to the confirmation page.     

delete yelp account confirmation link

Step 9. Click on the Close Account 

Now on the close my yelp account page, click on the red close account button

close yelp account

Step 10. Wait for it

After you confirm that you want to close your account, your data will begin to be deleted. This process does not happen all at once, but over the next week or so all of your photos and reviews will be deleted from it.

Conclusion: If you’re done using you can delete your yelp account by vising the account deletion page. Fill in the reason for your yelp account deletion. You’ll receive a mail, click on the account deletion link, now click close account to delete your yelp account.

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