How To Delete Amazon Account

Amazon is a well-known company which is spread all over the world. Customers use Amazon services by creating an account with Amazon by sharing their credentials with the company. However if for some reason your are not using your Amazon account, You might want to delete your Amazon account which holds your sensitive information. Below we’ve the update way to delete your amazon account withing 5 minutes.

This is the updated method to delete your Amazon account. To close your amazon account you need to use a mobile or desktop browser. Now follow the steps below:

How To Delete Your Amazon Account Permanently in 2022

  1. Visit the amazon account closure page.
  2. Scroll down and select the reason for deleting your amazon account. 
  3. Now check the box next to “yes, I want to permanently close my Amazon Account and delete my data”.
  4. Click on close my account.
delete amazon account
  1. Now you’ll receive a confirmation link on your registered no. or email address.
  2. Open the mail and click on confirm account closure button.
amazon account closure confirmation

Things to Remember Before Closing Your Amazon Account

Amazon is not just an online shopping website now, Amazon now offers streaming, video service, music service, ebook service, smart devices, payment service, and many more. There are some things you need to consider before closing your amazon account permanently. After closing your amazon account you won’t be able to access the following amazon services:

  • You will lose your AWS (amazon web service) account.
  • You cannot access your amazon profile, review, any discussion post, or details like a refund, return and purchase details from your amazon account.
  • After deleting your amazon account from you cannot access your account from any other amazon global websites like,, etc.
  • You will lose your amazon seller account and its data.
  • You will not be able to access your amazon pay account. If anywhere you’ve set amazon pay as a payment method, then you’ve to update your payment information after closing your amazon account.
  • Gift card: gift card balance will be lost after deleting your amazon account. Third-party gift cards will be working without any issue.
  • You will lose access to prime video and music. You will not be able to access your data like a watchlist, recommendation after closing an amazon account.
  • You will not be able to access amazon photos and your content from amazon photos.
  • You will not be able to access your audible profile, credit, and all access to audible content.
  • You will lose access to your kindle services and your kindle publishing account.
  • You cannot access the amazon app store using the deleted account.
  • Your amazon devices like echo, fire tablet, kindle, firestick, and tv, etc will unlink from your amazon account. Also, you’ll lose access to amazon services on these devices. For accessing the amazon service again you need to link your device to a new amazon account.
  • You will lose access to Alexa on the device which supports Alexa.

Can I Reopen A Closed Amazon Account?

No, you cannot get access to a deleted amazon account. After closing your amazon account you or anyone else will not be able to access your amazon account on amazon sites globally. There is no way to restore a deleted amazon account. You’ll also lose all the services offered by amazon mentioned above. You’ll need to create a new amazon account to access amazon and its services in the future.

We hope that we’re able to solve your query. For more information comment below with your question. You can also read our post on how to delete a Spotify account.

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