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How to Connect my LG TV to Alexa

If you have a LG TV, then you might be curious about how to connect it to your Amazon Alexa. 

If you have the Alexa app installed on your smartphone or tablet but still want to use the voice command feature, then this article is for you. 

This article will tell you step by step how to connect LG TV to Alexa.

How to Connect LG TV to Alexa?

To connect your LG Smart TV to Alexa, head to the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and Enable the LG ThinQ skill. After enabling the skill, you can control your LG Smart TV via Voice command

Step1: Check the webOS version

  • To check the webOS version, head to the Settings > General > Devices > TV > TV Information.
To get TV information
LG TV Information


  • Head to the Settings > All Settings >  Support > TV Information.

Step 2: Determines your TV webOS

  • webOS 4.0: On your LG TVs Home Screen, launch the Set Up TV for Amazon Alexa app and, then skip to the Step 5.
  • webOS 4.5: Head to the Settings > Connections and, then launch Link to Devices for Voice Control, then skip to the Step 5.
  • webOS 5.0: Head to the Home Dashboard > Settings > Link to Smart Speaker on your LG Smart TV. If you’ve LG ThinQ app on your mobile, you can search for your webOS 5.0 using the app or continue to Step 3.
  • webOS 6.0: Follow the following steps. 

Step 3: Download LG ThinQ app

Step 4: Add a Device on LG ThinQ App

  • Now, tap on + Add Device.
  • You have two options to connect your LG Smart TV.
    • Scan QR: Select this option and scan the Code appearing on the TV screen.
    • Select Device Manually: Select this option and locate your TV.
  • Next, choose any of the options and add your device to LG ThinQ app.
  • Once you complete the process, you’ll get a Welcome screen showing that your LG TV is successfully registered with the LG ThinQ App.
  • Now, tap on Go to Home to move ahead.

Note: If your LG TV is running on webOS 6, tap on the TV’s card and head to the Settings > LG ThinQ account.

Step 5: Download and Launch Alexa app 

  • If you don’t have an Alexa app on your smartphone, then head to the Play Store or App Store to download it.
  • Once the app installs, sign in to your Amazon account.

Step 6: Enable LG ThinQ Skill

  • After signing to your account, tap on More tab and select Skills & Games.
Navigation to Skills
  • Now, tap on the Search button and search LG ThinQ.
  • Next, tap on ENABLE TO USE.
  • Sign in to your LG account and accept the terms & conditions, then tap on Agree.
  • Afterward, tap on Close to continue.

Step 7: Connect your TV with Alexa

  • Now, you’ll be landed on the Discover Devices page. Tap on DISCOVER DEVICES.
  • Select TV from the list.
  • Afterward, you’ll get a message stating that your TV has been connected via LG ThinQ skill.
  • Now, you can control your TV by using the Alexa app or Voice command. Below are some examples of voice commands;
LG ThinQ : Alexa commands
  • Alexa, turn up/down the volume on TV.
  • Alexa, turn off/on the TV.
  • Alexa, change channel to 10 on TV.
  • Alexa, switch to HDMI1 on TV.

How do I turn off Alexa on my LG TV?

If you no longer want to use Alexa on your LG TV, then follow the below steps to disable or turn off the Alexa. 

  • Launch the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Now, tap on More tab and select Skills & Games.
  • Then, tap on Your Skills
  • Locate LG ThinQ skill in the list and open it.
  • Next, tap on Settings > DISABLE SKILL > Disable.

Afterward, all the features related to the LG ThinQ skill will no longer work on your TV.

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