How to Change Netflix Password

Basically we change or reset our Netflix password for two reasons.

  • When we forgot password.
  • When someone else steals your password or you want to block someone using your account and that’s why you want to change it.

So here at droidtheory you will get to know that how you can change your Netflix password in the browser as well as in Netflix app. A password plays a very important role to keep your account secure. It keeps unwanted people away from using your Netflix sign-on, and it helps to safeguard your payment information. Netflix has responsive security features and helpful customer services to aid users in keeping accounts secure, even if it is just to change passwords.
*Changing Netflix password is not a difficult task. You can change your Netflix password anytime from the account setting on web version of Netflix or from Netflix mobile app
*if you have forgotten your password, you can perform a password reset using an email address or a text message.

Change Your Netflix Password on Desktop

Follow the steps below to change Netflix password on desktop:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Netflix account.
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen, hover over your profile’s icon
  4. In the drop down menu click “Account”.
Click on account
  1. On the account page, go to the membership & billing section and select change password.
click on change netflix password
  1. On the change password page, enter your current password to verify that it’s you. Then enter a new password twice. When you are done, select save to change the password.
change my netflix password

Note* There is an option to require all devices to sign in again with the new password. If you want to kick someone off from your Netflix account, select this option. You can check this box so that only you or anyone else who has the new password will be able to login

Change Netflix Password on Mobile App

If you only use Netflix on a mobile device, you can change your password from your android or iOS devices or tablet.

  1. Open the Netflix app.
  2. From the main screen Go to “More” from the bottom right corner of your home screen.
Click on more
  1. From the More screen, select Account from the list below your profile.
Click on account
  1. The Netflix app opens to your Account page. Click on the Change Password option which is available below change email
how to change netflix password
  1. Now you are on the change password page, Here you need to enter the current password. Then enter a new password twice. When you are done, select save to change the password.

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How To Reset Your Netflix Password

In case if you have forgotten your Netflix password, you have to reset your Netflix password. These steps will help you reset your Netflix password

  1. Open the sign in page of Netflix and enter the email or phone number and the last password you remembered.
  2. Once you entered the login credentials for you Netflix account. It will open a page to reset your password if your password is wrong.
  3. Click on reset your password or “Need help?”
click on reset netflix password
  1. Once you click on reset your password or “Need help?”, it will open a page Forgot Email/Password
Netflix password reset page
  1. Select the method you would like to reset the password (Email or Text message) and you will get a link to reset your password.
password reset mail
  1. On the change password page, enter a new password twice. When you are done, select save to change the password. On the next page you’ll see a notification that password has changed
enter new netflix password

Conclusion: You can change the Netflix password from the account settings on your web browser and mobile app. You can also reset your password from the login page with the help of “password reset link” or by clicking on “need help”.

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