how to change display name on twitch

How to Change Your Twitch Name

So you’re now big on twitch and want to re-brand your twitch channel with a new username or if you just want to change it because you have got a cool new name for your channel. So the question which comes to your mind is can I change my twitch name? Yes, you can change your name on twitch. In this post, we’re going to explain how you can change your username on twitch on desktop and mobile apps.

Change Your Twitch Name/ Username on Desktop

If you’re using twitch on your desktop here are the steps to change your twitch name using any desktop or mac:

  1. Open your browser and visit twitch. Login to your account with your login details
  2. Now click on your profile from the top right side of the screen
  3. Click on settings.
Click on settings
  1. Scroll down and go to profile settings. Now click on the pencil icon next to your username.
  2. Now enter the new desired username. This new username will also replace your current twitch channel URL.
how to change name on twitch
  1. Click on the update and enter your password and click on confirm.
change twitch username
  1. After this, your username is updated and you’ll receive a notification on your registered email address.

Note: You can only change your username after 60 days of your previous changes with the username. If you changed your username today and you want to change it tomorrow. You can’t do this. You’ll have to wait for 60 days to change your username again.

After changing username don’t forget to inform your followers. So that they don’t get confused about where is their favorite streamer.

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Change Your twitch Display Name

You cannot add a new display name. You can only use your username as your display. However, you can make words capital in your display name. Example username: droidtheory, I can use my display name as DROIdtheory. Except this currently, there is no other option to make changes to your twitch display name. Now enter your desired display name and click on save changes to update your new display name.

How to change your username on twitch mobile app

Currently, you can only change your twitch username through the twitch website. You cannot change your username using Twitch mobile. We hope that twitch gives us the option to change username using a twitch mobile app. We’ll update you as soon as twitch provides us this option.

Conclusion: You can change your twitch username from the account settings. Click on setting and from the account setting change your current username. After changing you’ll have to wait 60 days to change your username again.

Is this solve your query? Do you’ve any more query related to twitch? Why not let us know from the comment box. If you liked this then also check how to cancel your Twitch prime subscription.

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