How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a video game subscription service for Xbox Console and Windows 10 from Microsoft. And, it is portrayed as “Netflix for Video Games”. When users subscribe to the Xbox game pass, they can get access to 100s of high-quality games. Xbox game pass allows player to download full games to the Xbox Console.

There are two types of Game Pass for users, Standard/normal pass is $9.99/month and for an ultimate pass is $14.99/month.

However, the games available on the Xbos Game Pass don’t satisfy everyone. So if you’re not downloading or playing games from Xbox game pass Microsoft will still charge you for the game pass. To stop these charges you can cancel your Xbox game pass subscription.

What Happen If You Cancel Game Pass?

After cancelling Xbox game pass you’ll lose access to all the games that you’ve download from Xbox game pass. You’ll not lose your achievement you gained while playing games. You’ll not lose games that you’ve purchased from the Xbox game pass.

If you decided to subscribe to Game pass again you can continue from where you left in the games as long as the save stats are stored on your Xbox console or cloud storage.

Note: There is an option that, you can receive a partial refund or you can just end the subscription/membership.

Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription

Now follow the steps to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to You’ll arrive at an Xbox Live sign-in screen.
account dot xbox dot com
  1. Enter the email address associated with your Xbox Live account, and then click “Next.” On the next screen, enter the password associated with your Xbox Live account. You’ll arrive at your Xbox Live account home screen.
Xbox Live account home screen
  1. Click the image associated with your Xbox Live profile that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu appears.
click on subscriptions
  1. Click “Subscriptions” in the list of options in the drop-down menu. The Services and Subscriptions screen appears
  1. Scroll down you’ll find Xbox Game Pass subscription. From the Payment and Billing option click on Manage.
Manage xbox game pass
  1. Now from the payment settings click on cancel from the right side of screen.
Cancel xbox game pass subscription
  1. From the dialogue box click on Confirm Cancellation
confirm xbox game pass cancellation
  1. Your Xbox game pass subscription is cancelled, you’ll lose access to the features when your current payment cycle ends.
xbox game pass subscription cancelled

Turn Off Xbox Game Pass Auto-Renewal

So, there is another way to cancel your Game pass by turning off auto-renewal. Follow the steps given below to Turn Off Xbox Game Pass Auto-Renewal.

To turn off xbox game pass auto-renewal follow these steps:

  1. Visit and login your Xbox live account with your credentials.
  1. Click on profile icon from the top right of the screen.
Xbox Live account home screen
  1. A drop down will appear, from the options click on subscriptions.
click on subscriptions
  1. Locate Xbox game pass payment and billing option and click on Manage from the right side of screen.
manage xbox game pass
  1. Click on Change next to recurring bill option
click on change xbox recurring bill
  1. A drop down menu will appear, from the drop down menu click on turn off recurring billing
turn off xbox recurring billing
  1. Now from the dialogue box click on Confirm Cancellation
confirm xbox cancellation

(From that point onward, you won’t be charged when your membership runs out and you will lose access to your Xbox Game Pass games.)

Conclusion: You can cancel Xbox game pass subscription by visiting Microsoft Xbox website. Login into your Xbox live account and from subscriptions cancel your Xbox game pass or turn off recurring billing.

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