How to Cancel Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a great service by Amazon. It has its benefit, you’ll get fast and free product deliveries depending on your location. There are other services like unlimited cloud storage for uploading your photos. You’ll also get access to a great lineup of music library through Amazon music. And there are Amazon prime videos which provide a lot of original shows and movies. You’ll also get to kindle books lending service. It all comes at a price depending on your location. If you’re not using these services or you found a better option Amazon prime then you can easily cancel your Amazon Prime subscription with few clicks on your devices.

In this post, we’re going to explain how to cancel Amazon Prime membership on your desktop or your Amazon app on mobile devices.

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Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription On Desktop

To cancel your Amazon prime subscription follow the steps on your desktop browser

  1. Login to amazon on browser

    Open your browser and go to the Amazon website and login to your Amazon account.login-to-amazon

  2. From the top right side click on Accounts & Lists option.

    go to account and lists

  3. On your account page click on the prime option.

    cancel amazon prime

  4. On this page, you’ll get information about your prime membership. Now click update your settings in the manage membership section

    manage prime membership

  5. End membership

    Now from the drop-down menu click on end membershipend amazon prime membership

  6. Click on Cancel my benefits

    Here you’ll get three options, if you choose the first option Amazon will give a notification three days before your amazon charges for next month prime membership. The second option is to Cancel my benefits this will cancel amazon prime subscription. The last one is to keep your amazon prime.)cancel my amazon prime benefits

  7. On this page click on End prime membership (with the expiry date of your Prime subscription )

    After clicking on end my membership Amazon will not charge you for Amazon prime after end of this billing cycle and your prime subscription is canceled.cancel amazon prime membership

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership on Mobile App

Follow the steps below to cancel your amazon prime subscription on the mobile app

  1. Open your Amazon mobile app and log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines from the top right side of the screen.
  3. Now tap on your account option.
tap on your account
  1. In the account settings select Manage prime membership.
manage prime membership
  1. Tap on manage membership and From the drop-down options tap on update your settings
cancel amazon prime subscription
  1. On the next page click on end membership to cancel your amazon prime.
end amazon prime membership
  1. Now you’re on the Amazon prime benefits page. Scroll down and click on Cancel my Benefits.
cacncel amazon prime benefits
  1. Tap on end on (Expiry date of your amazon prime). This will end your Amazon Prime subscription on the expiry date. You’ll be able to use amazon prime benefit till the end of your billing cycle and after that amazon will not charge for your prime subscription

Note: If you end Amazon prime your twitch prime will be canceled automatically as it comes with Amazon prime. If you haven’t use any of amazon prime service then you’re are eligible for full-refund.

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Conclusion: You can easily cancel your amazon prime from account settings. Go to Account setting and in the and click on manage prime membership now click on cancel my benefits to cancel your Amazon prime membership.

FAQ related to how to cancel amazon prime

Am I going to lose twitch prime after canceling Amazon prime?

Yes, as twitch prime comes along with Amazon prime. You’ll lose access to twitch prime after canceling Amazon prime

Will I get refund after canceling Amazon prime?

If you’ve not used any Amazon prime service, then you’re eligible for full refund. But if you’ve used Amazon prime there are still some chances that Amazon will give you a partial refund.

Can I cancel Amazon prime anytime?

Yes you can easily cancel your prime membership from the account settings or directly going into the manage prime membership.

How Amazon charges at the end of Prime subscription?

Based on your selection Amazon prime (monthly or yearly ) subscription, Amazon will charge automatically from your registered card details for your next prime membership.

What happens after canceling Amazon prime

You’ll lose access to amazon primes benefits, fast and free delivery,amazon prime videos, music streaming service, kindle library, cloud storage for uploading photos and twitch prime.

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