How to Hide Taskbar on Windows 10 and 7

Windows is one of the best-operating system available for PCs. It has a lot of features, one of the best features is the Windows taskbar. Windows taskbar gives you quick access to various windows applications. You can also add your favorite application to the taskbar for quick access. It covers some space at the bottom of the screen. But, if you want to get a full-screen view of your desktop home screen then you can choose to automatically hide taskbar on Windows 10 and 7.

In this post we’re going to explain how you can enable or disable the auto-hide taskbar feature on your Windows 10 and 7 desktop or laptop. You can also check one our post which explains how you can fix the start menu not working on Windows 10.

Steps to Hide Taskbar on Your Windows 10 Desktop or Laptop

In this section, we’ll explain how you can hide the taskbar on windows 10. Follow the steps below to automatically hide taskbar:

  1. Hover your mouse to the taskbar and right-click on the taskbar.
  2. From the options click on the setting options.
click on taskbar settings
click on settings
  1. Now turn on the option “automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”. Doing this will automatically hide your taskbar. If you want to access the taskbar just hover your mouse to the bottom of the screen you will get the taskbar.
hide taskbar in windows 10

If you’re using a detachable laptop then also turn on “automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode”. It enables the taskbar to hide if you’re using your detachable laptop as a tablet. To access the taskbar in tablet mode simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

  • To disable it simply hover your mouse to the bottom of the screen to get the taskbar. Now right click and click on settings option. Now turn off both the Hide taskbar in desktop and tablet mode. Doing this disables the automatic taskbar hiding feature in windows 10.
disable auto hide taskbar windows 10

How to Enable Auto-hide Taskbar on Windows 7

Windows 7 is an amazing and polished operating system from Microsoft. I just love it and I’m using it on one of my laptops. Just like windows 10 you can also hide taskbar on your windows 7 laptop. Follow the steps below to auto-hide taskbar on windows 7

  1. Hover your mouse over the taskbar and right-click on your taskbar
  2. Now click on properties.
click on taskbar properties
  1. In the taskbar, section click on the box next to auto-hide the taskbar and click on apply and then o. This will enable the feature to automatically hide the taskbar on your Windows 7 desktop or laptop.
auto hide taskbar on windows 7

To disable auto-hide taskbar mode hover your move to bottom of screen. Right click on the taskbar and again click on properties and uncheck the box next to auto-hide taskbar. Click on apply and then ok this will disable the auto-hide taskbar mode on Windows 7

disable auto hide taskbar

Conclusion: You can easily Hide the taskbar on Windows 10 from the taskbar settings. Just click on taskbar setting and enable auto-hide taskbar feature on your desktop and laptop.

Can I hide taskbar on Windows 7?

Yes you can hide taskbar on windows 7. Right click on taskbar, now click on properties and from the option click on the box next to auto-hide taskbar

How can I hide taskbar on my Windows 10 Desktop?

Just right click on the taskbar and click on the settings. In the taskbar setting you’ll option to enable auto-hide taskbar

How can I disable auto-hide taskbar on my laptop.

From the bottom right click on taskbar. If you’re using Windows 10 click on setting and on Windows 7 click on properties. Now you can disable taskbar auto-hide feature from taskbar settings.

If you’ve any query related to Windows let us know. If you’re using windows 10 then do check this post which explains how to disable your touch-pad when your mouse is connected

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