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What to Do When Hulu Progress Bar Won’t Disappear From Screen

Recently updated on September 30th, 2022 at 06:49 am

Watching your favorite show on Hulu, but annoyed by the progress bar. Is the Hulu progress bar not disappearing while streaming a movie or show? Then don’t worry, I was having the same issue and I was able to resolve this issue.

In this post, I’m going to explain what you can do to make hulu progress bar disappear from your screen.

Why Won’t the Progress Bar on Hulu Go Away?

The real cause for the Hulu progress bar getting stuck on your screen issue is a temporary glitch. There is no problem with your device, the Hulu progress bar is stuck due to a bug. Most people face this issue while streaming Hulu content on the web browser. This problem is rarely faced by a person who is streaming Hulu on their smart tv, or mobile device. 

How Do I Get Rid of the Hulu Progress Bar on PC?

As this issue is mostly faced by a user who is trying to stream Hulu content on the browser using their laptop. So first we’re going to explain how to get rid of the Hulu progress bar on pc.

Refresh the Hulu page

This might sound funny but you can get rid of the progress bar of Hulu by refreshing the page. If the progress bar is stuck on the screen then just refresh the page. Hit the f5 button on your pc or right-click on the page then click on reload, you can also press the ctrl+r button on the keyboard to refresh the page. As this is a bug a simple refresh of the Hulu webpage will fix the issue for you on your desktop or laptop.

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Use The Full-Screen Shortcut

Watching the movies or shows in fullscreen mode worked for many Hulu users. They were able to get rid of the progress bar going full screen on their pc or laptop. To do this start playing the show or movie now press the full-screen icon. Now move your cursor away from the control and the progress bar will go away. 

If this doesn’t work for you then close the Hulu window or tab and reopen and visit Hulu. Play the show or movie that you want to watch then hit the f11 button to enter full-screen mode. Now the Hulu progress bar will disappear from the screen.

Alternate Method to Hide the Hulu Progress Bar

There is an alternate method that people are using to make the Hulu progress bar disappear from their pc. Use the full-screen icon or the f11 button to enter the full-screen mode. Now right click and click on show controls options. Now again right-click on the screen and click on hide controls. Now the Hulu progress bar will disappear from your desktop or laptop screen.

Clearing Your Browser Cache and Cookies

If you’re still facing issue then you can try clearing your browser cache and cookies. This can help you in making the Hulu progress bar go away from your screen. To clear your browser cache follow the steps below.

  1. Open chrome browser.
  2. Click on the three dots from the right side of the screen.
  3. Now click on settings.
  4. Select privacy and security from the right side menus.
  5. Select clear browsing data then select all-time in the time range.
  6. Now click on clear data.

After clearing your chrome data to go to Hulu and check if the shows and movies are playing without issue or not.

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Fix Hulu Progress Bar Won’t Go Away on Smart TV

Reopen Hulu

If the Hulu progress bar is stuck on your smart tv screen, then close the Hulu app completely by using the back button. Now launch the Hulu app again and check if the issue is resolved or not. If not then try power cycling your tv by following the steps below.

  1. Turn off your smart tv.
  2. Remove the power cable from the outlet.
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Now plugin and turn on your tv.

Now launch the Hulu app and check if the progress bar issue is resolved or not on your smart tv.

Make Hulu Progress Bar Disappear on TV and Smartphones
  1. Try updating or reinstalling the app on your device. If this is a glitch then updating or reinstalling the Hulu app on your device can help you.
  2. Open the Hulu app and try playing a show or movie and enter the full-screen mode. If the progress bar is stuck then try pressing or selecting the settings icon on your screen. Wait for some time now the Hulu progress bar will go away.
  3. Restart your device – If the progress bar is stuck on the screen, then try rebooting your smartphone. Doing this can help you in fixing the Hulu progress bar stuck.

These are some of the steps that can help you in making the Hulu progress disappear from your screen. If this post helped you then also check what to do when hulu keeps crashing.

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