Fix Youtube search not working

Youtube Search Not Working

Youtube is the most usable video platform in the world. Youtube has around 2 billion active users worldwide and comes in the second position that is most popular in social media. People search their favorite songs, videos, etc every day on Youtube. Sometimes Youtube returns no results found because the Youtube search is not working properly. In this post, we’re going to explain what is the reason for this and how can you fix this.

Things to Remember When Searching on Youtube

1. Try to use short keywords or terms instead of using a big lengthy search query. Sometimes Youtube doesn’t return any results to such queries or searches.

2. The video you are searching might be deleted or de-listed from the Youtube. But you can still check deleted videos on Youtube by this method.

3. Check your spelling and spaces in your query as this can be a reason for search not working on Youtube

4. Try reducing the search filters remove it and try or search again.

These are some basics things you can apply to fix a Youtube search not working issue. If this doesn’t work try the methods mentioned below to fix the search not working problem with Youtube.

Fix Youtube Search Not Working on Mobile App

Check the internet connection 

Before searching anything on Youtube, make sure you’re connected to an active internet connection through wifi or mobile data. If you’re connected to wifi, check if the wifi is working properly by searching some query on google. Now go to Youtube and try to search the video and play. If you’ve internet issues try contacting your ISP.

Restart the device to fix Youtube search not working

This might sound silly but on many mobile devices rebooting or restarting fixes the temporary bug in your device software. So reboot your devices and try to search the query again on Youtube. I hope this fixes your issue, if not try other methods below.

Correct Your Date and Time on Devices

If the date and time are not correct then you can face the difficulty while using Youtube. This happens, because google work on a real-time basis so it can cause problems to sync with the server. This can affect Youtube searches and other activity on your device. To fix the date and time go to the setting in your device and then tap on additional setting and here tap on date & time. Now choose set time automatically option or if available enable network-provided time. Or you can set your time manually to fix this issue

change date and time
Clear Youtube Application Data and Cache

When you use Youtube it saves some temporary information on your device as a cache for faster loading in the future. Because of regular use, you can create a lot of cache on your device. This can lead your device to lag due to a lack of storage on your device. Also clearing Youtube data can fix the search not working on Youtube error. Follow these steps to clear Youtube data.

  • Long press Youtube app icon and tap on app info.
  • Now tap on force stop and then tap on storage usage.
  • Now tap on clear data and clear cache.
clear youtube cache and data

Try using using the search bar again on Youtube to see if the issue is fixed

Update the Youtube App

Updates bring a lot of improvement to the current version of the application. It fixes several issues, errors, or bugs and also makes the application more power-efficient. So if the search not working is a temporary bug on the device, an update to Youtube might fix this issue. Update your Youtube app to the latest version from the play store or app store to fix search not working issue.

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Restore Youtube App to Factory Version

You can uninstall Youtube updates and return it to factory version to see if the issue is with the current version of your app.

  • Long press Youtube app icon and click on app info
  • Now click on three dots from right side of screen and tap on uninstall update.

Now open Youtube and try searching your query.

Note: You can let Youtube know about bugs and issues from their Facebook page or on twitter. You can also post a review on play store with the detailed information about this issue. So they can fix this issue in their future updates.

Update Your Device Operating System

If you still facing difficulty to search Youtube then it could be possible the problem is occurring due to the older version of your device operating system. Check if you’ve any update available for your device os. Update your device software to the latest version and try using the search option again on Youtube.

Try Youtube incognito mode

Many users have reported that they are facing a Youtube search not working on their Google account only. So try searching the same query again after switching your account. If you don’t have any other account you can log out of the Youtube app or you can use the Youtube incognito mode. Here are the steps to turn Youtube incognito mode on the mobile app.

  • Click on the profile icon from the top right side of the screen.
  • Now click on turn on incognito mode
youtube search not working

Now try searching your query on Youtube. 

Note: Close your Youtube app and open it again, try searching the same query again. Many users have reported that this fixes the issue.

How to Fix Youtube Search Not Working on Desktop Browser

If you’re facing the Youtube search not working on your desktop browser then follow the steps below:

Reload/ Refresh or Restart Your Browser

If Youtube did not return any results after search then reloading Youtube. Try searching your query again with less keyword and make sure you’re spelling is correct. If this doesn’t work for you, then restart your browser with these steps.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and click on task manager
  • Right-click on the chrome browser and click on end task.
restart chrome browser

Now open your browser again try searching for the query on Youtube. If nothing worked, the video might be deleted or delisted from Youtube. If not try the other methods mentioned below.

Clear browser cache and cookies.

If you’ve not cleared your browser cache and cookies for a long time this can cause the browser to lag and not function properly. If you’re using chrome then follow the steps to clear cache

  • Click on three dots from the right side of the screen and click on settings.
  • Now click on clear browsing data.
  • Select all-time” in the “time range” option. Now click on clear data and wait for the process to complete.
clear browser data to fix youtube search not working

If you’re on firefox then follow the steps mentioned below

  • Click on the three horizontal lines and click on options.
  • Now click on privacy and security from the left panel
  • Click on clear data next to “cookies and data” 
  • Now click on clear.

After clearing your cookies and data, open Youtube and search your query on Youtube. This can fix a Youtube search not working issue.

You can also check our guide on how to clear cache and cookies on Firefox Browser for more information.

Try Youtube Search in Incognito Mode

You can try Youtube search after removing your Google account from Chrome to see if this issue is happening only in your account. Or, open the incognito mode of your browser. Here open Youtube and try searching for the query again. I hope this fixes the issue.

Faulty chrome extensions

As we’ve already discussed that extension cause chrome to uses a lot of your desktop memory. This can lead to chrome not responding, freezing, or not working properly. Try searching your query in incognito and if this works find the culprit extension and remove or disable it.

Update Browser or Try Youtube Search on Different Browser

Maybe the issue lies with your browser itself, an update might fix this issue. Go to the browser’s website and now download and install the latest version of the browser on your desktop or laptop. Try searching your query again on Youtube to see if it works. If not try any other browser. 

This is how you can fix Youtube search not working on mobile app or desktop browser. Sometimes, this is a temporary bug you can try using Youtube after sometimes to see if it’s working properly.

Is this post fixes your issue or you’ve any other suggestion or trick to fix “Youtube search not working”? Let us know from the comment Box and if you liked this then why not check our interesting post on How to clear watch Hulu watch history.

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