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How To Fix Xfinity Flex Black Screen?

Recently updated on January 6th, 2023 at 04:18 pm

It seems like the Xfinity Flex Black Screen is something that many Xfinity customers experience. After all, it’s not just a major inconvenience but also very frustrating. And in 2017, when you’ve had countless problems to fix with your internet connection, there’s bound to be some frustration. So how do you avoid the Xfinity Flex Black Screen? In order to help you on this matter and learn more about Xfinity Flex Black Screen and fix it, here are some tips:

What are the reasons behind the “Xfinity Flex Black Screen”?

Below, we’ve listed some of the common reasons that can cause black screen issues on your Xfinity Flex;

  • You may encounter a black screen if there’s some issue with your cable connections
  • Sometimes a temporary bug or glitch in the device leads to a Black screen.
  • Maybe your device is connected to a faulty power outlet.
  • The TV input setting isn’t set correctly.

Xfinity Keeps Blacking Out

As we discussed above, the possible reasons can cause the black screen issue on your Xfinity Flex device. To get rid of this issue, you can try rebooting your flex device, checking the cable connection, replacing the HDMI cables and changing the resolution of your Flex. 

Below, we’ve covered all these methods straightforwardly; all you need to do is follow the given methods and steps as instructed.

Reboot your Flex Device 

Did you try performing a reboot on your device? If not, then try to restart your TV and Xfinity Flex. Performing a reboot refreshes and fixes minor or temporary bugs and glitches on your devices. To do so, 

  • Power off your TV and Xfinity Flex and,
  • Unplug the Power cords from the wall outlet.
  • Now, wait for 60 seconds.
  • After that, plug the power cords into the wall outlet and power on both your devices.

Once your Xfinity Flex and TV are turned on, check to see if the black screen persists. If still there, move on to the next step. 

Xfinity flex black screen after welcome 

If you’ve found that your Xfinity Flex displays a black screen and is stuck on it after the welcome screen, then, below, try checking and changing the things that we’ve instructed in the following guide or methods.

Check the Power Cords

If your Xfinity Flex is displaying a black screen, then there’s some possibility that your Xfinity Flex or TV is having some fault in cable connections. Earlier, there were cases where users encountered black screen issues due to the frayed, damaged or torn wire. So, try to check all your cables that are connected to your Xfinity Flex and TV. 

If you’ve found any torn, damaged or frayed cable, we suggest you replace that cable with the new one and connect it securely to your devices. After this, turn on your devices and check if this resolves the black screen issue. 

Also, ensure that all the cable connections are tightly connected to your devices. Check all the cables separately.

Try Changing the HDMI Cable

If you’ve found that your HDMI cable is broken or frayed, then try to replace it with another one. Connect your new HDMI to both your devices and check if this works for you.

Try Changing the HDMI port and setting the correct input.

If changing the HDMI cables doesn’t work, try connecting your HDMI cable to another port. There are 2-3 HDMI ports at the back panel of the TV, so try connecting your HDMI cable to a number 2 or 3 port. 

After changing the HDMI port, press the Input button on your TV remote and set it to the right HDMI input. 

Check your Power Outlet

If you’re still experiencing the black screen, then there might be some issue with the power outlet to which your devices are connected. Your devices might not be receiving adequate power to run.

In this case, you need to ensure that the power cables of your TV and Xfinity Flex are plugged into the working power source or outlet. There were some cases where faulty power outlets stopped devices from working properly.

To check this, you can try to connect your other devices to the same power outlet or try connecting your TV and Xfinity Flex to a nearby wall outlet. 

Also, ensure that you aren’t using any power strip or extension board to connect your devices. If you’re using any, then unplug your devices and connect them to the wall outlet.

Xfinity black screen with sound 

Are you experiencing the black screen with sound? If so, then there are some chances that there’s some issue with your cable connections. If the cables are connected correctly, then your TV’s backlight might be broken. To get this fixed, try visiting your TV’s nearest service center and repair it. 

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Try to Change the Resolution

Are you encountering the black screen while trying to stream Xfinity Flex on the highest quality? If so, then try changing the resolution. Some Xfinity Flex users reported that they were able to resolve the black screen issue after resetting the resolution, 

In case you don’t know how to change the Xfinity Flex resolution settings, then follow the below steps;

  • Grab your Xfinity Flex remote and press Exit > Exit > Exit > 720. Doing this will bring the picture settings back to 720 resolution.
  • Also, there’s an option to change the resolution; if you want to, press the Xfinity button on your remote.
  • Afterwards, select the Gear icon (Settings) > Device Settings > Video Display and choose the resolution you want.

Connect Xfinity Flex with Another TV

Still unable to fix the black screen issue? Try connecting your Xfinity Flex to another TV (if there’s any). Connect all the cable connections properly, then turn on your TV and Xfinity Flex. Check if this fixes the black screen issue. 

Contact Xfinity Support

If the above steps didn’t help you, try contacting Xfinity Flex, explain the issue you’re facing and ask the customer executive to resolve it. 

You can ask for assistance by navigating to their Chat option.

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