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Vizio TV Black Screen of Death Fixed

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Vizio TVs are known for offering an immersive experience and superior quality at a very reasonable price. Although it’s a good TV brand, many of its users claimed and reported that they had encountered the black screen of death on their Vizio TV. 

Many smart tv owners face the black screen of death, and this is one of the most common issues faced by smart tv owners. 

If you’re experiencing the same issue on your Vizio TV, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll get all the answers related to the black screen of death.

What is Vizio TV Black Screen of Death?

When the Vizio Tv display goes completely black, and your Vizio TV is unable to display any picture on the screen, it means you have encountered a Black screen of death. 

Well, there could be many causes of the black screen, but the T-con board and faulty backlight can lead to this kind of error.

What Causes the Vizio Black Screen of Death?

Here are some possible causes of black screen of death on Vizio TV; check all of these to find the culprit;

  • Screen Mute: Screen Mute is a built-in feature in Vizio Tv, enabling this feature mutes your Vizio Tv screen but you can hear the sound. So, try to disable it. Maybe that’s causing the black screen of death.
  • Sleep Timer: This can be another possible cause of the black screen issue. If you’ve enabled the Sleep timer feature then, try to disable it.
  • Faulty and loose connections: Sometimes you can face black screen issues just because of some loose and faulty wires. So, verify all of your wires that are attached to the Tv.
  • Software Bug: It might be a software bug that’s causing the black screen error, wait for an update from Vizio’s end.
  • Faulty Backlight: Faulty or broken backlight is the main cause of black screen. We’ve provided some ways to check the backlight.
  • Outdated firmware: An outdated firmware can be the cause of your Vizio TV’s black screen of death. So, go to Update Software and check if there’s any update available for your Vizio Tv.

How to Fix Vizio Tv Black Screen of Death?

To fix the Vizio Tv black screen, you can check if the power light is working or not, soft or hard reboot your Vizio Smart TV, disconnect the external device (if any), unmute the screen, change the picture mode, verify all the attached cable connections, change the power outlet, check if there’s any backlight issue, or, update your Vizio Smart TV to its latest version.

Verify the power light

If your Vizio TV is stuck on the black screen of death, then there are some chances of fault in your TV’s power light.

Verify that your TV’s power light is working or not. If it’s not, reboot your Vizio TV 2-3 times, and if the black screen error continues, move on to the next method.

Power Cycle the Vizio Smart TV

This is one of the simplest ways to fix the black screen of death error, so try to power cycle your Vizio TV by the following steps;

How do I reboot my Vizio Tv?

  1. Unplug the power cord from the socket and,
  2. Now, press and hold the Power button for at least 5-10 seconds.
  3. After that, plug the power cord back into the socket and turn on the tv.
  4. Lastly, check if the black screen of death persists or not.

On some Vizio TVs, there’s an option to Soft Power Cycle. To do so;

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  • Now, head to the System > Reset & Admin.
  • And then select Soft Power Cycle.

Hard Reset

If power cycling the tv isn’t able to fix the black screen of death. Maybe hard resetting the tv will help you out, so try these steps as mentioned below;

  1. First of all, turn off your TV and unplug the Vizio TV and all those devices that are attached to your Vizio TV.
  2. Now, wait for 60 seconds and then press and hold the Power button for at least 30 seconds.
  3. After that, wait for 10 minutes, plug the power cord back into the socket, and reconnect all the devices with your TV.
  4. Lastly, turn on your Vizio TV and check if the black screen of death is gone or not.

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Press Menu To Verify External Device for Issues

Grab your Vizio remote and press the Menu button. If all the Menu options are showing on your Vizio TV display, then your Tv is working fine, and maybe there’s some problem with the device connected to your tv. 

So, disconnect that device and check whether the issue persists or not. If you’re still facing the same then, move towards the next method.

Vizio Tv Black screen with Audio

If you’re experiencing the black screen on your Vizio TV with Audio, maybe you or someone mistakenly enabled the mute screen feature.

This feature allows you to stream your audio application like Spotify without turning on the screen all time. So, try to disable the mute screen by the following steps;

Disable Mute Screen

  • Grab your Vizio TV remote and,
  • Press and hold the Mute button on the remote for 3-5 seconds. This step allows you to activate/deactivate the mute screen feature.

Check whether the black screen with audio is fixed, and if not, press and hold the mute button again for 5 seconds.

If you’re still experiencing the same, maybe your Vizio TV display has gone bad.

Disable Sleep Timer

If your Vizio TV screen keeps going black, then maybe you’ve activated the sleep timer feature. This feature puts the Tv in sleep mode as per your set amount of time. If you’re able to access the settings, then;

  1. Grab your Vizio TV controller and press the Menu button on your controller.
  2. After that, locate the Timer option.
  3. Then, go to the Sleep Timer option and disable it.

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Change Picture Mode

Encountering black screen on your Vizio TV but able to access the Menu settings? Well, check to see if there are some issues with your Vizio TV picture settings.

  1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV controller/remote and,
  2. Select Picture.
  3. After that, select the Picture Mode option.
  4. Now, change Picture mode and check whether this fixes the black screen or not.
vizio tv picture mode

Some Vizio TV remotes have a PIC button on them. Press the PIC button to change the picture modes.

Verify the Cables

If the wires that are attached to your Vizio TV are faulty or loose, then it could cause black screen problems.

So, verify all the cables that are attached to your Vizio TV. And, if you’ve found any loose cables, then connect them firmly. 

And, if you’re still experiencing the black screen of death, try to replace your cables and check whether this resolves the black screen issue.

verify cables

Change the Outlet

If your Vizio screen is still black, maybe your wall outlet is faulty or has some voltage issue, so try to change the outlet and plug the tv into a different wall outlet. 

And, if changing the wall outlet fails to help you, move on to the next step.

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Vizio TV Keeps Going Black For a Few Seconds

It might be a bug or error in your Vizio TV that’s causing the black screen issue on your Vizio TV. If it’s a bug or error, it can be fixed by updating the firmware to its latest available version. Follow the steps to check if there’s any available update;

Check for Update

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio remote.
  • After that, locate the System option.
  • Now, navigate to the Check for Updates option and check if there’s any available firmware update for your Vizio TV. If your TV is up-to-date, move towards the next step.
update vizio tv firmware

Factory Reset Vizio TV With Black Screen

This method works most of the time, but before you opt for the factory reset method, you must know that factory resetting will erase all the downloaded content and all your Settings from the tv. You can follow the mentioned steps below to factory reset the tv.

How do I reset my Vizio Tv when the screen is black?

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Input button (on the back Vizio TV) for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • After that, release both buttons. Now, press and hold the Input button (on the back of the Tv) for another 10 seconds.
  • Now, wait for the TV to restart.
vizio tv physical buttons

Check whether the factory resetting the tv fixes the black screen of death or not.

Why Does my TV Turn On But the Screen is Black?

There are some possibilities that your Tv backlight is faulty or broken. You can verify the backlight of your Vizio TV by the following steps;

Verify the Backlight

  • Turn on your Vizio TV.
  • Grab a smartphone and turn on the Flashlight.
  • After that, point the Flashlight towards the screen and adjust the phone position at least 2-3 inches away from the TV’s screen.
  • And, check if you can see an image that means your backlight has gone bad. Try to repair or replace it. Replacing the Backlight will cost you the same as buying a new TV.
check if vizio tv backlight working or not
Faulty T-CON Board

Couldn’t see any image even after flashing towards the screen? Then, there might be some issue with your T-CON board. 

Try reaching out to your nearest service center and ask them to check why your Vizio TV displays a black screen.

Unplug and clean motherboard

Another thing you can try is to check whether there is a dust stick on your motherboard which is letting the TV to the black screen. Here are the steps to clean your motherboard.

  • Carefully unscrew the back of the TV.
  • Locate the motherboard and take it out.
  • Disconnect all the cables that are attached to it.
  • Check if there is any dust or dirt over the board.
  • Clean the dust with a brush or with a clean cloth.
  • Place the motherboard in the right place and connect all the attached cables.

Your problem must be gone, but if it still exists, check out the last option below.

Contact Vizio

Contact Vizio

Nothing helps you out. Well, Vizio customer support is the last hope for you. Try to contact the Vizio help desk or customer care support and ask them for troubleshooting steps to fix this black screen issue.

What does it mean when my Vizio Tv screen goes black?

It means you encounter a black screen of death error on your Vizio Tv. Enabling the Sleep Timer or Screen Mute feature could cause a black screen.

Why won’t my Vizio Tv screen turn on?

It can be due to a faulty wall outlet, loose connections, or bugs in the firmware. You can fix it by changing the wall outlet and updating the firmware to the latest version or by connecting the wires firmly.

How many years do Vizio TV’s last?

Vizio TV’s average life span is seven years. But, it all depends on how you use it. If you overuse your tv then its lifespan might get short.

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