Unable to Download App on iOS Devices

Fix Unable to Download App at This Time

When you using apple products sometime it does not work as you want to, sometimes it makes trouble because users don’t know how to fix it. Sometimes it shows an error when you try to download the app.

When the user downloads the app, the app does not work properly. Don’t worry there is a solution when your app shows error while downloading.

If you ever called apple care you would know that they only suggest you to factory reset the device but it takes time to reset it.

ios unable to download app

Steps to Fix iOS Unable to Download App

Restart iPhone: Restarting your iPhone can fix unable to download an app. As sometimes this issue happens due to a temporary bug in the software. Restart iPhone and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Restart your ios device

Re-login App store: One of the most affecting ways to fix this problem is to sign out from the app store after sign out to make sure that you close the App Store app from the background. Now go to Settings->iTunes->App store then go to Apple Id and sign out from your Apple Id. Sign in once again, also make sure that restrictions are enabled to do this go to Settings->Screen Time->Content and Privacy Restriction and enable it. If you already enabled it, go to App store Purchases and allow installing an app. 

sign out of app store

Check your time and Date: Just make sure that you set the time of your phone automatically because the App Store won’t work if the time is not correct. To change the time go to settings->General->Time and Date and change it to automatically.

set time automatically ios

Download using WiFi– You cannot download a large application over the mobile internet connection. Because there is a limit of 200 MB on mobile data. You need to switch to Wifi to download a large application on iOS.

*If your app is showing on the home screen but get stuck and doesn’t load then just tap on the icon once, it should start loading again.

*You can also try turning on the Airplane mode and turning it off after 20 seconds it will help you with your network issue.

Update your device iOS: The software update fixes the bugs within the system operating system. Maybe a bug in the software is causing Unable to download App error. Update your iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices to the latest version of the software to fix this issue.

For updating click on setting now go to general now click on software update and if there is an software update available click on download and install

Update ios to latest version

Try These Steps to Fix Unable to Download App

Sometimes you get the error in downloading an app on IOS due to waiting apps, to check that go to Settings->General->Usage, wait for a while to load all apps. Now click on ‘show all the apps’, once your apps are loaded go ahead and delete the desired app, re-download the app it should work fine now.

If you are still facing Unable to Download App try the following steps for further troubleshooting

If you tried all the above steps and still unable to download any app go ahead and hard reset your phone. Resetting your device will remove all the contents and photos from your iPhone so make sure you have created a backup of your data.

To do it just go to Settings->General->Reset->Erase all Content and Settings->Erase iPhone

If none of these methods worked for your device contact Apple team for help.

Conclusion: You can easily fix unable to download app error by setting time automatically, updating to latest Operating system, using a wifi, restarting your iOS device or re-login into your App Store

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