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Fixed: There was an issue signing you into YouTube

Recently updated on April 4th, 2022 at 03:33 pm

You need to login to your google account to use services by google like Gmail, youtube drive, etc. Sometime you might face an error“there was an issue signing you into youtube” when you try to login to your youtube account. Sometimes it’s due to wrong login details and sometimes due to some other reasons. In this post we’ll what you can do to fix “there was an issue signing you into youtube” error.

Clear Browser Cookies to Fix Sign in Error on Youtube

This solution is suggested by google and most of the time this is the only solution you need to fix “sign in error on youtube”. Below are the steps to clear browser cache and fix this issue.


  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of google chrome.
  2. Click on the Settings option and scroll down to find the privacy and security option.
  3. Now click on clear browsing data.
  4. Select all the options with a blue check mark and click on clear data.
clear cookies on chrome

After clearing data try login into your account to check if the error is resolved. 

 If you’re using Firefox browser, you can check our post on how to clear cache and cookies on Firefox or follow the steps below


  1. Open the Firefox browser and click on the gear icon from the top right side of the screen. Or you can also type about:preferences#home and search from the URL box.
  2. Click on “Privacy & Security”.]
  3. Click on clear data next to cookies and site data.
  4. And again click on clear to delete cookies on the firefox browser.
clear firefox cache and cookies


Clear cookies on your safari to fix youtube sign error

  1. Open the safari browser and click on Safari from the top left side of the window.
  2. Now click on preferences from the options.
  3. Now click on the privacy option and click on manage website data
  1. You can search for youtube from the search box and click on youtube and click on remove from the bottom side of opened window to delete cookies related to youtube. Or you can click on the Remove all button to delete all cookies on your safari browser.

Now try signing into youtube and enjoy your favorite videos.

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Fills the Correct Login Details

Wrong login details can also trigger this error on youtube. A missing letter in your Gmail account username or wrong password can cause a problem when logging in to youtube account. When typing passwords make sure your caps lock is off. Also, double-check the username or email address you’re typing. This is a common fix one can apply to fix unable to sign in to youtube error.

 Check Internet Connection

Internet speed does not remain the same as always, maybe the problem occurred due to poor internet connection which can cause “there was an issue signing into youtube”. It can happen when you’re WiFi is not working or slow, or slow mobile internet connection. You can try to open youtube in a different browser and check if you can sign in if not then the issue lies in internet connection. If you’re using WiFi try restarting your WiFi and check if this fixes your issue if not the problem lies with your ISP. Try contacting your service provider and ask them to fix the internet issue.

Enable Cookies to Fix Youtube Sign in Error

Cookies are very helpful because when you visit some sites it saves the data by creating a file, due to that your online experience becomes easier when it saves your browsing information. Follow the steps below to enable cookies on chrome browser on desktop

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of google chrome
  • Click on the Settings option
  • In the privacy and security option click on Site settings.
  • Scroll down to content section and click on “cookies and site data”.
  • Now click on allow all cookies.

After enabling cookies try to sign in to youtube to see if the issue is fixed.

Signing into the incognito mode/ private mode

Try signing into your youtube account on incognito mode on your browser. Sometimes you can “face there was an issue signing you into youtube” due to and faulty extensions. You can easily check this by signing into youtube using incognito mode because extensions are not used by browsing on incognito mode. If this is the case then disable your browsers extensions by following the steps below.

 Disable the Chrome Extensions 

Extensions are the small software program that customizes the browsing experience. But sometimes these helpful tools cause chrome to misbehave which ruins your browsing experience. You can disable your chrome extension to see if this fixes the youtube sign in error.

  1. Open google chrome and locate the three vertical dots on the top right corner.
  2. click on more tools option and then extensions.
  3. now remove one by one to disable the extensions.

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Fix There was an issue signing you into YouTube

You can sign in error on youtube app by following these two methods mentioned below

Method 1. Clear youtube cache and data

  • Tap on setting in your mobile and tap on apps.
  • Locate the youtube app and one tap to open. Or long press youtube icon and click on app info.
  • Tap on storage and select clear data.
clear youtube app cache and data

Method 2: Uninstall updates

If this is a temporary with the current version of youtube app on your particular device then you can uninstall update and restore your youtube app to factory version to fix sign in error on youtube app.

  1. Open the settings app in your mobile and select apps.
  2. Tap on manage apps and scroll down to find youtube.
  3. Tap on youtube and you will see three option bottom of your phone force stop, uninstall updates, and clear data.
  4. In some devices you’ve to click on three dots from the top right of screen and click on uninstall update.

This will fix “there was an issue signing you into youtube” error on youtube mobile app.

Conclusion: If you’re facing there was an issue signing you into youtube then clearing your browser cookies will fix this issue. If you’re facing this issue on YouTube app clear your Youtube app data to fix sign in error on youtube.

Do you’ve any suggestion regarding this issue let us know from the comment box. If this helped you why not give it a share and also check how to fix search filters not working on youtube and what can are different reasons for this issue.

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