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How to Fix Sony TV Dim or Dark Picture Issue

Can’t watch anything on your sony smart tv due to dimming or dark screen problem? Don’t worry many sony tv owners have reported that they have faced the dark or dim screen issue on their tv. In this post, I’m going to share how I was able to fix sony tv dark picture issue.

Recently, I faced the same dimming issue on my sony smart tv. I performed some basic troubleshooting but the issue was still there. After researching for about an hour and after contacting sony I was able to resolve this dimming issue on my tv.

After reading this post, you’ll be able to watch content on your sony tv without dimming or dark picture issue.

Why is My Sony TV Dark?

You can face dark or dim screen problem due to faulty picture settings. You can also face this issue when the ambient light, light sensor is enabled. We can easily resolve these problem by changing or turning off the settings. Sometime you can also face dimming or dark picture on your sony tv due to hardware issue. Below I’ve shared how to fix the dim screen problem on your sony smart tv.

How to Fix Sony TV Dim Screen Issue?

Disable Ambient Light Sensor

Ambient light sensor adjust the brightness on your sony tv according the light in the room/surrounding. If this option is enabled then you can face dim or dark picture issue. You can easily disable this option from the settings.

  1. Using your sony tv remote go to tv’s settings.
  2. Now select the display and sound option.
  3. Select picture option.
  4. Now select ambient light sensor or the light/color sensor.
  5. Now turn it off.

After disabling the ambient light sensor check if the dimming or dark picture issue is resolved.

Change Peak Luminance Settings

Sony tv pictures can get darker in some cases to protect the tv from the image retention. Image retention can damage the display that’s why the brightness get lowers to protect the display. You can disable this option by following the steps below.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now open display and sound option.
  3. Now open picture option.
  4. Select the advanced settings.
  5. Now select brightness option.
  6. Select peak luminance option.
  7. Now set peak luminance to medium or low.

After changing this option your tv’s display brightness will stay stable but this can cause image retention issue.

Turn off Power Saving option

You can also face the dimming or dark screen issue on sony smart tv due to power saving mode. But you can easily resolve the problem by turning off the power saving option.

  1. Go to settings then select system settings.
  2. Go to eco option.
  3. Now select the power saving option.
  4. Now turn off the power saving option.

Turning off the power saving option will fix dimming and dark picture issue.

Change Picture Mode

In some cases you can face the dark or dim picture issue on sony tv when picture mode is set to custom or cinema. You can try using the other picture modes available on your smart tv for resolving this issue.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now select display option.
  3. Select the picture option.
  4. Now select picture mode.

Try using other picture mode available and see which one resolves the issue on your sony tv.

Contact Sony

If you are still facing dim screen issue on sony tv, then you should contact sony team for help. A technician at sony can help you in resolving the dimming problem on sony smart tv.

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