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Getting a black screen on your sharp tv is one of the most annoying issues. You can face sharp tv black screen of death or sharp tv no picture but the sound is working anytime. Some users are getting blue light after turning on the sharp tv but the screen is still black. You can no picture on your smart tv because of a technical glitch, faulty update, or hardware failure. Today in this post we’re going to explain how you can fix sharp tv black screen with no sound, sharp black screen tv with sound, sharp tv black screen blue light on, and how you can reset your sharp tv with a black screen but sound.

How Do You Fix a Black Screen No Sound on Sharp TV?

This is the very first step and simple solution to rid of the sharp tv black screen of death. Many sharp tv users were able to fix it, if you also want to fix the black screen then all you need to do is restart your tv by following the steps below.

  1. Turn off your Tv using the power button given on your remote and wait for 15-30seconds and once the waiting time elapses turn it on again. 
  2. If this doesn’t fix the black screen then, keep your tv on and unplug the power cord of Tv from the power outlet, now wait for 60 seconds.
  3. After 60 seconds, plug the power cord back into the power outlet and turn your tv on and check whether this works for you or not.

There are some instances where you sharp tv won’t turn on. This is sometimes different from sharp tv black screen problem. You can check our post here to learn how you can fix sharp tv not turning on and showing black screen.

Check Your Sharp TV Remote

Tried restarting the tv but that doesn’t work for you, well it’s better to check that your remote is working or not. To check your remote,

Grab your smartphone and open the camera. Now, put the remote indicator in front of the camera and press any key of your remote. If a light starts flashing then your remote is in working condition and if not then maybe your remote batteries run out of charge or you’ve to buy a new remote. So all you have to do is replace the set of old batteries with the set of new batteries. And follow the steps again, to check if your remote starts working or not and if it starts working then, press the power key and restart the tv. Select the right Source and check whether your TV is back in the right condition or not.

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How to Hard Reset Sharp TV With Black Screen?

Changing the batteries didn’t work? Try to hard reset your tv and resolve your black screen issue. Many users were reported that they were able to fix this issue by resetting their tv so, if you wanted to fix this issue then follow the steps given below;

  1. Make sure your sharp tv is turned on, then unplug the power cord from the socket.
  2. Now press and hold the physical power button given on your tv for about 30 seconds, this will drain all the remaining power on your tv out.
  3. Now, wait for 5-10 minutes. 
  4. Then plug the cord back to the socket and turn on the tv.
hard reset sharp tv with black screen

Now check if you’re able to get the picture on your sharp tv or not.

Check Sharp Tv Wires

Still not able to fix the black screen on tv, then maybe there’s some issue with the cables and wires of your tv. So, take a look at the back of your tv and check that all the cables that are connected to the tv are properly connected at their desired given ports. And, if you found any loose or half connected cable or wire then put them back to the port. Once you check all cables and wires, check if the black screen persists or not. If you find any damaged cable then replace it with a new one and then check if the black screen problem on your sharp tv.

Look for Another Power Outlet

If the above-mentioned steps failed in resolving the black screen issue, then try this last possible solution. If your remote is working fine and all wires and cables that are connected with the tv are properly connected then there are some chances that your power outlet has some issue, and your tv isn’t getting sufficient power. So, it’s better to look for another power outlet which is nearby the tv and then plug the power cord into that outlet. It will be great if this step works for you and if not then move onto the next solution.

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Check For HDMI Cable Issue

Changing the cable to another port and replacing the old wire with the new one can change the cable to another follow the steps;

  1. Go to the back panel of the tv and remove the HDMI cable from the port, some tv has 2 ports and some have 3, so try to put the HDMI cable into other ports.
  2. Restart the tv, select the HDMI source whether it’s 1,2, or 3 and check if changing the port works or not and if not, check if your HDMI cable is working or not.
  3. Replace your HDMI cables with the new one and if you don’t want to purchase a new HDMI then look for another device HDMI cable. If the tv starts working with that cable then you need to buy a new HDMI cable or just that one.
check for hdmi cable issue

How to Reset Sharp TV With Black Screen

In this section, we’re going to explain how you can reset your sharp tv when there is no picture. In this method, we’re going to use the physical button on your sharp tv for resetting your tv. Follow the steps below to reset your sharp tv black screen:

  1. First, unplug your tv from the power.
  2. Now press and hold the volume down and input button on your side/back of your sharp tv.
  3. While holding the buttons plugin your sharp tv and keep holding the button until the tv is turned on.
  4. Once the picture appears release the button.
  5. Now press the vol- and channel- buttons on your tv together to enter the service menu.
  6. Navigate to the Reset option using the channel up or down button on your tv.
  7. Now reset your tv.

In this way, you can reset your sharp tv with a black screen using the remote.

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Fix Sharp TV Black Screen Blue Light

In this scenario, you will get no picture on your sharp tv screen but you’ll get blue light. This happens because of a faulty firmware update. To fix this you need to reset your sharp tv with the black screen by following the steps mentioned above. After resetting your sharp tv you need to update your sharp tv. After updating your sharp tv firmware, sharp tv no picture but the blue light issue will be resolved.

  1. Once you get the picture, press the menu button on your remote and go to settings.
  2. Now scroll down and select the support option.
  3. Select check software upgrade.
  4. Select yes to download and install software on your sharp tv.

Now sharp tv black screen blue light issue will be fixed.

Sharp Roku TV Black Screen

If you’re getting no picture on your sharp roku tv then try the button combination mentioned below. This will clear the cache on your sharp roku tv and restart your tv.

Press the home button 5 times, then press the up button once, then press the rewind button twice followed by the fast forward button twice.

Now your sharp roku tv will restart in a couple of seconds. Once the tv restarts check if the black screen issue is fixed or not on your sharp roku tv.

Sharp TV Black Screen But Sound is Working

Some users have reported that they are getting a black screen but the sound on their sharp tv is working fine. They can hear sound after pressing the button on their remote. In this scenario follow the above steps to fix the black screen on your sharp tv if that doesn’t help we’ll look for a hardware issue. Turn off all the lights in your room and turn on your tv. Go close to your tv and see if you can see any picture on your tv screen. If not then turn on the torch on your smartphone. Now go close to your tv and flash tv light on your sharp tv screen. Now check if you can see anything on your sharp tv screen. If you’re able to get the picture after flashing a light on your sharp tv screen, then this is a hardware issue. Your sharp tv backlight is not working, some LEDs are dead or the full led strip is not working. In this case, you need to replace the backlight, you can do this by contacting sharp or any technician near you.

Replace Your Sharp TV

If after trying all the steps above black screen issue is not resolved. Then you can try replacing your sharp tv with a new sharp tv. You can also check other brands like samsung smart tv and lg smart tv. Their smart tv are also great and you can go with them without any issue.

Contact Sharp

Nothing helping you out? Try to follow all the steps twice, because sometimes you’ll not get the results on the first try so try again and if the issue didn’t resolve. If not then contact the Sharp team. They can help you in fixing the sharp tv black screen of death.

If this post helped you then why not share it to the world and also check our post on how to fix sony tv black screen of death.

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