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Fix Samsung TV missing channels

Samsung TV Plus is a smart TV box that brings on-demand content, social apps and smart home functionality to your TV. The only problem is that some of the channels are missing. 

So, if you’re using this amazing device, then don’t worry. We’ll show you how to get those missing channels back, along with a few tips for those who still want to upgrade their current product for a better one!

But before moving to the fixes, take a look at the causes of this problem.

  • Temporary Glitch in your Samsung TV.
  • RF Cable isn’t connected securely.

How do I find missing channels in Samsung TV

Samsung TV suddenly lost all channels? Well, it can be fixed by disconnecting the RF cable. To do so, you need to disconnect the RF cable from the RF input and connect it to the other port. 

Or, head to the Auto Program option in your Samsung TV menu and start it. Once the Auto Program is successfully completed, you’ll get all your channels back on your Samsung TV Plus.

Disconnect RF Cable

If you are getting the channels 2 through 13, it means the RF cable is attached to the wrong input on your TV. To connect the RF cable properly, follow the below steps;

  • Disconnect the RF cable from the current RF input source and, then connect it to the other RF port on the TV.
  • Now, you’ll see all your missing channels are back on your Samsung TV. 

In case, if the channels are still missing, then move to the following method.

Start Auto Program

If you are missing random channels on your Samsung TV, then follow the below instructions to get all your channels back.

  • Firstly, turn on your Samsung TV.
  • Press the Menu button on your remote.
  • Now, scroll to the Channel Menu using the Down Arrow button and then press Enter.
  • Next, head to the Auto program and press Enter.
  • Afterward, press the UP Arrow or Down Arrow button to choose Air, Cable, or Air+Cable and then press Enter key.
    • When you select Air, the TV will automatically start the auto program. Once it’s done, press Exit and begin watching channels.
    • In case, you’ve selected CABLE or Air+Cable, then follow the steps given below.
  • In order to receive both digital and analog channels, you should select the cable signal type used by your cable company.
    • Press the UP or Down buttons/keys on the remote in the Analog area to select the appropriate type and hit Enter button/key.
    • Press the Up or Down buttons/key on the remote in the Digital area to select the appropriate type and hit Enter button.

Note: Cable companies most commonly use STD signal types, however, some smaller companies still use HRC or IRC systems. Both analog and digital signals are transmitted using the same cable signal type.

  • Start tab is now highlighted. Start the memorization process by pressing the Enter button. As you selected the antennas in Step 5, your TV cycles through each channel.
  • When the Auto program completes, press Exit and start watching your desired channel.

Note: You can switch between both antenna and cable inputs by pressing the Antenna button if you have both connected.

How do I get my Channel back on my Samsung TV?

If you’re still missing the channels, then try following the below instructions;

  • Try connecting the RF connection to your other TV and check if it works. If some channels are still missing or you don’t get any channels, then the issue lies with the antenna or cable.
  • Try connecting your TV to a different cable connection and follow the Auto Program procedure. If you get all your channels, then the issue lies with the cable. 
  • Next, try moving or rotating the Antenna to improve the signal strength. Afterward, follow the Auto Program procedure and you’ll get all your missing channels back.

How to add channel to my Samsung TV plus

Add more channels to your Samsung TV by following these easy steps. Make sure your TV is connected to the right network first. Therefore, you must make sure that your TV is connected to your local TV channel in order to watch them. If you are already connected, follow the steps below.

  • Grab your Samsung remote, navigate to the Home page.
  • Next, use the Search bar and start finding the channel.
  • After that, select a channel you want to add. Once done, save your changes and start watching the channel you’ve added.

Contact Samsung Support

You can contact Samsung Customer Support if you are still unable to find or add missing channels. 

Get in touch with Samsung’s customer executive and ask them to assist you in regaining your missing channels.

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