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Fix Roku Stick Overheating Issue

Recently updated on July 8th, 2022 at 01:52 am

If your Roku stick is overheating then don’t worry it’s not broken. There is some reason which is causing your Roku to overheat. When your Roku crosses a certain temperature then you can get an overheated message or a red light on your Roku stick. If you’re also facing this overheating issue with your Roku stick then don’t worry we’re going to provide you with some working solutions.

Why is My Roku Stick Overheating?

Overheating can be bad for your device, so try to cool down your device as soon as possible. There are too many possibilities of the device’s getting overheated but we’ve listed some possible causes of why your Roku device is overheating.

  • Roku stick don’t have a heat sink: This can be the reason for overheating. But you don’t have to worry at all, as we’ve mentioned some best possible working solutions to fix this issue and prevent your device from overheating.
  • Your Roku Stick is placed in a cabinet or surrounded by walls: Placing the Roku device inside a cabinet or device surrounded by walls is one of the most common reasons for overheating. So, try to place your Roku streaming device in an open area.
  • Roku is plugged in for too long: If your Roku is plugged in or turned on for too long then, it can overheat your device. Turn off or plug out the power cable to prevent your device from overheating.

How Do I Confirm If a Roku Stick is Overheating?

If your Roku device is overheating then, check if there’s any message or indication from your Roku device. There are some ways to confirm your Roku device is overheating;

  • The red light is on :Some Roku streaming devices come with a led indicator light, if your Roku device indicates a solid white light then your device is working fine. But, if your Roku device indicates a solid red light, it means your device is overheating.
  • What if there’s a blinking red light?: Well, it means your Roku device isn’t getting a sufficient amount of power supply.
  • On-screen warning message: In most cases, whenever a Roku streaming device overheats it starts displaying a message on the screen that says “ Your device is overheating”. As we’ve mentioned some steps to prevent your device from overheating. So, follow the steps as mentioned in this post.

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How Do I Check The Temperature Of My Roku Stick?

Wondering how to check the temperature of your Roku device? Well, there’s a secret way to access the temperature screen on your Roku device. And, you’ll get to know at what temperature your Roku device is running on. And, to check the temperature of your Roku device. Follow the steps as given below;

  • Grab your Roku Tv remote and press the Home button for once.
  • After that, press the Home button for 5 times > then, Press the Fast Forward button (once) > then, press the Play button (once) > Rewind button (once) > Play button (once) > and, Fast Forward button (once). Make sure you’ve pressed all the buttons as given.

And, If you’ve followed the above steps as given then, you’ll be able to see the temperature screen at the top of the Roku screen. The temperature will be shown in Celsius. If the temperature is too high then, we’ve mentioned some best working solutions to fix this.

How Do I Stop Roku Stick From Overheating?

Unplug Roku Stick

If you’ve faced this issue after long usage of Roku then unplugging it from the power for some time is the solution. Unplug the Roku stick for 15-20 min to cool down and after that plug it back in. Check if the Roku overheating issue is fixed or not. If you’re still getting the issue then again unplug it for 15-20 minutes. Again try plugging it in and check if the overheating issue is fixed or not. If this doesn’t help try following the other steps from below.

Change Roku Stick Location

If your Roku stick is placed around a hot object or inside a cabinet then you can face the overheating issue. To fix this issue simply remove and place Roku at some other place where there are not hot objects. Make sure Roku is at some cooler place and not surrounded by any cabinet. Also, make sure the Roku stick doesn’t come directly in contact with sunlight which can cause Roku to heat. After changing the Roku stick location unplug the Roku stick and let it cool down. When the temperature of Roku is normal plug it back in and check if the Roku overheating message or red light is fixed or not.

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Use Roku Stick HDMI Extender

Sometimes if you’re using a tv USB port as a power source for your fire stick then you can get the overheating message on your screen. This happens because of a faulty USB or HDMI port or when some of the heat is transferred to your Roku stick. To tackle this situation simply unplug it from the tv and use the power socket for your Roku stick. Now try checking if you’re still getting the issue or not. If you’re still getting the overheating message on your Roku stick then you can ask Roku for the free HDMI extender. You can connect the Roku stick to your tv with the help of an HDMI extender cable which will fix the overheating issue on your Roku stick.

roku stick hdmi extender

Use The Roku Power Cable

If you’re using your Roku device with an aftermarket Adapter and cable then it can be the cause of overheating. Because these cables and adapters are cheaper and poor in quality. So, if you’re using those cables then, replace it with the Roku’s original AC adapter and power cable and plug it in the socket not into the electrical current directly. Doing this will convert the Roku’s power supply from an Alternate Current (AC) to a Direct Current (DC) and prevent your Roku’s from heating. Now, check if your Roku is still overheating.

Contact Roku 

If none of the steps mentioned above worked for you then you try contacting Roku for help. Many users have said that Roku sent them a replacement for their overheating Roku stick. You can also try contacting and explaining the situation to Roku. If you’ve any other fix then do let us know from the comment section below and also check how to fix Smartcast tv not available.

What happens if your Roku overheats?

You might face some issues with the usability of your Roku device. If your Roku streaming device is getting too hot then, it might burst. So, try to cool down your Roku device as soon as possible. The led on your roku stick will turn to red when your roku stick is overheating.

Is it normal for Roku Stick to get Hot?

Yes, it’s normal for a Roku stick to get warm during use. Sometimes it might get hot but not regularly. Keep checking the temperature of your Roku device after long usage.

How long do Roku sticks last?

As Roku users claimed that they were able to use their Roku device for 3-5 years. Also, it depends on how you use it. Like, if you’re using your Roku device too much then it might last for at least 2-3 years.

Is it normal for roku stick to get hot?

Your roku stick can get hot due to heavy usage or after using for a long time. So it is normal for roku stick to get hot. But overheating can cause issues while streaming on roku stick.

Do roku sticks burn out?

If your roku stick is overheating, then you can face issues after some time. You roku stick can last upto 3-5 years and after 2 years it can start degrading.

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