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Fix Roku error code 009

Recently updated on July 8th, 2022 at 01:42 am

Many users are facing Roku error code 009 when they launch or start their Roku tv. Error code 009 means that your device is not connected to the internet. You can face this error when there is some miscommunication between your wifi and your Roku tv. Below are some reasons for Roku error code 009 and how you can fix it.

Reasons behind error code 009 on Roku

  • Slow internet speed: The common reason behind this error is the slow internet. If your internet is slow then you can come across this error when you try to stream on Roku. To fix this first you need to fix your internet speed.
  • Faulty DNS cache: DNS cache is a digital log that is stored in browser history and helps you to quickly load the pages when you visit the site next time. But some time cache gets corrupted due to the online malware and stops the internet connection.
  • Misconfigured Router: The router is the main source that helps you to connect to the internet. If your router is not configured properly then you can face this error on Roku. Resetting your router will resolve the issue
  • Due to the huge distance between router and device: A large distance between router and streaming device will decrease internet strength which can cause Roku error code 009.
  • Due to ISP: Sometimes websites are blocked from the isp. If this is the case then you can face this error while streaming a particular service on Roku. To fix this you need to contact your isp for help.

Troubleshoot Roku Can’t Connect To The Internet With These Steps

Restart Router\modem and network equipment and Roku Device

  1. Switch off your Roku devices and unplug cable wires from the power socket board.
  2. When the power goes off turn of your router/modem.
  3. Now wait at least 1 minute and put back all devices cable wire to the socket board.
  4. First turn on your router and then all devices.
  5. Now try to play Roku and check if you’re still facing the Roku error code 009.

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Clear Roku Cache To Fix Error 009

  1. Press the home button to access the Roku home screen.
  2. Now press the Home buttons 5 times, press the Up button, rewind button 2 times, and fast forward 2 times.
  3. After this Roku will clear the cache from the device and restart in 30 seconds.

Check if the Roku error code 009 is fixed on your TV.

Reset network settings on Roku

  1. Turn on Roku and log in by Roku id and password
  2. With the help of Roku remote go to settings >>system.
  3. Click on system restart and then select the option for Network connection reset.
  4. Press the select button on the Reset connection to clear all of your network connection settings.
  5. Now your Roku will reboot immediately.

After reboot follows the steps below to set up your connection.

  1. Go to settings and choose network option
  2. Here choose the wifi option and then “set up a new wifi connection”
  3. Choose your wifi and select wifi as the home network option
  4. Choose automatic options and enter your password to connect your Roku to wifi

Now try streaming and check if the Roku error code 009 is resolved

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Check Network Connectivity on Roku

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote and scroll up or down to select settings.
  2. Select network and then select check connection.

Now check if the network is strong or not. If the network is not strong enough then follow the steps mentioned on the screen. To fix network issues you can reduce the distance between your Roku and your router. You can disable all the other connected devices from the wifi to see if this fixes the error code 009. You can also use an ethernet connection to improve internet connectivity and speed. Try placing your router to someplace high to improve signal strength.

Factory reset Roku device
  1. Turn on Roku and log in by Roku id and password.
  2. With the help of a Roku remote go to settings>>system
  3. Choose the advanced system settings
  4. Select factory reset and then factory reset everything.
  5. Now follow the instruction on- screen and restart your device and log in with your credential.

After factory resetting your Roku tv check if the error code 009 is fixed on your Roku tv.

Conclusion: Roku error code 009 is internet connectivity issue. You can fix this by restarting or resetting your roku device and router. You can also try improving your internet strength to fix this issue.

Were you able to fix roku error code 009 let us know from the comment box and also check how to fix wyze camera error code 90 internet connectivity issue.

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