Peacock TV App Stuck in Spanish, French Language Fixed

Is your peacock tv app stuck in Spanish? Don’t worry we faced the same problem while watching a WWE PPV a few months ago. When we played the PPV the audio was playing in Spanish. This peacock tv audio glitch problem is faced by many users across all platforms.

Why is my peacock tv playing in Spanish?

The audio glitch you are facing is a temporary glitch. You can easily fix this problem by closing and reopening the app. Sometimes the problem is caused if the language selected for your device is Spanish. Then the app detected the language and start playing the show or movie in the language you’ve selected for your device.

How to fix the peacock tv app playing in Spanish 

To fix this problem we did some research and found how to fix the peacock tv app audio glitch. In this post, we’re going to share how to fix this problem.

Close and re-open the peacock tv app

In our chat with the peacock team, they suggested that this problem is sometimes caused by a glitch or bug. We can fix this problem by completely closing the app. So if you’re facing this problem on tv then press the back button on your TV remote to get out of the peacock tv app. Wait for some time and re-open the app. Now check if the peacock tv stuck in Spanish audio issue is resolved or not.

Force close the peacock tv app

If the closing and reopening of the app didn’t help in fixing the peacock audio glitch. Then force closing of the app will close all the running processes of peacock tv. Doing this can help you in fixing the peacock tv audio glitch. To force close the peacock app go to settings, and now locate the apps option. Now click on the peacock tv app and click on force stop. Now launch the peacock app and check if the audio glitch is fixed or not.

Reinstall Peacock TV

If your peacock tv is still in Spanish or any other language. Then reinstalling your peacock tv app can help you. Some users have reported that reinstalling the app helped them in fixing the peacock tv stuck in Spanish language issue.

  1. Uninstall the peacock tv.
  2. Now restart your device.
  3. Go to the application store and install the latest version of the peacock tv app on your device.
  4. Now login to the peacock tv app.

Try playing a show or movie and check if the peacock tv Spanish language issue is resolved or not.

How to Change Language on Peacock TV

If the peacock app is still playing in Spanish then change the language of the show manually. To manually change peacock tv audio follow the steps below.


  1. Play a show or movie.
  2. Now tap or click on the screen to pause the video.
  3. Click on the subtitle icon.
  4. Now change the audio to English and if you want then select the subtitle as English.

After changing the language you’ll be able to fix the peacock tv stuck in Spanish issue.

Change the Device Language

If your device language is Spanish then peacock will try to play the show or movie in Spanish. To fix this problem you need to make sure that the default language for your device is English. To change your device language go to settings. Locate the language settings and change the language from Spanish, or any other language to English and save it. Now restart your device, and launch the peacock tv app. Now check if peacock tv is playing shows in English or not.

Contact peacock tv

If your peacock tv is still stuck in Spanish, then contact the peacock tv team. Explain to them the audio glitch you’re facing they can help you in fixing the peacock tv stuck on the Spanish language issue.

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