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Netflix Audio Skipping, Choppy, Distorted, Cutting Out, Sound and Video Out of Sync

Recently updated on June 7th, 2022 at 01:35 pm

Many Netflix users are facing sound issues like skipping, choppy, distorted, high-pitched audio, or audio is completely out of sync. This can happen because of the Netflix app itself or due to some technical glitch. You can also face this issue because of an outdated app or tv firmware. This Netflix sound problem is common on all smart tv like roku, firestick, or Samsung smart tv. You can also get choppy or distorted audio because of a loose HDMI or optical cable. Different devices have different problems and solutions are also different, First, we need to know what problem you are facing.

Some things to know before troubleshooting netflix sound issues

  1. Make sure that your device is not muted.
  2. Turn up your volume and check if you can hear anything from your device.
  3. If you’re using an external speaker then make sure it is plugged in properly. If not then reinsert and try playing the show or movie on Netflix.

In case of choppy, high pitched, or distorted sound on Netflix


Try adjusting your audio settings:

  1. Press the home button on the remote choose setting
  2. Choose audio
  3. Please select the studio in the audio mode
  4. Then set HDMI to PCM-stereo

Restart your Roku:

  1. Remove the Roku from the power  
  2. Wait for 20 seconds
  3. Plugin your Roku
  4. Turn on the Roku by pressing any button on the remote
  5. Wait for at least 1 to 2 minutes
  6. Start using Netflix, hope it will work fine

Smart TV

Restart your smart TV

  1. Remove your TV from the power
  2. Wait for five minute
  3. Plug in your TV 
  4. Switch on your TV
  5. Now try Netflix
  6. Check your audio settings of the device

Apple tv 4 or apple tv 4k owners

Try changing your audio settings. This can help in fixing Netflix audio cutting out on your apple tv 4.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now select the video and audio option.
  3. Select the audio format option.
  4. Now select the change format option.
  5. Select Dolby digital 5.1 as the new format. If this doesn’t help then select audio format at stereo.

If this doesn’t help in fixing Netflix audio issue on your apple tv 4 or 4k then try to restart your tv by following the steps below.

  1. Unplug your tv and apple tv from power for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Now plug in your both device and turn them on.
  3. Launch Netflix and check if the issue is resolved or not.

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Try basic troubleshooting for your device connections

  1. In case if you are using an external speaker any soundbar make sure that speakers are connected to your TV properly
  2. Make sure HDMI or other connectors are plugged in correcting. If not then unplug the HDMI or optical cable now plug it in properly. This can help in fixing Netflix choppy audio on your tv.
  3. Try using the different HDMI cable
  4. Check your audio settings of the device

In case of Netflix sound and video out of sync

In case the audio and video are out of sync then try playing other movie or show on your device. If you are not facing any issue with the current title then go to the viewing activity page and then select the report problem option next to the show with the issue. If you don’t see any reported problem issue then the issue is automatically reported.

Restart your smart TV

  1. Remove your TV from the power
  2. Wait for five minute
  3. Plug in your TV
  4. Switch on your TV
  5. Now try Netflix
  6. Check your audio settings of the device

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In case the Netflix volume is too low

Amazon fire tablet

  • Get to the home screen, go to setting
  • Click on storage
  • Select the option to install supported apps on your SD card and switch it off
  • Come back to the home screen and select App Store
  • You will See magnifying glass option in the upper right corner, tap on it          
  • Search Netflix
  • Select download, install or get the app
  • Once the app gets downloaded, select open and try Netflix again

Samsung smart TV

  • adjust the speaker settings.

-Press the menu button on your Samsung TV remote then select sound, go to additional settings, and set the auto volume to normal.

  • try basic troubleshooting for hardware

-Use HDMI cables and try every HDMI port on your TV.

plug in cable properly

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In case Netflix has no sound:

Amazon Fire TV/stick

Play another TV show or movie, if another TV show or movie please without any problem, go to the Viewing Activity page and select report a problem.

If you cannot see a report a problem option, the problem is automatically been reported. 

  • change the audio setting to stereo.

First play a video now select netflix audio option. Now change the audio option to stereo, this can help in fixing no sound issue on your firestick.

netflix audio option

Reinstall Netflix

Many users suggested that reinstalling Netflix on their smart tv fixed audio issues for them. If you’re also getting choppy or distorted audio while using Netflix on your smart tv, then try this. 

  1. Delete Netflix from your smart tv.
  2. Restart your smart tv.
  3. Now search and install the latest version of Netflix on your tv.

Launch Netflix and log in to your account and check if the Netflix audio cutting out the problem is fixed or not.

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Fix Netflix choppy distorted sound on Firestick/Firetv

Restart your firestick/firetv

Press and hold the play/pause button along with the select button on your firestick remote. Your firestick or tv will restart in a couple of seconds. Now launch Netflix and check if the audio problem is fixed or not. 

Reset Firestick to factory settings

  1. Go to Settings on your firestick.
  2. Select my firetv option.
  3. Now scroll down and select the reset to factory defaults option.
  4. Install Netflix.
reset firestick to factory defaults

Now Netflix sound issue will be fixed on your firestick or firetv.

Fix Netflix audio issue on Roku

If you’re a roku owner then first try clearing the cache of roku by following the button combination below.

Press the home button 5 times on your remote. Then press up once then press rewind 2 times then fast forward 2 times. 

This will clear the cache and restart your roku device. Once the device is restarted launch Netflix and check if the sound problem is fixed or not on your roku.

Reset roku to factory settings

  1. Go to the settings option on your roku tv.
  2. Select the system option.
  3. Now select advanced settings.
  4. Now select the factory reset option then enter the pin shown on your screen for resetting your roku to factory defaults.
factory reset roku

When the setup is complete launch Netflix and checks if the audio issue is resolved on your roku tv.

Fix Netflix audio issue on your Samsung tv

Resetting Samsung smart hub can fix the audio issue on your Samsung tv. But first, try uninstalling and reinstalling Netflix on your Samsung smart tv. If that doesn’t help the follow the steps to reset Samsung smart hub.

  1. Go to the settings option on your Samsung tv.
  2. Scroll down and select the support option.
  3. Select self diagnosis.
  4. Scroll down and select reset the smart hub.
reset samsung tv

Now login to Netflix and check if the issue is resolved or not on your Samsung tv.

Fix Netflix problem on android or iPhone
  1. Reinstall Netflix app- Reinstalling the Netflix app on your android or iPhone can help in fixing the audio problem. So first delete the Netflix app from your mobile then reinstall it from the play store or app store.
  2. If you’re getting choppy, distorted, or audio cuts out while using Netflix on mobile. Then try restarting your mobile phone, see if it fixes the issue.
  3. Update: Make sure you’re using the latest version of Netflix if not then update your Netflix app. Also, make sure that your mobile device’s firmware is also up to date. Many ios users suggested that updating their iPhone or iPad firmware Netflix fixed sound issues.
  4. Clear Netflix cache: On an android device go to settings then select the application. Now locate and tap on Netflix. Go to storage option the first force stop app then clear cache and clear data. Launch Netflix and check if the audio problem is resolved on your android phone or not.

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