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How to Fix LG TV Says “Not Programmed, No Signal/No Program”

We recently bought a new LG smart TV. When we turned it on, we started getting a message on the screen “not programmed/no signal” for some tv models users can get a “No program/no signal” notification on their screen. After facing this issue we did some research and found out why LG tv is showing not programmed on the screen and how you can turn off this “no program” notification.

Why is my LG tv showing not programmed on the screen?

Wondering why you’re getting this not programmed message on your LG tv screen? This can happen if the LG tv is not receiving any input signal, due to outdated software, or when the input is incorrect.

How to make the not programmed message disappear from the LG tv screen?

Select correct input

Your LG tv will show this “not programmed” message if you’ve selected the wrong input. If you are selecting the input where no external device is connected, then you’ll get a “no signal/no program/not programmed” notification on your screen. So to fix this problem first of all in which port you’ve connected the external streaming devices or cable box wire. Now on your LG smart tv remote press the input button and select the correct input (HDMI 1,2 etc or AV1 AV2) (If your tv is connected to the local cable to set up top box then select AV1 or AV2). Now you’ll get the picture on your screen and the “no program/no signal/not programmed” notification will disappear from your screen.

Hide “Not Programmed” Message on LG TV

You can also hide the “not programmed or no signal” image from the tv’s settings. Follow the steps below to disable no signal or no program notification on your LG tv.

  1. Open LG tv settings.
  2. Now go to general from the left side menus.

Now if your LG tv is manufactured after 2020 then,

  • Toggle on the no signal image option.

If your LG tv is manufactured before 2020 then,

  • Toggle off the no signal image option.

For some Oled tv manufactured in 2021

  • On your LG tv remote press, the menu buttons 3 times and turn off the no signal image option.

On some LG TVs, you’ll get the message to hide not programmed messages by pressing the red button. Press the red button to hide the not programmed message. When you press the red button you’ll get a not programmed message again on your screen.

Check For HDMI Port and Cables Issues

Below we’ve mentioned some quick fixes that can help you in resolving not programmed or no signal program on your LG tv.

  1. Try each input and see which one fixes this issue.
  2. Remove the cable, antenna, or device wire from the port and plug it into other ports. Now select the correct input and check if the issue is resolved or not. If not then connect to another HDMI or av port and repeat this process to check which one fixes the problem.
  3. Try connecting the wire to the other tv and check if the other tv is facing the same problem or not.
  4. Try changing the HDMI or cable wire, because these wires and cables degrade over time. Also, damaged wires can create this issue.

How to Auto-Tune my LG TV

If you’re using an antenna, then you need to first tune your programs from the settings. You can follow the steps below to autotune your tv.


  1. Go to settings.
  2. Scroll down and select the setup option.
  3. Now select the auto-tuning option.
  4. Now select antenna, cable, or whatever is connected and click on next.
  5. Select the start option.
  6. Once the process is complete select close.

Now you’ll be able to access tv channels on your LG tv.

LG Smart TV

  1. Go to LG smart tv settings.
  2. Scroll down and select programmes.
  3. Select program tuning.
  4. Now select auto-tuning.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and channels will be added to your LG smart tv.
LG Smart TV Auto-Tune Not Working

If you are still getting a not programmed notification on your screen, then this means that the auto-tuning didn’t work properly. This can happen due to location settings. You need to set the correct location in the settings for LG smart tv to complete the auto-tune process without a problem.

  1. Again go to settings.
  2. Select the general option.
  3. Scroll down and select location.
  4. Select broadcast country.
  5. Now select your country from the list.
  6. If your country is not available on the list, then scroll down and select the.. icon(other).
  7. Select yes for confirmation.

Now follow the steps above to auto-tune channels on your LG smart tv. After tune-up, LG tv not programmed message will disappear from the screen. 

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