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Fix Lg TV Black Screen

Every smart tv nowadays faces a screen issue after a time. Sometimes these are software issue or a temporary glitch and sometimes it is related to the hardware itself. Today we’re going to discuss the LG tv black screen with no picture but sound. This is an issue faced by many LG tv owners after a couple of years. If you’re also getting this issue then you can read this post to learn the reason for the LG tv black screen and what you can do to fix it.

Why does my LG TV turn on but no picture?

Below we’ve mentioned some of the reasons for the LG tv black screen issue.

  • Temporary glitch: A temporary glitch can also cause the black screen of death on your LG smart tv.
  • Outdated firmware: If your LG tv firmware/software is outdated then you can face an LG tv black screen issue.
  • Loose cables: If the cables are not inserted properly in the receiver then it can results in a black or glitchy screen on your LG smart tv.
  • Hardware problem: You can also face a black screen issue if the backlight of your smart tv is not working or if your tv is facing a power supply issue.

How do I fix the black screen on my LG TV?

Power cycle your tv

This is the most common and working fix for LG tv black screen of death. The power cycle will rectify the temporary glitch on your LG tv.

  1. Turn off your LG tv and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Now, wait for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Now plug in your tv and turn it on and press and hold the power button at the bottom of your LG smart tv for 10-15 seconds.

After performing these steps LG tv black screen with the sound issue will be fixed. Another fix is to press the volume down key plus power key together then unplug your tv for few minutes. Now plug in your tv and turn it on and the black screen issue will be fixed.

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Change Picture mode and backlight settings

If you’re able to get the picture after following the above fix, then changing picture mode and backlight settings can help you in fixing the black screen of death issue on your LG tv. You need to make the following changes in your picture and backlight settings.

  1. Go to settings then select all settings.
  2. Now select the picture from the list.
  3. Select picture mode settings.
  4. Now set the picture mode as standard.
  5. Now decrease the backlight and set it at the lowest between 10-30.
  6. Set the brightness at 50.

These changes will prevent your smart tv backlight from overheating and you’ll not face an LG tv black screen issue on your LG smart tv.

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Check all the cables

This is one of the most ignored fixes for any smart tv black screen issue. Many people ignore this and they don’t check whether the HDMI cables are inserted properly into the HDMI port. A loose HDMI cable can result in a glitchy or black screen on your LG smart tv. So you need to make sure that the HDMI cable and other cables related to sound and video are inserted properly in the ports. If not then remove the cables for 5-10 minutes, then plug them in. Now check if you’re able to fix the black screen issue or not. If not then you can try inserting the HDMI cable on other ports available on your smart tv. Now turn on your LG tv and change the select the other HDMI channel. If the HDMI port is defective, then using an alternate HDMI port available on your LG tv can help you in fixing the LG tv no picture issue. Also make sure that your HDMI cable is not defective, to check this you can use another HDMI cable. If you’re able to fix the issue with the new HDMI cable, then your previous cable was defective or damaged. 

One more thing you can try is using another power outlet. Sometimes the damaged power outlet can also cause a black screen on your LG tv.

Reset LG TV to factory settings

This LG tv black screen scenario is different than the black screen caused by a temporary glitch or backlight issue. In this scenario, people are getting a black screen on broadcast but they can use apps and other settings were working fine. When you turn on your LG tv you’ll get the LG logo then no signal and after that, you’ll see the black screen but the apps and settings will work. To fix this you need to reset your LG tv to factory settings by following the steps below.

  1. Go to settings then select all settings.
  2. Now scroll down and select general.
  3. Scroll down and select Reset to initial settings.
  4. Now select ok to confirm.
reset lg smart tv

After resetting your tv you’ll not face an LG tv black screen issue.

Tip: If you’re able to get the LG logo and you’re able to access settings then updating your LG tv firmware can help you in fixing the LG tv black screen issue. Go to setting then select general, now select about this tv here select check for updates. Now download and install the latest firmware on your LG smart tv to fix the black screen issue.

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Check for hardware issue

If none of the steps worked for you, then you can check if the backlight is working or not. To check this you can use a flashlight. Turn on your tv and turn up the volume and see if you’re getting any sound or not. If you’re getting any sound then move close to your tv and flash the torch on your tv screen. If you’re able to see any picture then this means that your backlight is defective. In this case, you need to contact the LG team for help. Another issue is with the mainboard and power supply. In such cases, you need to contact LG for help. They can help you in resolving this issue.

If you’ve any suggestion then do let us know from the comment box and also check how to fix samsung smart tv green screen issue.

6 thoughts on “Fix Lg TV Black Screen”

  1. The LG logo flashes when I turn the tv on. Screen is black but there is sound. Roku works with verbal commands, sound but no picture. I cannot see the settings menu at all on the black screen. I have replaced batteries in both roku remote and lg remote. Have disconnected roku from tv and used lg remote to control tv; was able to hear Netflix. Tried the button on the remote for settings, nothing happens. Can’t see settings menu on the tv at all. Getting soooo frustrated with this LG tv! Will NEVER buy another LG TV EVER!!!

    1. Try power cycling your lg tv by removing all the power cable and hdmi cables (turn off for 5-10 minutes). If that doesn’t fix the issue, then you need to contact a technician or lg team for help. As this indicates a hardware issue not software.

  2. I have a black screen LG tv. I tried for hours all the steps.I can not see the setting menu. This is the second LG. The first one lasted 4 years, This one not even 3 and a half years. I bought 2 years extended warrany. I guess they know how long this TV will last. A bit more than 3 years. Another $ 700 in trash.NEVER EVER a LG TV anymore. Rip off .Anything that says LG is a rip off.

    1. You might be facing a hardware issue with your backlight or issue with mainboard or power supply. In such cases you need to contact a technician or someone at lg support. They can help you wiht your problem.

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