Insignia Fire TV Stuck on Language Screen

Are you unable to get past choose your language or home screen on your insignia smart tv? Then don’t worry this is an issue faced by many insignia or Toshiba fire tv owners. You can face this issue with your smart tv if your remote is not paired properly. Note that the insignia tv remote uses Bluetooth for the pairing process and ir for turn on or off the smart tv. So if your smart tv is not paired with the tv then you can get stuck on the home or language screen. Rarely but you can face this issue due to a technical glitch. Today we’re going to explain how you can fix the insignia tv stuck on the language screen.

How Do I Fix Insignia TV Stuck on Language Screen/ Home Screen?

Try out the steps mentioned below and enjoy your day watching some good content on your weekday or weekend on your insignia smart tv.

Restart/Hard Reset Insignia Insignia TV

The very first or you can say a normal drill to resolve the error because sometimes there could be a bug in your tv which can be fixed by just restarting the device.

  1. So, to restart the insignia tv just press the power button on your tv remote. And, if your tv remote isn’t working then turn off the tv by pressing the power button given at the bottom of your insignia tv.
  2. Once you turn off your TV, unplug the cord and wait for 10-20 seconds. And put the power cord of Tv back to the power socket.
  3. After restart, you need to press and hold the home button for 15 to 60 seconds for pairing your remote with the smart tv. Now check if you’re able to use your remote for navigation and other purposes.

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Factory reset the Insignia Fire TV Remote

If you’re stuck on the choose your language screen on insignia then check your tv remote for issues. Sometimes your remote doesn’t sync properly with the insignia tv. That can cause issues like insignia fire tv stuck on home or language screen. For fixing this issue you can try resetting your insignia tv remote. But first, you can try pairing your remote by following the steps below, if that doesn’t work then you can try resetting your remote.

  1. Grab your Insignia tv remote and press and hold the Home button for about 15-20 seconds.
  2. After pressing the home button, press the OK button. 
  3. Use the navigation button to check that your stuck issue is resolved or not.

If this step didn’t work for you then follow the other steps to hard reset the remote.

  1. Grab your remote and press and hold the back button, left navigation button (on DPad), and menu button (three horizontal lines) simultaneously for 15-30 seconds.
  2. Use the navigation button to check that your stuck issue is resolved or not.
insignia tv remote

Check the cords

Ensure that your power cords are working fine and they are properly fitted in their given ports because if your cords were loose then you’ll face this type of issue. Some it’s better to check your cord. May this step will work for you.

Remote is working?

If you’re getting this stuck screen issue then there can be chances that you’re insignia tv is working fine but your tv remote have some issues, so to check that your remote is working fine or note follow the steps as given below:

  1. Take a smartphone and grab your Tv remote.
  2. Open the rear camera on your smartphone and point to the remote signal area in front of your camera.
  3. Press some buttons on your remote, if a light flashes with a button then your remote is working fine and if there is no flashing light then you need to buy a new remote for your tv or maybe your remote is run out of batteries.

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Factory Reset Your Insignia Fire TV Without Remote

Like we’ve discussed in the above step that your remote is working or not, if your remote is not working fine, then there’s a way to check either you purchase a new remote or batteries, and if with new batteries your remote is still not working then factory reset is the last step that you can try to fix this issue.

To factory reset your Insignia tv without a remote follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, turn off your tv and unplug the cord from the power socket.
  2. Now press and hold the physical power button on your smart tv the plugin your smart tv while holding the power button. Once you see the logo on the screen then release the button.
  3. Now, you’ll land on the recovery menu.
  4. Go to Wipe data and factory reset using the power button of your tv. Now press the power button to go to the factory reset option, now press and hold the power button until the yellow highlighted line turns to green.
  5. Select Yes, press and hold to Wipe data and factory reset, and the yellow highlighted line turns to green. Your factory reset process will start.
  6. At the left bottom corner you’ll see “ – – wiping data….. Formatting /data… Formatting /cache… Data wipe complete”.

Note: Reboot your Tv using the Reboot system now option 

These are some steps that can help you to get rid of this Screen Stuck issue. If you want to share something with us then do share.

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