Hulu Not Working on Firestick

Firestick is undoubtedly one of the favorite devices to stream Hulu. But sometimes users have said that their Hulu app is not working on amazon firestick. When users open Hulu on their firestick it will not load, sometimes users are stuck on the welcome pages and sometimes they get Hulu unavailable error on their firestick. Hulu has said that this is a known issue on firestick. This happens sometimes because of cache and data, or because of a temporary glitch on their devices. There are some working troubleshooting steps to fix Hulu not working issue on your firestick. Below are some of the steps you can follow to fix Hulu unable to load issue on amazon fire stick.

How do I fix Hulu on my Firestick?

Most of the users were asking hulu, why is Hulu suddenly not working on their firestick? And, how can they fix this issue? Well, to fix this issue you have to perform some troubleshooting steps. But before performing any reset and reboots first let’s check for hulu outage.

Is Hulu Having an Outage

If hulu is not working on your firestick then maybe Hulu currently unavailable. This means that hulu server are not working proerply in your region. Due to hulu server outage, you can face issues while streaming hulu on your firestick. To check for hulu outage you can visit downdetector. Here you can find the live status or hulu server in your region. here you’ll get all the status and issues that users encountered in the last 24 hours. If hulu servers are down then you need to wait for hulu to fix this issue in your region.

hulu outage report

Clear Hulu Cache and Data

Clearing the Hulu cache and data can sometimes help in fixing the Hulu issue on the firestick. You can try clearing the Hulu cache and data by following the steps below on your firestick:

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Now go to settings.
  3. Now select applications from the options.
  4. Here select manage installed applications.
  5. Now scroll down and select Hulu.
  6. Now first you need to force stop the app.
  7. Scroll down and select clear cache then clear data.
fix hulu not working on firestick

Now check if you’re able to use Hulu on your fire stick or not. If Hulu is still not working on your firestick then follow the steps mentioned below to fix this issue.

Force Stop Hulu App on Firstick

If clearing the cache and data fails to help you then try to force stop the Hulu app by following the steps as given below;

  1. First of all, navigate to the settings (on the firestick Home Screen)
  2. Then, locate the applications option and,
  3. Select Manage installed applications and start locating the Hulu app.
  4. Now, select force stop and wait for some seconds and open the Hulu app and check whether this method fixes the issue or not.

Relogin Into Your Hulu Account

There are some users who are able to fix this Hulu crashing or buffering issues on their smart tv by logging out and logging back into their account on firestick. So try to log out of your hulu account from your firestick and after waiting for a while log in back to your hulu account. And, if you don’t know how to log out and log back into your account from Hulu then follow the steps as given below.;

  1. First of all, open the Hulu app on your firestick and navigate to the Profile secton.
  2. Scroll down using the navigation button and select the Log out option.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to log out your hulu account and wait for several minutes. (Minimum 3-5 minutes)

Now, log in to your Hulu account by entering the credentials and check if the Hulu app has started working on firestick as before it does.

Check Your Internet Connection

Why is Hulu not working on firestick? One of the common reasons behind Hulu not working on firestick is the faulty internet connection. First, make sure the internet is working properly. To check this you can do a speed test at If the internet is working then check if the firestick is connected to the internet or not. Make sure there is not too much distance between your router and firestick. Also try using an ethernet cable, if you’re using one then make sure it is installed properly. Try opening another app like youtube to check if your firestick is receiving an internet connection properly or not. Make sure you have the following speed for different connect on Hulu.

  • Live TV stream required 0 MB/S
  • 720 or 1080p stream required at least 1 MB/S
  • 4k stream required at least 16 MB/S

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Disable WiFi on Other Devices

If you’ve a Home network and all of your home devices are connected to the same network as your Firestick is connected too, this can be the reason why your Hulu isn’t working, because your Firestick and Hulu aren’t getting a considerable amount of bandwidth. So, disconnect the WiFi from all the devices and check whether this helps or not

Reboot Your Wifi Router

This is one of the most popular solution to fix streaming issues on hulu. Because some affected users were able to fix this issue by rebooting their router. To perform a reboot of your router follow the given steps;

  1. First of all, turn off your router and unplug all the cables and power cord that are connected to your router.
  2. After unplugging the cables, wait for 5-10 minutes. This will drain the residual charge from the router. Once the time pases, plug all cables back to their places and connect your firestick with the network.

Check if the issue persists or not, if it’s still there then move ahead and follow the next method.

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Reboot Your Firestick

Sometimes Hulu stops working on other streaming devices like Roku due to a temporary technical glitch. If there is a glitch on your firestick then that can result in Hulu stop working properly. To overcome this you can do a reboot of your firestick but if don’t know How to Reboot Firestick? Then don’t worry, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the home screen and select settings.
  2. Now go forward and click my fire TV option.
  3. Scroll down to find the restart option and select restart.
restart your hulu firestick

After restarting your firestick, check if the Hulu is working on your firestick or not. If not try updating the Hulu app on your firestick.

Update the Hulu App and Firestick

Many times people ignore application updates and ignoring an update can lead to that app not working properly. So, to fix this make sure to check for the latest available updates of Hulu’s and if there’s an update available then download and install hulu latest version on your firestick. But if you don’t know How to update Hulu on firestick? Then, follow the steps that are given below;

  1. Go to the firestick home.
  2. On the top menu click on the search tab.
  3. Type Hulu on the search tab and select the Hulu app.
  4. Click on download and after finishing the download click on the open button.
  5. Now login and choose your option and try to start streaming on your firestick.

If updating the Hulu app resolves your issue then it’s great but if you’re still facing the issue then try to update your firestick to its latest version, follow the steps as given below;

  1. First of all, go to the Firestick Home Screen and open the Settings.
  2. Locate the Device & Software (if you’re using first gen Firestick) or the Device & My fire tv (if you’re using second gen firestick).
  3. Now, go to About option and then, select the Check for updates option.
  4. If there’s an update for the firestick then, go to the Install Update option and wait until the installation completes.
update firestick

Once the installation process ends, your firestick will automatically reboot and start updating the apps. Wait until the app updates to its latest version and then go to the Hulu app and check whether the issue is resolved or not. If still you’re facing the issue, then move on to the next method.

Reinstall Hulu on firestick

If all the methods not reaching you to the solution of this problem now it is time to reinstall the Hulu app, check below for the reinstall process.

  1. On to the home screen go to the firestick settings and then go to the application.
  2. Click on manage installed application and scroll down to find Hulu.
  3. Click on uninstall option to confirm it.
  4. Now download the Hulu app through the app store and install it.

After installing the Hulu app on your firestick, check if you’re able to use Hulu properly or not. If you’re still on the welcome screen or black screen then resetting your firestick will 100% fix the Hulu not working on firestick.

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Reset Firestick to Fix Hulu (100% Working)

Resetting your firestick will force your device back to its factory setting. After that, you’ll be able to use Hulu without any issue. But all your settings and installed applications will be deleted. To reset your firestick follow the steps below:

  1. Go to home and select settings.
  2. Now select my fire tv.
  3. Now scroll down and select reset to factory defaults.
reset firestick to factory defaults

The resetting process can sometimes take up to 5-10 minutes. When the reset complete install Hulu on your firestick and enjoy.

Contact Hulu

If Hulu is still not working on firestick then you can try contacting the Hulu team or amazon team for help. Explain them your situation they can help you in fixing this issue on your amazon fire stick. If this post helped you then check our post on how to fix hulu not working on roku tv.

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