Hulu error code p-ts207

Everyone love to watch their favorite show an and movies on hulu. You can stream your favorite content by streaming on Hulu. Hulu offers great content like movies, tv shows, and award-winning series, etc. But nowadays many users are facing error code p-ts207 on hulu when they try to steam on hulu. This error code appears due to a connectivity issue or maybe there’s an outage at Hulu’s end. There are some other causes of error code p-ts207 which are mentioned below. 

This post explains the various reason for hulu error code p-ts207 and guide you with some troubleshooting steps to fix error p-ts207 on your device.

Causes of Hulu error code p-ts207

Poor connectivity- Poor internet speed can lead to hulu error code p-ts207 on you device. If you want to stream your content then you must have a minimum internet speed of 3mbps or above.

Multiple users- If you, your friends, and your family members are using the same Hulu account then this can be the reason for error code p-ts207 on your devices. Using one account by multiple users is a violation of Hulu’s terms & conditions.

Using an outdated app- Using an outdated application can be the cause of this hulu error p-ts207 and that’s why you’re unable to stream on Hulu. 

Steps to fix hulu error code p-ts207

Check your internet

Check your internet is working properly or not, try to launch another streaming app like YouTube or prime video. If you are unable to steam on any of other app then the issue is with your internet connection. If you want to check that your internet is working or not then google “ismyinternetworking”, here you can check your internet is working or not. Also, contact your internet service provider to resolve internet related issue.

Restart Hulu

restart app to fix hulu error code p-ts207

Close your Hulu app and go to the Hulu app and open it again, and see if this step helps you in resolving your issue or not. Locate your streaming device and follow the steps to close the Hulu app;

  • iPhone, Android and Windows

To restart hulu app on iPhone android and windows simple close the app on your device. Now again hulu app and check if you’re still facing the hulu error code t-ps207.

  • Playstation 4
  1. Take your ps controller and press and hold the PS button. 
  2. Select the close application.
  3. Go to the Hulu app and press the X button and again press X to close the Hulu app.
  • Nintendo Switch
  1. Press the home button, go to the Hulu app.
  2. Press the X button, go to Closed, and press the A button you will exit from the Hulu app.
  • Xbox one
  1. Press the Xbox logo button on your controller. 
  2. Go to Hulu and press the three horizontal lines button.
  3. Go to Quit and press A to close the Hulu app.
  • Smart Tv
  1. Press the back or exit button.
  2. Select Ok or Yes to close your Hulu app.

Test Internet speed

Streaming on devices like smart tv, PlayStation, or streaming devices needs a stable and high-speed internet connection. You can’t stream content on a slow internet connection and you can also face hulu error p-ts207 on slow connection. If you want to stream content on your devices like smart tv or streaming devices you need a minimum of 3-4mbps internet speed and to watch on the high resolution you need 8mbps internet speed. Slow internet can lead this issue, follow the steps to test your internet speed on your desired device.  Slow internet speed is also a reason for hulu error code 301.

internet speed test
  • Smartphone and Windows devices

To test the internet speed follow the steps below on your smartphone or windows device.

  1. Open your device and go to google.
  2. Search
  3. Start testing your internet speed by tapping on Go 
  • “Playstation 4”
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select network and,
  3. Go to Test internet connection and check your internet speed. 
  • Nintendo Switch
  1. Go to system settings.
  2. Select the internet.
  3. And, then select the test connection. 
  • Xbox one
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select network and,
  3. Go to Test Network connection.
  • Streaming devices and Smart Tv

Some devices show your internet speed on the top-left corner and some have a built-in speed test app, locate the speed test app on your desired device, and Test your internet speed.

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Clear data and cache to fix error code t-ps07

Clearing cache and data can fix error cod p-ts207 on hulu by removing corrupted files and data. Follow the steps to clear data and cache.

  • Smartphone(Only android users)
  1. Open settings and go-to apps.
  2. Search Hulu, then go to storage.
  3. Now, tap on clear data and cache.
  • Playstation 4
  1. Navigate to settings.
  2. Go to System storage and select storage.
  3. Then, select Hulu and press the options button.
  4. Lastly, select delete.
  • Nintendo switch
  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Now, go to Manage saved data and select Data Management.
  3. Select Delete save data and then go to Hulu.
  4. Confirm to delete your app data.
  • Xbox One
  1. Navigate to My games and apps 
  2. Select apps and go to Hulu.
  3. Press the “three horizontal lines” button on your Xbox One controller and select more options.
  4. Now, go to Saved Data and select Manage App and select clear.
  • Streaming devices and Smart tv

Clearing cache on some smart tv and streaming boxes is easy because you can easily find the option to clearing the cache. Go to settings menu and then, selecting manage applications. Clear the cache or data and if you don’t found any option then uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

Reduce load from your wifi router

If your friends or family members are using their devices like smartphones, laptops with the same WiFi connection then this can lead to slow internet speed and you’ll face hulu error code p-ts207. You can try disconnecting all the connected device to from your wifi. Now connect the device on which you face error p-ts207, try streaming and see if you’re still facing the same issue again.

Reduce your router/modem distance

Maybe this error can occur because of the distance between your device and the router/modem. If your device is far from your router/modem then it causes connectivity issues. To fix this issue. try to reduce the distance between your router/modem and streaming device. Also try moving your router to some higher space like cupboard to improve signal strength.

Tip: Make sure there’s no wall between your streaming device and router/modem.

Use wired connection or an Ethernet cable

hulu error code p ts207

Reducing the distance between your device and router/modem doesn’t help you? then try to use an Ethernet cable, using an Ethernet cable will provide a stable and high-speed internet connection to resolve error code p-ts207 on hulu.

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Update your hulu app to fix p-ts207 error code

If you’re using an outdated app then it might be the reason for causing this error code P-TS207 and you are unable to stream. So, you need to update your Hulu app to the latest version. Locate your device and follow the steps to update your Hulu app.

  • Smartphone
  1. Open Play store (Android users) and App Store (iOS users)

Android users

update your hulu app
  1. Tap on three horizontal lines and go to My apps and games.
  2. Go to the Updates section and update Hulu.

iOS users

  1. Tap on profile and scroll to upcoming automatic updates.
  2. Search Hulu and update it to the latest version.
  • Playstation 4
  1. Open Tv and Video menu.
  2. Go to the Hulu app and press Options on the controller.
  3. Go to Check for Updates and press X to update Hulu.
  • Nintendo Switch
  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Now, go to Manage software and select Hulu.
  3. Then go to Software update and select via the internet and update your Hulu.
  • Xbox One
  1. Press the Xbox logo on the controller and navigate to Settings.
  2. Go to System and select Update.
  3. Now, go to Games & apps and check the box of Keep my games & apps up to date.
  • Streaming devices & Smart Tv

Most of the streaming devices and smart tv update their apps automatically, and if the automatic updates option is turned off, then go to the settings and turn on automatic updates.

Uninstall/Reinstall Your Hulu App

If you’re still getting this error code P-TS207 on your display then for one more time retry the above-mentioned steps and if the error code still on your display then uninstall your Hulu app from your device and reinstall it again, and check your issue is resolved or not.

Check for Hulu servers outage

To check the outage go to Hulu social media page and check, they released any official statement regarding Hulu’s maintenance break. Also, search typing #huludown on your social media search bar, maybe other people also getting this same issue. If people’s getting the same issue then there’s a problem from Hulu’s end. You can also check hulu server related issue at downdetector or isitdownrightnow

Keep on checking Hulu social media pages, maybe they will post regarding solving your issue.


  • You can also use a down detector to check others also facing this same issue or not.
  • If you’re getting low internet speed then you can lower your content’s viewing quality.
  • Also, set the limit of devices that are using your WiFi.

Customer support 

If the above-mentioned steps don’t help you in fixing the Hulu error code P-TS207 then, contact hulu team and explain to them about Error code P-TS207. Wait for their revert, and they will try to solve your issue.

If you’ve any suggestion or any other solution for this error share it with us from the comment box. Also checkout our post on how to fix netflix error code ui3010.

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